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Crisis Courier Game Guide

by xx_punk_goth_666_xx


Altador was the birthplace of the Altador Cup, a much anticipated and highly exciting game event. It then became immortalised with its very own plot, and now, Crisis Courier! The most exciting game Altador has belted out, thus far. Good 'ol King Altador, and his handy advisory team of game-making minions. (Did anyone mention Lupes in Neohistory rock? Coltzan, Altador...)

Crisis Courier is a game where you play as a Yooyu messenger for King Altador. You begin as a Fire Yooyu and are able (with the trusted left-hand click of the mouse) to become a Snow Yooyu. Is that not fantastic? You won't even burn yourself! *insert comical gasp here* Well... melt yourself. Anyway, you get the point. This game is a very big test of skill, reaction time, co-ordination & reflexes. In order to be successful, you must always be vigilant in the game (at least for your first two or three times playing). The game itself is fast paced, and is not intended to be played by those who cannot see the computer screen, cannot click a mouse, cannot see the colors, have a desensitized mouse, and in general, just react too slow. This isn't Gourmet Club Bowls. It moves quicker than those balls do.

The Game Basics

First and foremost, this game is a non-break game, meaning it will not have level breaks. So be sure that once you click that "Start Game" button, you are ready to play until the end. Getting called out to do something midway through Level 6 is not helpful, let alone wanted. So make sure you have the time set aside to finish the game you start!

So, if you start the game, you'll notice the handy little instructions button. Yay for instructions, for those who are game illiterate, like myself, and who just want to make some kind of neopoints! *cue trumpet fanfare* Upon clicking the Instruction button, you'll find the above information (though it's written much more sophisticated), and it will guide you through Minitheuses, Altador Goodie Bags & extra fruits able to be collected.

All you need to remember are these simple rules!

White (Yooyu) and Blue (Minitheuses & Blue Goodie Bags) always look great together.

Black (Yooyu) and Red (Minitheuses & Red Goodie Bags) will always rock.

Faerie will always cost more to get, so you'll get more in return, no matter the color of the bag.

Mutant is so ugly it'll scare Minitheuses silly, no matter the color! *looks lovingly at her own mutant pet*

Those four rules will keep you out of most trouble, if you can remember them when you're in the middle of Level 8, flying at 200 kilometers an hour, changing so quickly, you've lost all idea of what color you actually are! Not that this has happened to me. *looks around*

The Levels

The levels themselves are pretty straight forward. They are easy to remember once you've played them more than twice, so the more you play, the better you remember, the higher your score! Who knows; play enough and you may even make it to the board to get a trophy one day! (Hey, dreams are allowed!) The levels introduce more obstacles and different challenges the higher up you get. Just remember your rules, and you'll get through most of them. If avoidable, try not to lose a life within the first three levels. Once you get to level 4, if you lose one, it's okay; you'll restart from where you died, and continue.

The end of the level is always the same. You pass through, or over, the column with the gold ball on it bearing the Star of Altador. Pass over that and you'll get 100 points per level as a bonus! Example: Level 1 will give you a 100 point bonus. Level 2 will give you a 200 point bonus, and so on and so forth. Remember, the higher the level, the faster the gameplay. If you can't keep up, it's okay; just keep trying. The more you practise the game, the better you will become at manipulating your Yooyu to the tedious tasks King Altador exposes it too, just to deliver a message. Eventually, when you're on level 5, it will feel so slow. Don't even get me started on how slow Level One feels for me. I think even a snail could surpass my Yooyu, some days.

The Scores

The Highscore Board begins at 12,500. The first place score is currently at 25,000. Of course, I'm not expecting you to start playing it for the first time and then become an instant genius, earning yourself a gold trophy. That would be ludicrous. However, if you practise enough, you'll get there eventually! I started playing and within two days was sending scores of 10,500! Sending scores of around 3,000 will get you 1,000NP, so if you just want to play to get some neopoints, then you don't need to play for long.

Got Any Tips For Me?

Do I ever?! I'm more than happy to turn *you* into a Crisis Courier wonder wiz!!

1. Make sure you have a mouse that is sensitive to movement. You will need it. If you have to push your mouse into the desk, just to make your Yooyu move an inch, you'll get nowhere. Fast.

2. Practise as much as you can. Even if you can't send scores anymore. The better you get at memorizing the levels, the more skill you get. The more skill you get, the higher your submission score is tomorrow! That's always a good thing. :) Working your way up High Score Ladders not only gives you a sense of empowerment, but when you get that illustrious trophy, and instantly neomail your best friend, who you have an ongoing game war with, just to rub it in, you'll feel better. At least, I do.

3. Don't risk a life for a goodie bag! You'll always be able to get points, but you can not gain lives in this game. Lives are vital!

4. Always go end your game if you're not happy with it. You can always start again without sending your score!

5. Try to beat your own high score from the day before! Not only is this both fun and challenging, it will increase your concentration, which in turn, will increase your skill! We all know where that will lead you.

6. Remember that patience is a virtue. ;)

7. The game has no breaks between levels. If you're sensitive to finger cramping, hand spasms, and general boredom lapses every .5 of a second, this game isn't for you.

8. Have fun! That's the whole point of the game. If you're angry at the game, don't keep playing it. Come back when you're chipper, and you'll do better than when you want to pelt the Minitheuses with rotten tomatoes. You'll lose lives faster than you can say "Aristotle A Avinroo!" (Try saying THAT ten times, really quickly!)

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