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A Guide to Illusen and Jhudora's Quests

by rider_galbatorix


In Faerieland, next to the healing springs, there lies a strange purple cloud. If you dare, you might creep near the cloud and enter. Then, you'll find a dark faerie sitting on a stone throne. Half of her face is in shadow. She looks at you and smiles, and you get the feeling that it isn't a good thing. She offers a hand and starts to speak.

On the other hand, in Meridell, you notice an area where the trees are growing plentifully. Out of interest, you go over to the place. There, you find an earth faerie, giving you a smile and saying, "Welcome to my glade."

If you don't know, the first example is Jhudora, and the second is Illusen. What do you want with them? Well, the thing is that both of these faeries offer quests. The quests are to get the item they ask for, and in exchange for some items.

So, most of you think that these faeries will help you get exclusive, rare items within days for a little NP. In reality, most of the times people go back to the last quest with just a potion, and with a big hole in their pocket. Most of the time, you're not going to get anything worth more than 1,000 NP. So, think about it for a while before you start going on these quests.

Well, here is a guide. A guide to help you attempt to do these quests and hopefully get a bunch of good items. Some helpful tips are:

1. Do you really want to do it?

Whether you choose to do Illusen or Jhudora, it's probably going to cause a hole in your pocket. Most of the time they ask for items around 400-500 NP, and you get almost useless prizes that you sell for way less. Think about how you could use all of those Neopoints on other items.

Also, you might think that you'll get great prizes instantly, but probably not. As you advance, it takes longer to get prizes and costs much more Neopoints. Most of the time people reach around quest 6 or 7 and then end up with a really expensive items. For some people, these quests are not really worth it.

2. Choose Whose Quests You Want To Do

It gets really tedious if you do one faerie's quest, and then do the other's. You have to waste an entire day. Also, it helps to get on one of their good sides. So, pick Illusen or Jhudora.

If you have any common sense, you'll probably choose Illusen. She probably won't attempt to destroy all of Neopia, is politer, and will not completely destroy you if you fail one of her quests. *moves to Illusen's Glade to avoid getting zapped by Jhudora*

Anyway, besides these factors, I find the prizes given by Illusen more helpful than Jhudora's most of the times. For example, once you do Jhudora's first quest you get a poisonous lollipop, which makes you sick. Illusen gives you a cream cookie, which is really tasty.

So, in the end it is up to you. If you have no value for your life, then Jhudora is a great choice. Oh well, I suppose that you know best.

3. Use A Different Window/Tab

Open a different window or tab and go to the Shop Wizard. You'll save a lot of time, and in their quests, time counts a lot. It also lets you go back to them easily. Using the Shop Wizard, you can save a lot of Neopoints, so make it a point to use the Shop Wizard.

4. Get Some Neopoints Beforehand

You'll save a lot of time if you have some NP on hand beforehand. How many Neopoints you should have beforehand depends on your level. If you're on the first quest, 700 NP usually does the trick, and if you are really lucky, then you could do it in around 1 NP.

It will be really tedious if you have to get the Neopoints by playing games or withdrawing from the bank later. If you get above level 10, you'll probably need around 3,000 NP.

5. Your Luck

A lot of people worry about things that can happen while doing these quests. If you get another faerie quest, then you can't use the Shop Wizard. If you have a good quest, you may not want to decline the quest. Other things can happen. Your computer could crash. You might even forget that you took the quest in the first place.

Well, there really isn't anything that you can do about these except be persistent. As I said before, these quests usually have more negative points than positive ones. You'll probably not go further than level 15. Then you'll get the same items again like the Cream Cookie.

6. Be Persistent

If you haven't given up by now, I must tell you that you're going to have to be very lucky and persistent at this. Chances are you'll fail before getting anything good. So, you'll just have to keep trying over and over again until you succeed.

7. Know When to Quit

The prices of the items that you will be told to get vary a lot. Sometimes you can get lucky and all they will ask for is a pair of sandals or a pile of sludge, both things that you can get for 1 NP. Sometimes they will ask you for items that will run into the millions.

The thing is, know when it is no longer worth it. Couldn't you spend those 10,000 Neopoints somewhere else that will be more productive? Maybe you want to quit doing their quests after a while.

Well, I would like to end with the fact that most of the times you'll fail in these quests before you get something good. I've never been able to get above level 13. So, choose carefully. As always, criticism is welcome.

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