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Oivend and the Adventure of Token and Future: Part Two

by anfkc112093


Oivend quickly uncorked the bottle, and a beautiful faerie whizzed out.

     "Thank you for helping me, young Neopet." The tiny light faerie glowed in pride, lighting the entire woods around Oivend.

     "I grant you Magic Torch!"

     Sparkly yellow faerie dust surrounded the Gnorbu, cascading from the tiny faerie's fluttering wings. Her golden blonde ponytail and tiny yellow dress gleamed beautiful in the forest. Oivend soon felt more magical, and slightly more intelligent.

     "Please, I've lost my owner..."

     But before the faerie could respond, she fluttered off in the distance.

     Oivend sighed, and noticed the bottle in which once held the faerie. It lay on the ground, its cork off in another spot. A tiny yellow charm lay on the ground, gleaming just as the faerie did moments before.

     "Hey, wait! I think you dropped something!"

     But the faerie was too off in the distance, unable to hear the Gnorbu's cry.

     He picked up the charm, and realized it was a light faerie token. It was in the shape of the sun, and was a blinding gold. Even in the darkness, Oivend could clearly see whatever lay ahead of him. So without realizing the charm's significance, he set out to find the faerie and return her token.

     "Tum te tum tum..." Oivend attempted to entertain himself, singing inside his head. It wasn't working. For a few hours the Gnorbu walked through the forest; the trees and bushes becoming a bit more clearer, for he could see the sun rise up in the distance. He could hear the Buzzers buzzing and the Beekadoodles fluttering in the Pebeanjays. Oivend continued to follow the stream, so whenever he would get thirsty, he could just get a drink of water there. After a while of walking he stuck his mouth above the water, and lapped a bit of fresh water into his mouth. He swallowed it thankfully.

     He wasn't too sure, but Oivend thought he saw something pass under the water. He shrugged, continuing to drink. But then, he saw a small blue Pepito jump out of the water, wiggle its tail in amusement, and dropped back in. Oivend gave a chuckle.

     Taking the bottle that once held the faerie, Oivend stuck it under the water, and filled it up. The water seemed to magically glow inside, from the leftover faerie dust. The Gnorbu wondered if he was able to drink that. Suddenly, the small Pepito swam into the bottle.

     "Hey!" The Gnorbu held the bottle to his face, eying the mischievous Petpet.

     "Well, fine. I guess you'd like to come with me, eh?"

      The Pepito wriggled its tail very fast.

     "Hm... well, I've never had a Petpet before... so I suppose you'll need a name."

     The Pepito smiled at Oivend.


     Oivend pondered as the Pepito intently watched the Gnorbu's expression.

     "How about Momo?"

     Momo swam around really fast. Oivend took that as an approval.

     "Ok, Momo. Off we go."

     Oivend continued his journey to find Andrea and the light faerie, now completely seeing everything in his path. He couldn't possibly think of how scared he was last night; the forest was beautiful. The air was so sweet, the bushes were filled with thousands of colorful flowers, and dozens of butterflies surrounded his path. Oivend gave a giggle as one landed on his nose. Oivend corked the bottle that now held Momo, and balanced it on his back.

     Perking his ears, Oivend thought he heard whistling.

     Oivend looked around, trying to find the source of the noise. Maybe it was Andrea.

     Using his amazing Gnorbu senses, Oivend tracked down the noise that came from the North-West, and so he followed the sound, finding a path in the woods. Oivend peered through the bushes on the side of the path to see a Pink Cybunny trot her way. She seemed happy, watching as the butterflies surrounded her. Her light pink eyes were lovely, and they sparkled in the open sunlight.

     Extremely happy to see another Neopet in sight, Oivend jumped out from the bushes, nearly scaring the Cybunny to death.

     "Oh! Hey, what's with all the jumping in-front of innocent Cybunnies?"

     "Sorry..." Oivend looked at his paws. "I'm sorry I've frightened you. But I lost my owner..."

     "Oh, really? Wow, that must be terrible!" The Pink Cybunny galloped next to the Cloud Gnorbu, placing her paw on his back.

     "It'll be okay. I'll help you find your owner." She smiled. "I'm DaLila, by the way."

     "Oivend." The pets shook hands.

     "And thank you for your offer. I really need to find my owner."

     DaLila nodded, then noticed the small Petpet balancing on her new friend's back.

     "Hey, is that a Pepito?"

     Oivend glanced back at his Petpet.

     "Yeah. Its name is Momo."

     "Momo! What an interesting name," DaLila said. "Hi, Momo!"

     Momo smiled.

     Oivend suddenly remembered the small light faerie from before.

     "Hey, have you seen a light faerie fly around by any chance?"

     "A light faerie? Wow, that's rare. No, I haven't... sorry. Why?"

     "Well, she dropped this token. See?"

     Oivend grasped the amulet out from his puffy mane. The metallic sun gleamed brightly in the Cybunny’s eyes. DaLila gasped.

     "A Light Faerie Amulet! That must cost about two and a half million at the Trading Post, at least!"

     "Well, I don't think she intended to leave it, so I want to find her."

     The Cybunny gave Oivend a questionable look.

     "I don't think you'll be able to find her easily. Finding a faerie at all isn't easy. And you have something that rare; I think it would be wise to keep it."

     Oivend grunted.

     “Well, I still need to find my owner, Andrea.”

     “When did you last see her?”

     “Last night. She went off in the woods to find us some items, when a Korbat scared me, causing me to run into the woods further.”

     “Hmm... well, which way do you think she would have gone? Would she have gone back to your Neohome?”

     “No, we don’t own one. I was heading off in that direction before, though.” He pointed to their right.

     “Okay, well then, let’s go find your owner!”

     The two Neopets trot down beside the river once more, further into the woods. Momo swam happily in his bottle.

     “So where’s your owner?” Oivend asked.

     “Oh... somewhere. I don’t really keep up with my family. They’re probably back at our Neohome. It’s a bit off the skirts of Neopia Central. I like to take walks every so often when it's nice out. I tend to be a pretty independent Cybunny sometimes.” DaLila giggled.

     DaLila, Oivend, and Momo continued their journey through the woods. Their hunger seemed to be fine, but they wondered what they would do when they got very hungry. Or when they were hurt or sick, what could they do to heal themselves? They had no potions, and the infamous Healing Springs was far off in the clouds of Faerieland.

     As the two pondered to themselves, soon enough they came to realize a change in their environment. It wasn’t getting too dark out... just the forest was. The trees were becoming more dark and bare, and especially more spooky as they descended into the woods. The air became fog, and the light happy chirping of birds became the soft moans of unknown company. The trees were officially a ghoul-blue, and completely barren. The grass became dry and brittle, and the river turned to a small swamp. A Batterfly flew over them.

     “W-where are we...?” DaLila shivered as her spine ran cold.

     “I don’t know. The Haunted Woods, maybe?” said Oivend.

     “The Haunted Woods?! Are you sure?”

     “Where else? It’s spooky enough.”

     Just then, the two heard a rustle in the woods. DaLila and Oivend hesitantly checked around them for whatever had caused a noise. Then, a Meepit peeked through the bushes with its large swelling eyes. The two sighed.

     “Oh, it’s just a Meepit.”

     As the two Neopets turned around, however, they soon realized the Meepit was not the cause of the noise.

     A tall dark green faerie with cascading black hair, piercing green eyes, a long dark cloak, and dry green wings rose above them.

     It was Earth Faerie Ilere, from the ancient Tale of Woe. DaLila and Oivend trembled with shock.

     “P-p-please... Ilere... we’re lost...” Oivend stumbled.

     “Come with me...” she said in her eerie dark voice.

     The Neopets followed the tall Faerie at her sides. They came to a small town past the edge of the forest, engulfed by fog and surrounded by the woods.

     “You will be safe here.”

     And with that, Ilere was gone.

     “This must be Neovia...” said Oivend.

     “I’ve heard about this place. There was once a curse.” DaLila shrugged.

     Starved to death after their travels, Oivend and DaLila entered the Crumpetmonger. A female Meerca with large white hair, a red dress and apron, and red lipstick greeted them.

     “Fresh pastries! Get yer pastries while they're hot! No, I meant it... buy summat 'fore I eat it meself!” she chuckled.

     DaLila browsed the shop, her mouth watering at everything she saw.

     “Mmm... I could go for some Lemon Tarts right about now!”

     The Meerca watched her customer. “Ah, the Lemon Tarts! The whipped cream on top makes them even tastier.”

     DaLila took a bite out of one. “I’ll say!”

     After buying a load of pastries for herself, she watched as Oivend eyed a certain Drumstick Pie. She thought she heard his tummy grumble. It must have, because he groaned of hunger.

     “You want it?” she asked.

     “I don't have any Neopoints...”

     “Oh well, that’s alright! I’ll buy it for you!”

     As DaLila brought the pie to the Meerca, Oivend eyed his friend with generosity.

     “Thank you!” he said, attacking the food with delight.

     DaLila smiled.

     As Oivend devoured the Drumstick Pie, a large blue, monstrous Gelert walked in.

     "Bruno! How ar' ye'?" the Meerca exclaimed.

To be continued...

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