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Tips When Looking For A Guild

by rider_galbatorix


A guild is someplace which is supposed to feel like a second home. You're probably looking for a guild that will have that feel to it. If you are, then here are some tips while searching for a guild.

The Neoboards are the most obvious choice. Still, a lot counts on about what criteria you write on the boards that will help you find a nice guild for you. You're probably going to spend a lot of time on the Neoboards when finding a guild, and some criteria to mention are:

1. What The Guild Is Based On

When looking for a guild, most people specify things like the size of the guild or that they want a council position. Most people forget that the main thing guilds are about is a subject. Even if the guild is great, if you join a guild about a subject that you know nothing about, you're not going to end up happy.

So, think about what you want your guild to be about. Maybe you should use the search bar before going to the boards. Also, specifying what topics you don't want your guild to be helps.

2. The Size of the Guild

Most Neopians will advise joining a guild that has between five to fifty members. If you have too few, then you won't have any fun. On the other hand, if there are too many members in the guild, then it's hard to get noticed and secure ranks.

Well, it's advisable to mention the size that you want, but maybe you don't want five to fifty members. Think about it and then paste how many members you would like in your guild.

3. Don't Be Too Demanding

A lot of guild advertisers will be really thankful if you don't ask for a bunch of things. A guild won't make you rich in minutes. I would advise not putting things like 'I want a council position.' or "I want so and so items.' You'll probably get few replies.

Most Neopians will just ignore your post if you ask for too much. You really should avoid putting these in your post.

4. List Some Features That You Want

List some features that you want in your guild like a guild shop or a guild gallery. Just remember that this counts as being demanding. Most guilds have facilities like a shop and auctions, so make sure that you don't ask for too many facilities.

Now, you've posted all of these. It's very unusual not to get a reply. You'll probably two to three replies. The thing is that a lot of the guilds usually just copy and paste whenever they see a thread that says that you're guildless, so make sure to check out the guild before joining.

It only takes about three minutes to get a small overview about the guild. It may take days to get used to a guild, but to know if the guild is worth your time or not, check these things out:

1. The Guild Age

Check how long the guild has been around. A lot of guilds collapse in a few weeks, so you might want to make sure the guild is a few weeks old before joining it. However, this doesn't mean that it is a good guild. There's still much more to check.

2. The Guild Leader

Checking each and every member of a guild is very time consuming and likely to get you nowhere. A good idea may be to check the council member's profile. These are purely optional.

What is an absolute must is to check the guild leader well. A guild leader is pretty much the face of the guild. Check the last time that he/she has logged in. A lot of guilds have been there for months, but their leaders haven't logged in for months either. If your leader is consistent, check some other things.

Now then, take another thirty seconds to survey the leader's profile. Check his avatars, trophies, and other stuff. Also, check his/her neopets. If the profile looks good, then this might be a good guild.

Check The Homepage

While guild searching, I've seen countless guilds whose homepages say two lines. Just skip these guilds; they are not worth your time. A guild homepage should have a good paragraph, describe the guild, show links to the guild shop and the other facilities, and maybe a few images.

Checking if there is a poll or not is another thing. You can't judge a book by its cover, but a guild's appearance tells a lot about the guild. It shows how much effort the leader puts into the guild.

Check The Guild's Appearance

As I said earlier, the appearance tells a lot about the guild. Check small things like grammatical errors, whether there are news updates or not, images, and events. Grammatical errors show that the leader cares little about the guild.

See If the Guild Follows Rules

So, you joined a great guild and then you notice that after three days it was deleted since it was breaking the guild rules. Check the rules. Remember that if it offers items for joining, or prizes for contests that it is breaking the rules and will probably be frozen.

So, that should in all take only about three minutes in total. So, if it passes these criteria, then join and see how you like it. A few general tips when looking for a guild are:

Don't quit a guild immediately. Be really strict while judging the guild if you have to, but make it a point to spend at least five days in the guild after joining. The guild might turn out better than you hoped.

Another point is when you're looking for a guild, keep an attitude of giving. If you expect to get a bunch of items, you won't be satisfied. If your guild needs more members, then advertise for it. Try to help the guild and be a productive member.

So, follow these tips and I hope you'll find the guild of your dreams as soon as possible. Happy searching and good luck!

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