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Sound All Around: Music In Neopia

by danceswithpampers


Also written by windatmyback

Throughout the land of Neopia, whether it be in the bubbling pits of Maraqua or in the most remote, terrifying corner of the Haunted Woods, music can be heard in the distance. No matter the type, whether it is uplifting or depressing, loud or soft, music plays a distinct role in life. Some would even argue that music is one of the most influential, and, at times, pleasing aspects in the world.

It should come as no surprise, then, to find that Neopian instruments are one of the fastest selling items on the market – but shopping for the right instrument can be tricky. You don’t want to buy the wrong type, and you certainly don’t want to overpay – and we understand your dilemma. Fear not, kind Neopians! We have assembled a guide to help you better determine which instrument will best suit your individual needs, because – hey, we’re all different, and we all have different ideas in regards to what is “music” and what is merely “noise.” So, without further ado, may we present you with ten instruments that are sure to spark the musician lying deep inside of you and your Neopet!

1. Wooden Washboard:

We understand that Neopoints play a large role in the instrument selection process, and we sympathize with those who are less fortunate. As a result, we did the research and found that the Wooden Washboard, a relatively common household commodity, makes a fantastic, and inexpensive we might add, first instrument! Requiring little to no talent, the Wooden Washboard is a perfect way for even the most dim-witted Neopet to learn to play music. Made of biodegradable Maple wood, the Wooden Washboard is the perfect, inexpensive solution to your instrument dilemma.

2. Paper Plate Shaker:

Wooden Washboards not your style, but still on a budget? Fear not! The Paper Plate Shaker, though slightly more expensive than the Wooden Washboard, is perfect for the musician on-the-go. Lightweight and available in a variety of colors (from soft-blue to... soft-blue), the Paper Plate Shaker is easy and fun to play. It also offers a Neopet the unique ability to make music, and later use the instrument as means for eating food off of.

3. Colourful Xylophone:

Another lovely and, again, relatively inexpensive instrument that is perfect for a “first-timer” is the Colourful Xylophone. This beautiful music maker consists of six metal blocks, each of which produces a unique sound when tapped. Perfect for Neopets of all ages, the Colourful Xylophone is ideal for those who might have an interest in an instrument such as the bongos or drums but are not quite ready to take the plunge and spend an excessive amount of Neopoints (See Number 7 for more details).

4. Fire Triangle:

Somebody turn down the heat, because this instrument is hot! Get it, hot? ...Anyway, the Fire Triangle certainly lives up to its name. Perfect for aspiring musicians who want to break the mold, the Fire Triangle is unlike any other instrument, and its sound is unforgettable. Despite its lightweight frame, the Fire Triangle produces a forceful, nearly earsplitting sound that echoes in the ears, sometimes for days at a time. Needless to say, this instrument is not for those who prefer the tranquil, melodious tunes of a piano or harp, but nevertheless, the Fire Triangle is a respectable, not to mention eye-catching, instrument.

5. Bird Call:

“SQUACK! A great instrument to add some nature to your music or for bird watching;” the Bird Call probably isn’t the instrument you’ll want to choose if you intend to join a rock band or an elegant trio of classical violinists, but nevertheless, this curious little item produces a sound that will unquestionably please your ears. Perfect for nature enthusiasts and admirers of wildlife, the Bird Call fits easily into a coat pocket and is made of the finest materials that are safe for both you and your Neopet, though, due to its miniature size, the Bird Call is not recommended for smaller Neopets. Even so, the Bird Call makes a fantastic first instrument and is perfect for those who prefer the sweet, sultry sounds of nature to the strident clamor of more outgoing instruments, such as the Fire Triangle.

6. Bagpipes:

Ohhhh yeah. This classic instrument is one of timeless tradition and... plaid. With its truly one-of-a-kind exterior, the Bagpipes are an instrument that will please your eyes, as well as your ears. Perfect for family reunions and annoying neighbors, Bagpipes are the perfect addition to your musical family!

7. Drum Kit:

“For the more out-going Neopet that wants to be heard,” the Drum Kit is everything and more. Complete with drum sticks and the actual drums, the Drum Kit comes in one standard color and is sure to please even the choosiest composer. If you’re ready to really rock out but not quite ready to drain your bank account, the Drum Kit is perfect for you. Loud, yet inexpensive, the Drum Kit is sure to rock your world!

8. Harp:

For the more classical, tranquil artists out there, the harp is an exquisite instrument that produces a gentle, truly serene chord that will surely soothe the senses. Ideal for those with baby Neopets and those who desire a lighter tune than that produced by the bagpipes or a drum kit, the harp is made of sturdy wood which will stand the test of time. Though it costs a little more than the previously listed instrument, there’s definitely a reason that the harp is “the preferred instrument in the courts of Brightvale.”

9. Musical Jug:

One of the simpler instruments in Neopia, the Musical Jug is an ideal instrument for those with little hand/paw/hoof-eye-coordination. As the description accurately proclaims, “all you have to do is blow air across the mouth of this jug and you will have music!” It really doesn’t get any simpler than that, and as if that weren’t fantastic in itself, the Musical Jug produces a unique, yet pleasing sound! So while it’s not the most interesting or glamorous instrument, it’s certainly worthy of this list!

10. Grape Jelly Bongos:

One of the most expensive instruments in Neopia, the Grape Jelly Bongos are the sweetest (Jelly, sweetest – get it? :P) way to finish this list. Made of delicious, purple Jelly, the Grape Jelly Bongos “are hollow and make a rather unusual sound,” which makes sense since they’re made of Jelly. Though we wouldn’t recommend eating them, the Grape Jelly Bongos create a sound that is positively delectable. Priced at 200,000 NPS (approximately), the Grape Jelly Bongos is an instrument that one should only purchase if one is completely sure that it is what one wants. Despite its elevated price, the Grape Jelly Bongos is a smart choice for any serious musician who wants to make a splash, stand out, and curb their hunger. ;)

In conclusion, whether you’re an experienced musician looking to mix things up a bit, or a new musician who wants to get their toes wet (or hooves, or paws – no matter which), purchasing new instruments can be a fun and rewarding experience. Music is an important, influential aspect of life; so, why not purchase an instrument and make your own music? No time is quite like the present, right?

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