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Oivend and the Adventure of Token and Future: Part One

by anfkc112093


Oivend the Gnorbu whisked playfully around Neopia Central with his owner, Andrea. They left the beautiful pool of water, surrounded by the most colorful of Neopets, admiring the gorgeous rainbow descending into the pool. There was a Faerie Kyrii, a Skunk Zafara, a Spotted Meerca, and a Starry Quiggle all jumping and dancing around the Rainbow Pool all happily around their owners. Oivend looked back at the playful Neopets, then up at the brightening sun as its rays glistened his Cloud painted fur. Oivend was a lover of nature, and asked his owner to be painted Cloud, for he was always watching the sky, decoding the shapes of the clouds, and daydreaming of a life of wonder...

     But it had taken months of frantically playing games at the Games Room, and selling as many items as she could in their small shop in the Marketplace before Andrea was finally able to afford a Cloud Paint Brush, cheap as it was possible on the Market.

     "Hey, look! It's the Money Tree!" Oivend trotted around the pool to a giant tree, smiling gleefully and holding bags of neopoints. Several items surrounded it, such as food and Beauty Supplies from that crazy Usul from the Neopian Bazaar. Oivend could remember running an errand there, wanting to buy a new hairbrush. He didn’t have much, but every once in a while Andrea would give him a few neopoints to go and buy whatever he pleased.

     He could remember it perfectly: going inside the pink and white shop, hearing the ‘ding’ of the small bell attached to the door... seeing the beautiful and proud Red Usul dressed in blue pearls and eye shadow behind the counter, seeing the several beauty items stocked up on the shelves...

     And then, he saw it. Passing by one of the shelves, no Neopet could possibly not notice this beautiful hairbrush. It glistened in all the light in the shop, glittering more than anything Oivend could have possibly even seen. The tag underneath the item had said,

     Name: Yellow Glittery Brush

     Weight: 1 lbs.

     Rarity: 50

     Estimated Value (approx): 354 NP

     “Oh, boy!” the 266-day old Gnorbu shouted, grabbing the item off the shelf with his tiny green hooves, and running to the Usul behind the counter.

     “Oh, what a super wonderful day! Can I interest you in anything?” she said.

     Gently placing the glorious brush down on the counter, Oivend smiled at the Usul. She smiled back.

     “I wont take less than 406 Neopoints for it,” the shopkeeper had said.

     Overexcited in buying the brush, the Gnorbu had said, “I’ll give you 10,000 neopoints!” The Gnorbu danced, happy, yet expecting the Usul to have said a much more expensive price. And yet, he would have paid anything for this item. It was too splendid to give up.

     The small tiny Usul turned from happy to enraged within seconds. She slouched down to meet the Gnorbu’s eyes; her fur spiking in every direction. The Neopets’ eyes were blazing, scaring the little customer.

     “You don't have that kind of money. Get out of my shop!!!” she said, causing the Green Gnorbu to jump.

     Without thinking of the precious hairbrush, Oivend ran off, passing the shelves of wonderfully smelling items, and jumping out the small round doors.

     Shaking off the memory of his past, Oivend gazed at the tree, watching as a few wandering ghosts floated around the place. It was quite crowded, really... Several pets and owners quickly took as much as their hands, paws, hooves, and wings could carry. Specifically eying a Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp, the Gnorbu trotted his freshly painted self towards the item. Before he could pick the free item off the ground, a little Blue Gelert, seeming somewhat younger than himself, ran right in front of Oivend and snatched the stamp off the ground. He ran back to his owner, smiling gleefully at his success. Oivend eyed a small, sad Yellow Acara next to the tree before sitting down, and beginning to tear up.

     Andrea crouched down to Oivend, softly petting his new fur.

     “Oh, Oivend... you know it’s hard to win items off the Money Tree. It’s just too crowded, and full of way too many people full of greed.”

     She helped Oivend up, and led the way out of the plaza, passing the Petpet Shop and the NC Mall.

     How badly Oivend wished for a Petpet, or some items from the mall like maybe some clothes or accessories to brighten his look. Even the Yellow Glittery Paint Brush haunted his mind... longing to buy one. However, the memory of the Usul frightened him, keeping him away from the Grooming Parlour. In fact, every time they would pass the shop, the little Gnorbu would shudder at the memory.

     And after buying a Cloud Paint Brush for him, Andrea couldn’t possibly afford one off the market. There was food to buy, and a neohome to be found...

     Oh! How the owner and neopet longed to find the perfect place to live!

     Oivend would sigh as he passed a happy Neopet playing in his front yard on a beautiful day, or silently cry as he peeked through a window on a chilly night, watching as a few Neopets played happily with their toys and games next to a warm cozy fire; their owner playing along as well.

     Oivend envied the glorious lives of other Neopets and their family, longing for a life like them.

     Being painted a beautiful color, transforming his mane and tail into white puffy, soft-as-cloud like material, and his fur a sky blue with cloud print all over, Oivend felt beautiful and glorious, with his new future seeming bright as the skies. He dreamed of happy siblings, and a warm place to call his own.

     The Gnorbu looked behind him to the sack of inventory tied around a flimsy stick, knowing that someday it would grow, and he would own endless amounts of yummy foods, and toys, and other splendid items.

     Someday, he thought.



     “Help! Help me!”

     A tiny glow of light yelped softly as a humongous blue Lupe snatched the innocent creature, and jarred it. He laughed meticulously, crackling his revengeful soul on faeries. It was none other than the mighty bounty hunter, Balthazar. The small sound of tapping on glass was made as the tiny faerie used all her might to break her entrapment.

     "You are helpless, little faerie. There is no one here to save you. And soon enough, your light will fade."

     Just then, Balthazar heard a faint noise in the woods. Dropping the faerie, the bulky Lupe ran back into the depths, not wanting to be seen. The jarred light faerie hoped with glee for her savior, readying to bless them with whatever ability their level required. But, unfortunately, it was only the wind that Balthazar had heard, and the little faerie was left alone in the jar, in the middle of who knows where in Neopia. If only someone could find her in time, she hoped...


     “It’s getting late out, Oivend. We’d best find a place to sleep for the night.”

     Andrea led Oivend past the Neopian Plaza and by the edge of the woods. The two went a little into its depths, only enough to faintly see Neopia’s civilization.

     “You stay here, Oivend. I’ll go and find us something to substitute as blankets. Although, with your soft new fur, I’m sure you don't need much.” Andrea smiled. Oivend danced with glee.

     Andrea went off in the distance, to the point where Oivend couldn’t see his owner. The Gnorbu sat down next to a tree, and waited. After an hour or so, he began to get impatient. Standing up, he looked around in the darkness for his owner.

     “Andrea?” he asked to no one in particular. “I’m getting cold... can you hear me?”

     Just then, a crack was made by a small twig not too far away. Oivend jumped, getting scared.

     “Andrea, is that you?” His voice was shaken, unsure of what to face.

     A loud screech was heard from the woods, and a Shadow Korbat swooped down from the trees, barely missing Oivend’s head. The little Cloud Gnorbu trotted away in terror. He didn’t know where he was going, but he just knew he was scared and needed to get away. Oivend passed dozens of trees that seemed to get more lifeless as he went on.

     When he thought he was far away enough from the Korbat, Gnorbu looked around to his surroundings. He was in the middle of the woods, and it was pitch black.

     “Andrea?” he asked.


     After hours of searching in the dark, Oivend could see the woods coming to be a bit more into view, for the sun was rising. The light was coming in through the trees and every crack it could find. The Gnorbu heard the faint sound of a river rushing by, and tried to find the source of water. When the sight of the river came into view, Oivend ran helplessly. His hooves hurt from walking so much, but he didn't care. Dipping his snout into the sparkling water, it was as if no other taste in Neopia could compete with such a sweet taste. The taste of water was the taste of life.

     Sighing, Oivend took a step back, and tripped backwards. When the Gnorbu opened his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a small glow at the edge of his foot.

     “What the...”

     Oivend held the bottled light faerie up to his view. He gasped in shock.

To be continued...

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