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Money Tree: a Good Thing Or a Waste of Time?

by newholsa06


To start with, we should start with the unasked question. What is the Money Tree? For those of you who don’t know, the Money Tree is a place in Neopia Central where you can get free items or donate money and items. From the Neopedia... "Helping the needy, fending off the greedy has become the slogan of the Money Tree. It's the only place where Neopians donate gifts and Neopoints so that others who are far more deprived can get a little help." That sounds really good, doesn’t it?

The Money Tree can serve for a couple of uses. First of all, if you find yourself low on cash or items, you can try to get an item to help you out. Also, you can donate those items that you just can't get rid of or help out the poor of Neopia. This helped me greatly when I was new to Neopets and did not have a lot of items or money. After I had more money, I stopped getting some of the better items that the Money Tree has to offer. I know that this may sound a bit repetitive, but I’m just trying to make a strong point, which is hopefully working.

However, are there any really valuable items at all in the Money Tree? Who in their right minds would donate... say a rainbow flask or a desert paintbrush? Both of which are worth millions of neopoints? Also, I have refreshed the Money Tree page many, many times. Every time I saw only things that sold at about 1 or 2 neopoints on Shop Wizard. Which brings me to another point; you finally see the 1,000 neopoint bag that you have been looking for and click on it as soon as you see it. Then you get this message: Oops! Too late... somebody seems to have taken that item while you were pondering. Pondering??? I was not pondering at all. I clicked on the item I wanted the second it would let me!!!!!

Although, I have heard that if you have fewer than 3,000 neopoints (that includes the money in your bank account), you are more likely to get the item that you want. This section from the Neopedia just proves my point. “But don't be too greedy, as the Money Tree will remember your face and give you less of a chance of picking something up (especially if you don't need it) the next time. Oh, and don't even try the "It's for my friend" excuse. The Money Tree has heard them all.” I also believe that having a faster Internet service would help a lot, and in addition to that, having very good reflexes. The only things I am able to get are the things that I would donate to the Money Tree in the first place like things you get while underwater fishing or Coltzans Gem from Coltzan's Shrine, etc.

Think of the poor tree as well!! I mean really, millions of Neopians trying to get that one good item. Don’t you think that the tree would get a little bit claustrophobic? That and it probably gets pretty beat up from the mobs of neopets collecting their goods. I don't believe that the Money Tree takes bribes either... If it did, I'm sure that there would be many more neopets enjoying their fresh coat of paint. Although, the Money Tree might enjoy seeing the look on all of those happy neopets’ faces when they run off with their goodies.

Now for the interview... Wait a second, I have just heard from a somewhat reliable source that said trees do not like to talk. I guess that means that there can be no interview... sorry, guys!

One of the most annoying things about the Money Tree is the way it gets you to "donate". In the world outside of Neopets, it is called "stealing". I absolutely cannot stand it when I am going to deposit my 10,000 neopoints in my bank account when a ghost comes along and steals it. All of my hard work disappears like a cheesy magic trick during one of those magic shows for three year olds. At least now I have learned my lesson, and have stopped carrying large amounts of money or very expensive items unless I am going to do something with them. Keeping these things with you can also attract a visit from the Pant Devil, and no one wants that to occur.

If the Money Tree were to cease to exist, quit its job, or just plain leave, what would we do? Like the Neopedia stated, it is the only place where you can donate any item. The only thing that we would be able to donate if the Money Tree was gone would be items that you pet can actually wear. Otherwise, we would have to keep the un-sellable items. The other option would be to discard the item; there is a problem with this. If we were to discard all of our useless items, then they too would cease to exist and would make it more expensive. If you really liked these ferns and fish, then they would become more expensive for you to get.

Referring to the Neopedia article on the Money Tree again, in my opinion some parts of the story just don’t make any sense. First of all, shouldn’t the Money Tree be very crowded? I mean, all of the items are gone within seconds. I have never seen it when I was able to get an item on the first try. Also, the caption for the picture is titled Love at First Sight while the tree isn’t looking at the Neopets. I’m getting a little bit off track here, so let’s continue with the article.

So my dear readers, it is up to you. Based on the information that I have given you here and other sources you may know of, is the Money Tree a blessing for all Neopians or more hassle than it is worth? Thank you for reading my article.

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