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The Adventurer's Guide to Adventuring!

by penskii


Written by the ever-adventurous Scorchio, Jesiran, with tips on staying safe and out of trouble from his younger Bori brother, Spook.

Do you ever find yourself suffering the dreaded Boredom Virus? We all know it well. You sigh, gazing out the window of your neohome. Perhaps it's your day off of Neoschool, and you have no homework to keep you busy. Or perhaps your favorite toy has broken, leaving you with nothing to play with. Your brothers and sisters are busy, and that sunny sky you were looking at just a moment ago has started to cloud up. Now you don't feel like playing a game of fetch with your petpet. There is just nothing to do... or is there?

Instead of wasting your day staring out of your window, have an adventure! Don't know how? That's what we're here for! Here we present some tips, 5 to be exact, to having a great adventure. If you follow our guide, you will never, ever, EVER be bored again.

1. Rain, Rain, Go Away

A lot of pets complain that they have nothing to do because they have nowhere to go. So many pets rely on that sunny sky for enjoyment, and while playing outside is fun (and exercise is always healthy), when that sunny sky clouds up you have nowhere to turn to. Now you're stuck inside, now what?

Our first tip is about having an adventure in your own neohome. Impossible? I think not. Haven't you ever gone to put on a pair of socks, only to find that one is missing from the pair? Set off on an adventure to find it. What's so adventurous about finding a sock, you might ask? Think of all the possibilities. Sure, it can be boring if you're just looking through your drawers, but what if a Meepit took it? Or Sloth? Or, even worse, a Weewoo has collected it for some diabolical revolution! And it could be hiding in your closet, or under your bed. You might even need some armor and some Battledome weapons to protect you from whatever took your sock. No lost sock to look for? Try sneaking a cookie before dinner; now THAT's an adventure.

Spook's Stay Safe Tip: Never mess with Battledome weapons that you don't know how to use. Don't take your older sibling's armor, or mess up their room searching for lost treasure. Trust me, they don't appreciate it and will definitely be mad at you for a long time. (Especially if you rip up their star charts!)

Oh, and if you're sneaking cookies, remember to brush your teeth afterwards!

2. Discover Something!

So, it might not be a grey day where you are, but once you're outside you have no idea what to do. When you don't know what to do- Try finding something new! Whether you live in the Haunted Woods or on Roo Island, there is always something waiting to be found. Look around your house for a plant you've never seen before and see if you can use it in a potion or turn it into a hair accessory. Find a landmark you've never seen before, and learn the history behind it. You might think your boring hut on Mystery Island lacks any excitement, but what if, in your exploration, you find a pebble or a bead and find out it's connected to some space war? Not so boring now, is it? Even Kiko Lake could be hiding something within its waters; it's all about how you look at it.

Spook's Stay Safe Tip: Always tell your owner, or an older sibling, where you are going. Don't wander off if you don't know the area well.

3. Scavenger Hunt!

Alright, so you've searched your whole house, and you've wandered around town, and you think you've seen all there is to see, but is it really all there is to see? Of course not! This is always a fun thing to do to get an adventure started: Make a scavenger list. For those Neopians who don't know what that is, it's a list of items you look for and cross off once you find. For an adventure, your list cannot be boring items such as a leaf or a twig. Those are too easy to find and will leave you back in your neohome wishing for a toy in no time. Instead, put things like 'Sloth in a frilly pink dress' or 'White Weewoo'. If you're up for a REAL hunt, put things like 'Jelly World' and 'Bonju Avatar' on your list. Those will definitely take up some time. Who knows what you might find on the way, too? You could find a long lost treasure map on your hunt to find Illusen dancing the disco.

Spook's Stay Safe Tip: Remember that in a scavenger hunt, you are trying to find the items, not take them with you. Sloth won't be pleased when you try to stick him a tutu and bring him home.

4. I Spy...

If you've found everything there is to find, and been everywhere there is to go, you still aren't done. The people around you can be your springboard for an adventure. Does that Chia carrying your mail look suspicious? What about that Kougra next door? Did you overhear your sister chatting about neoschool, or plotting to take over the world? Grab a paper and pencil, quickly. (We recommend the Crayon Pencil so you can organize by color!) Now, find someone who may be plotting evil, and follow them. Take notes on their activity. When you see something suspicious, or not normal, jot it down! You can use these notes should you ever need to contact the authorities.

Spook's Stay Safe Tip: When playing detective, make sure NOT TO BE SEEN. This is very important, as your owner will not be happy if she finds out you skipped out on neoschool to follow her around just because you think she's sided with the Meepits.

And finally...

5. Pick up a book...

It might seem like you've followed everyone, found everyone, seen everything and done everything, but that's not the case at all. If you've really, truly done everything around there is to do, pick up a book! By reading a book, you can go anywhere, you can do anything. You can be anyone you want to be. You can follow a fellow pet through its own adventure, and be with it every step of the way. Be with the Secret Chomby in the pits of tar. Follow in the footsteps of the Cowardly Tuskaninny. You will be amazed at how exciting it can be to read, to live the words on the page. There is an almost endless supply of books to read, and by reading you might get an idea for a place you'd like to go or something new you'd like to do.

Spook's Stay Safe Tip: Reading is harmless, fun, and educational.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for having a great adventure, and hope you never face boredom again.

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