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The Intense Snowickle Guide That You Must Read

by sylviau


They cry, they shriek, they pwn, they love shiny things and they’ll take a fortune off your hands. Yes, now the beloved Snowickle needs an article too.

Snowickles? The name might not ring a bell, you might not be familiar with the term, or you might have never even heard of the name. So what is a Snowickle, and how do you take care of one? Here are the answers to those questions, and many more. This is your #1 guide, straight from the never-to-be-published book -Snowickle Owning 101.

How would I know these answers? Why if you know me, or simply read some of my other articles, you would have known that I won a Snowickle as a prize from the Caption Contest. And not-so-recently, one of my petpet laboratory zaps turned my petpet into a sketch Snowickle! So for a while I had two little ice demons running around my neohome; talk about luck. Most people never even see one Snowickle.

What is a Snowickle?

A Snowickle is a wintery petpet, of course, an adorable ice-like petpet that shockingly resembles the mighty Snowager, but TNT claims that there’s no relation whatsoever. But this IS the team that claims Jelly World doesn’t exist.

–monitoring staff- There is no such thing as Jelly World –monitoring staff-

Where can I get a Snowickle?

If you’re lucky enough, you might stumble upon this petpet at the wintery petpet shop; otherwise you’ll have to try the auctions, or most likely the Trading Post. There’s always a couple there. They are fairly rare, so you might have a hard time finding one because you can’t get one at the shop wizard. This brings us to our next category...

How much does a Snowickle cost?

At this time, while I’m writing this, the average price of the Snowickle is around 6 million. (6,000,000) When I got mine, they were only 2.5 million NP, but the price seems to have risen. Snowickles are also easy targets for false inflation. Since there are so few of them in stock, a collector, or false inflator could easily buy out all the Snowickles in Neopia!

Now here are some facts about Snowickles:

Rarity: R99 [super rare]

Description: This demanding little beast loves to collect shiny things and cries when you take them away from it.

Item Type: petpet

Snowickles can be painted 18 colours.

Colours Available:



















-The mutant Snowickle has two heads!!! This petpet is a perfect match for a mutant hissi. A two headed neopet with a two headed petpet; they’ll meet each other’s needs. They’ll be inseparable.

-There is one Snowickle card: Snowickle (TCG)

-An usuki set: Snowickle Usuki Set

-And a toy: Snowickle Squirty Toy

-The Snowickle (regular) won the PPL! This petpet won on April 13, 2006, week 137.

-Snowickles love shiny things.

-Snowickles can be won from contests, such as the Caption Contest

-Snowickles love neggs.

Snowickle Care

First of all... How do you care for a Snowickle? I’ll start with the basics.

The Room

Snowickles need their own special room! Or you could just get your neopets to live with them. The ideal pet for a Snowickle is an ice Hissi. Their stripes will totally match up! To make a room for the Snowickle, think of what kind of room you’d want for your ice Hissi.

Meeting a Snowickle's needs is different if it’s painted mutant or Island. A mutant Snowickle for instant would love a creepy house, while an island Snowickle may want an Island theme. Here I suggest picking a home on Terror Mountain for a regular one; that’s an awesome place to live! But any place is fine, as long as it’s not the Lost Desert. I’d also suggest an iced room. Now that you’ve got your room, what to put in it? A few nice decorations are Iced Ceiling Fan, Iced Garland, and Ice Speaker. You should also include some other furniture, since there are few “ice” things in Neopia. This furniture should be blue, a Snowickle's favourite colour.

You should also include a few nice furry rugs, for the Snowickle to curl up on. There’s one thing that you absolutely must include though. A closet. Why? A Snowickle needs their privacy, and the last thing you need is a grouchy Snowickle.

The Habits

Snowickles are lovable and totally awesome, but they can be grouchy at times. NEVER upset a Snowickle. That could be disastrous. Snowickles get upset by warm climates, pushy owners, and snobby obnoxious people who don’t have a clue on how to take care of Snowickles. But the worst way to offend a Snowickle is by taking away its shiny things. Actually, Snowickles NEED shiny things; it's mart of their genetic makeup, part of who they are. For the same reason that the Brain Tree loves his knowledge, and the greedy kadoatie loves its money, the Snowickles love collecting anything shiny, sparkly and pretty. That’s why you should always buy your petpet a new shiny object at least once a week. They don’t care if it’s the same item over and over again week after week, (I had a friend who collected anniversary neggs, and his Snowickle had a stash of over 100 of them)!

The Shiny Stuff

Soooo. Shiny stuff. This deserves a category of its own, since it is the most important feature of a Snowickle’s many lovable characteristics. Now, how did you get your Snowickle? If you’re one of those people who spent all your savings on one and you're now broke, you might find that you can’t afford an anniversary negg every week. But you don’t need one! No, my friends, there are many fun shiny objects that you can give your Snowickle. Here is a list of a few recommended items.

1. Shiny Golden Cheese

2. Shiny Scales

3. Sparkly Toothpaste

4. Glittering Negg

5. Silver and Gold Chocolate Coins

But there is one more item on Neopets, which you can easily fish out of Maraqua. It is amazingly sparkly and hard, it throws light in the sun, and is the perfect thing for a Snowickle. It is also one of the cheapest items you can get. Is this too good to be true? No. This amazing item is... *plays trumpet* the one, the only: Enormous Fake Diamond!

Wha...? Yes, this cheap, 20 NP a piece item is huge, hard and shiny. Your Snowickle will love to hide a stash of these in their closet, and this is something that you could surely afford. I myself love to buy up a few and let my Snowickle play with them. It is also recommended to keep a few of these handy with you at all times, just in case your Snowickle becomes difficult to handle. Just take one out and your Snowickle will immediately snap its focus back to you.

And that’s it...

Well, those are the basics of caring for Snowickles. There’s really only three things to remember about them.

1) They’re rare .

2) They love shiny things.

3) You DO NOT want to hear a Snowickle start to wail.

And that is it. I am proud to say that my Snowickle absolutely adores me; I keep him in my gallery to guard all my shiny and expensive stuff. They make great guard petpets. They are extremely protective of their items, they have a strong bite, and their wail is louder than any kind of alarm system that money can buy. Guaranteed to draw people close, and then send them cowering away in fear, this is one unique breed of petpet. In conclusion, Snowickles RAWK!!! Now thank you for reading, and please excuse me while I watch the unpredictable rate of inflation claim the Neopian economy.


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