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Journey to the Lost Isle

by nightwolf_rider


Samiko was a Faerie Polarchuck. He was just like any other ordinary petpet, just like the ones we look after, and care for. The only difference was Samiko's owner had been away for a long time. He belonged to a Faerie Cybunny called Lex, but ever since Lex went away to explore the Lost Isle, Samiko had heard nothing from her. So he stayed inside the neohome, as he was told, and stayed there until his owner came home.

     But she never did.

     Samiko got up. It was 8:00am, which normally meant his food dispenser would open up and pour some petpet pellets into his dish. He padded along to his food bowl, but to his surprise, there was no food to be seen. None at all.

     "That's odd..." mumbled Samiko, trying to shake the pellets out of the dispenser.

     "Oh darn," sighed Samiko, who was quite hungry,"Looks like I've eaten my whole supply already!"

     There was no more food left for him in the house. Lex had taken it all with her, which was rather unfortunate for Samiko. There was only one option left and that was to travel to the nearest food store. He fumbled around to the table, which had a small bag of neopoints on it. He climbed up the table (knocking over china pots and a vase of flowers), and grabbed the bag. Now all he had to do was find the food shop.

     He scrambled through the letter box and got his left wing stuck in the shutter. Luckily, a friend of his ran over to him.

     "Samiko? Is that you? I haven't you in ages!" exclaimed the Meepit, whose name was Tally.

     "Yeah, it's me. But do you mind getting me out first?" yelled Samiko.

     "Ha ha ha, okay then!" laughed the Meepit, grabbing Samiko by his tubby feet and pulling him to the snowy ground. He said, "So where's Lex then?"

     "Still gone..." Samiko frowned. "Never gonna find her...."

     "Now don't you be all negative!" shouted Tally. "And now I'm gonna help you find her!"

     Tally put on his red and blue cap and a scarf and grinned.

     "Ya said Lex went to the Lost Isle?" asked Tally.

     "Yeah, but... you really don't have to..." began Samiko, but then his stomach roared again, reminding him that he was going to find Lex or else. "Yeah, she did. Or at least she said so..."

     "Well, let's go!" exclaimed Tally, who was well-known for having an imagination that was much more ahead of his actions.

     "We need a boat to get there. It's probably miles away from Terror Mountain!" sighed Samiko, and he flopped down on the floor sadly.

     "Well, we will make a boat! You and Lex helped me when I was in need and I'm gonna help you now!"

     This was true. Samiko and Lex had stumbled across Tally during a hike at Shenkuu and he was badly injured. Lex had brought him back home and looked after him until he was completely healed and during that time, Tally and Samiko became best friends. Tally had vowed to one day repay him and that day was today.

     Tally took Samiko to his home, which was really just an abandoned shed.

     "We can use some of the old materials in here to build your boat, and I have a tool box that has a hammer and some other stuff," said Tally.

     "Thanks, Tally. You're a real friend." Samiko smiled.

     The two set to work on the boat. Samiko was glueing the boat together, whereas Tally was working on two wooden oars. In an hour or so, the boat was complete and both Tally and Samiko were very proud of themselves. Especially Tally.

     "Now all we need is a flag!" said Tally. Samiko found an old piece of cloth in the corner, so Tally tied it to a pole and stuck that onto the miniature ship and stood for a few seconds to admire its beauty.

     "It's... amazing!" exclaimed Tally, his eyes as wide as saucers. "I'll go and pack some food and stuff; you wait here a second."

     Tally ran off with the bag of neopoints, and Samiko sat down, his heart racing with excitement. Today he would see his owner.

     When Tally returned, they packed all of the food off into the ship, and carried it to Krawk Island Harbour. Plop! The boat was in the sea.

     "C'mon, Samiko! To the Lost Isle!" called Tally, hopping into the boat and grabbing an oar. Samiko hopped in as well and pulled up an oar.

     "To the Lost Isle..." thought Samiko, "and I'll be with Lex..."

     Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought about Lex. He hid it from Tally, but he felt as if he was feeling the same way.

     The next day, they arrived at the isle. Tally was tired, for he had been rowing for the whole duration of the trip and Samiko had agreed to carry him on his back. The island was desolate and he thought Lex couldn't have been here, but he had to keep going. He wasn't going to give up now, not ever. Tally was fast asleep, but luckily, he was very light. The only thing that Samiko was thinking about was Lex.

     Hours later, Samiko came to a cave. It was a small cave, but he could smell smoke from inside. Maybe Lex was inside? Maybe she was cooking? He was going to find out. He flew into the cave to find a large Darigan Chomby sleeping noisily near a stove.

     "Uh oh..." whispered Samiko, backing away. He had bad experience with Darigans and he was sure that this one would be more ferocious than any other he'd ever seen. As he backed away, Tally began to wake up.

     "W... where are we, Samiko?" yawned Tally.

     "Shhh!" hushed Samiko, "If you make any noise, we're Darigan Dinner!"

     SNAP! Samiko had stepped on a twig. It snapped noisily under his foot and the Chomby lifted its mighty head and roared. They could feel the ground shake. The Chomby looked like it was about to charge at them. This was the end...

     "Back off!"

     Samiko recognised that voice. It was the voice he was wishing to hear.

     "Did you hear me? Get away from my petpet!"

     Samiko and Tally turned round to see a tall Faerie Cybunny standing behind them. Without thinking, the two petpets launched themselves into her arms.

     "Hello, Samiko! And Tally, you came too!" laughed the Cybunny. Samiko looked up into Lex's pastel blue eyes. It was like the first day they met.

     "I'm so sorry..." explained Lex. "My boat crashed, and I was unable to repair it. How'd you get here?"

     Tally proudly pointed to the mini boat that they'd made. It was big enough for Lex and the two petpets to get in.

     "Nice job, you too!" exclaimed Lex. "If you hadn't come looking for me, I'd still be here!"

     Lex was being followed by a strange creature, that Samiko had never seen before. She picked it up and showed it to them.

     "I think there's someone you might like to meet..." Lex smiled. A small, furry creature emerged from Lex's leather bag.

     "Oooogh!" it squeaked.

     "How'd you like your new friend, Rex the Tyrannian Gallion?" asked Lex.

     The four scrambled into the boat, and rowed home. The three petpets became even better friends and Samiko would always remember the day he saved his owner.

The End

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