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Avoiding Grey Day

by concertogreat_8


Also by phoenix_through_fire

Grey Day is a day, once a year, when all of Neopia falls into gloom. All day long it rains, and the wind moans like the sound of, erm, blowing-really-hard-wind. That is, wind that is blowing quite hard. Pets slog about with drooping heads and sagging eyes, quietly suffering, while the shops all sit, deserted and quiet, everything covered with a lachrymose aura.

For some of us, it’s a much-needed respite from the usual positive outlook and remonstrances to ‘look on the bright side!’ shoved in our faces. But for others, it is the most hideous day of the year. Some, like the Usuki Shopkeeper, and Illusen, cannot live one day without being cheerful. Just the thought of Grey Day makes them quake in their boots, and they burst into tears upon having the holiday mentioned. It can be extremely damaging to the Neopian public to see Jeran bawling his eyes out on the streets, and that brings us to the point of this article.

In order to save the cheerier side of Neopian society and save us from the possible horrors of our heroes turning to sobbing refuse, I have compiled a list of five ways to avoid Grey Day. To keep your spirits up and the rain away, read on!

ONE - So this option might be a bit pricey, but I assure you it's the way to go: Paint all your pets, and I do mean all your pets, Disco! How can you be unhappy when you are surrounded in pink, green and yellow swirls? It’s impossible! No Moehog in a funky wig could allow you to get down in the dumps! Your neohome will be awash with colour; there shall be no grey pets in sight (I assure you!). I know what you're thinking—"how can I afford that?" Well, if you can't afford it this year, I'd get saving now if I were you, in time for next Grey Day. And hey, if you decide to leave them as disco pets, you'll never be sad again! This could be the secret to eternal happiness (just think of all the happiness, seriously!), or you could simply use it just to avoid being grey this Grey Day—it's really up to you!

TWO - Save the World. If you’re a superhero, you’ve already done it at least once. Possibly twice. Three times even, or four! Anyway, you’re bound to be quite good at it by now, and it’s definitely a cheerful thing to do. I mean, who doesn’t want to save the world from evil? Standing there with all of Neopia hailing you for saving you from the latest threat of doom and destruction? It should make you feel so proud and happy you won’t have any time whatsoever to be gloomy. Some good things to save the world from (in case you need some ideas): Dr Sloth (he’s always trying to take over), the NC Mall (okay, so technically that isn’t an imminent threat, but still!), Dr Sloth (really; he’s always trying to take over), Meepits, the Pant Devil.

Alternately, you could just take over the world; I’ve heard that makes some people marvelously cheery. I really wouldn’t know. REALLY. *cough* Okay, moving on...

THREE – Make signs! No, seriously now (although a joke would be nice—those always cheer people up). Go on –get out to your shed, stick a few bits of plywood together, onto a giant popsicle stick of some sort, and hey presto! You have your canvas on which you can paint—in bright red, perhaps—"NO GREY PETS". See, easy as pie, don't you think, to keep those grey pets at bay? Of course, it doesn't stop grey petpets, nor grey items, but if you're in the right mindset, you should be able to brush off these things easily (especially after saving the world. I mean, what’s a little grey Candychan after you’ve defeated Sloth?!). So go on, stick it in front of your Neohome, and then barricade yourself in! Close the windows, bolt the doors, and don't let a speck of grey infect your day. With such a sign, no grey pet might be tempted up your path to bring you down, now, will they? Rest assured, as unreliable as this method sounds, it has been tried and tested many times, and has never failed!

FOUR - Take a holiday! Or a vacation! Whatever you call it, it’s a sure way to keep your spirits up and your um, swimming suit fresh.

All cheery people go on holiday at least once a year. It’s been proven by dint of extreme advertising and money-gabbing agencies that holidays are vital to the health and happiness factor of all Neopians. Plus, the economies of small and backwards places like Mystery Island would never survive without all the tourists. So in addition to relaxing and enjoying yourself (and keeping your spirits up), you’ll also have the joy of knowing you’re supporting hundreds of weirdly-speaking natives!

If you’re having trouble deciding just where to go for your little home-away-from home, I suggest Mystery Island, as previously mentioned, for the warm beaches, support of their small economy (based mostly on the sale of plastic idols and whatever the Tombola guy manages to weasel out of those stingy tourists), and delicious berry drinks. You’re sure to avoid the Grey Day chills there!

FIVE - Sing some songs! Christmas carols work quite well, though they are admittedly rather out of season. Jaunty little tunes, full-blown opera, or classics from musicals; they’ll all do the trick nicely. Stand up straight ‘n proud, stick out your chest, inhale a great lungful of air, and belt it out! You’re guaranteed to feel much, much better afterwards. Whistling or humming also works, although often the result is not as satisfactory as actually singing. The one thing I really don’t recommend is any dirges or requiems—those have a habit of putting the singer (and audience) into a rather depressed mood, effectively defeating the point (which is to become cheerier and defeat the Grey Day blues, just in case you hadn’t figured that out by now). So, stick to the cheery (or at least the non-dreary), and you’ll be all set!

Yes, folks, that’s right: That was the last of five ways to keep cheery this Grey Day! I really hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and that it’s been of some use to you ridiculously, insanely cheery types who cannot stand the thought of even one day, out of all three hundred sixty-five, being gloomy.

To Jeran, Tarla, and the Usuki Shopkeeper, thank you one and all, and I hope you enjoy your Grey Day. =)

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