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Easter Negg Hunt

by iloenchen


Once again, Easter is coming around and with it the task of organising a successful Easter Negg hunt. But like every year, one important question is waiting to be answered first. Which Neggs will you choose and where will you hide them? After all, you cannot just pick any Negg and hide it in a random place. A bright one, like the Faerie Easter Negg, will not look appetizing anymore once it’s covered in the grime from behind your stove, while the dark streaks might look like they’re part of the pattern on a Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg, for example.

In order to facilitate things for you, I will introduce to you the seven Neggs that must not be missing on any Easter hunt and provide you with perfect hiding places for each of them.

Brightly Coloured Easter Negg

Who doesn’t love bright colours? This Negg, bright with a simple yet exciting pattern, is sure to bring a colourful touch to your Easter Negg hunt. Everyone will want to find one. Bring enough supplies so nobody feels left out, and hide this Negg wherever you wish. Its brilliant colours will make it easy to find anyway, so there’s no need to come up with a special hiding place. Instead, enjoy the gleaming eyes when the participants of your hunt pick up their Brightly Coloured Easter Neggs.

Sardplant Easter Negg

At 800.000 NP, those Neggs are not exactly cheap. Yet, you should include at least one of them in your Easter Negg hunt. Do you want to know why? Well, just pick it up and look at it for a while. Are you feeling dizzy yet? The Sardplant Easter Negg is painted with a pattern that will make you believe that the lines on it are moving if you stare at it for too long. No matter where you hide this Negg, it will make people feel so dizzy that they will turn their head away and restrain from picking it up. So even if it costs a fortune, you will not lose that money because nobody will take it anyway.

Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg

I already mentioned this Negg in my introduction, but I feel the need to write about it again. Of all the Neggs with flowery patterns, this one has to be my favourite. Who doesn’t like sunflowers? The perfect flowers and therefore the perfect Negg to cheer up pets should not be missing on your Easter Negg hunt. And if you bring both, the flowers and the Negg, you already have a perfect hiding place. Nobody will notice that one of the flowers is painted and you can have fun while watching the participants of your hunt walking past this Negg over and over again.

Checkered Easter Negg

The pattern on this Negg is nothing special. Yet, you absolutely have to include at least one of those in your Easter Negg Hunt. Do you own a checkered sofa? Then you have just found the perfect hiding place for your Checkered Easter Negg. On your sofa, this Negg blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The only disadvantage is that you have to keep your guests from sitting on it, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Whenever you see one heading for your sofa to take a break, remind them of how many Neggs the others have already found and how there will be none left if they don’t hurry. And should the worst happen, I’m sure the storekeeper at the General Store will help you find the right soap to get the chocolate stains out of your sofa.

Fishy Easter Negg

There is absolutely nothing fishy about this Negg. You do not have to go fishing to get it, it does not taste like fish and there are no fish painted on it. It is not even related to the Fish Negg. Yet, this Negg has to be included in your hunt for two reasons. First, it has got a strange name that does not describe it in the least, and second, it is pretty. What other reasons do you need? With its nice rose colour and the fine yellow lines it is best hidden behind your pink curtain. And if you don’t have pink curtains yet, you should consider getting some as they do not only offer interesting hiding places but look generally good throughout the whole year.

Dancing Daisy Easter Negg

Aww, it’s almost too pretty to eat. That’s what the description of this Negg says and it’s perfectly right. The Dancing Daisy Easter Negg is almost too pretty to eat, but only almost. In the end, hunger wins over the beautiful design and you will find that this Negg is not only pretty, it also tastes good. Plus, what better way to create a cheery mood than with dancing daisies? So what are you waiting for? Go and get that Dancing Daisy Easter Negg for your hunt.

Scented Easter Negg

This Negg is very special as it is the only one that does not only look good but also smells good. You cannot organise an Easter Negg hunt without buying at least two or three of those Neggs. Now, you might find that they’re difficult to hide because pets will be attracted by their smell and find them instantly, but I’ve got the solution to your problem. Don’t hide them. In order to create the perfect atmosphere, you will need to decorate your room and what better way than to use Scented Easter Neggs? They look good and their scent will carry through the whole house.

There you have it. Seven Neggs that are essential to any Easter Negg hunt. They can be combined in any way you wish and in order to provide more variety, I would suggest looking around the Neggery for even more Neggs that you think will match with those seven. Why not add a Pink Snowbunny Easter Negg or a Pastel Swirl Easter Negg? The latter can make you feel nearly as dizzy as the Sardplant Easter Negg and can be a good replacement if you can’t afford that one expensive Negg.

Happy Easter Negg hunting!

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