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Making Your Goldrun-Themed Neohome

by be2aware


After the release of the new neohomes, classic neohomes were almost forgotten. The new neohomes are spacious, fun to decorate, have a myriad of new furniture, look better on your user lookup, and can be easily customized to your favorite world. Not to mention the three-dimensional aspect. Also, you can rotate the room when placing the items inside of it. However, it seems a tangent has developed. The real purpose of this guide is to demonstrate the newest, most popular theme for the classic neohome. What is that theme? Goldrun, of course!

Goldrun-themed neohomes intrigue even the masters of decorating. This western-styled world, located east of the Lost Desert, is sandy and stylish. Wooden houses line the streets with shuttered windows and melodiously creaking porches. The inhabitants loved their homes, and the trend spread. First one, then hundreds of classic neohome owners adapted their houses to the Goldrun trend. If you like to be modernistic and classy, then read on. If not, I hope you enjoyed the first two paragraphs of this guide.

Step One: Is Goldrun Your Type of Theme

Goldrun neohomes aren’t as spacious as you may be used to. The real Goldrun homes are 10 rooms at most. That satisfies them, but will it satisfy you? Of course not. The Goldrun theme can be used for two complete floors of your classic neohome. That is, if you have the money to accompany the enormous amount of rooms. Goldrun furniture is inexpensive. The narrow-minded may call it bland, but put it all together in a flashy way and you’ll have yourself a jaw-dropping sight.

If don’t mind having cheap furniture, or you think decorating is the most fun part of owning a neohome, then Goldrun is the theme for you.

Step Two: Rooms

For anyone who doesn’t have any rooms built yet, you need to select your materials. Goldrun is old-fashioned, and prefers wood to any other resource. For those low-spenders, wood is the best room material for you.

However cheap wood may be, sand is far more plentiful in Goldrun. It also is a great room material, although high in price. Sand will make your furniture stand out from the rest of those boring neohomes, and is a perfect mesh with your Goldrun theme. Wood and sand are the best rooms for any Goldrun-themed neohome, but don’t worry if you have already built an extensive neohome. Goldrun furniture is easily adaptable to any building material.

Due to poor geographic conditions, gardens are not popular in Goldrun. Having gardens in your Goldrun-themed neohome is acceptable, but they would be bland and out-of place. This is not advised for the faint of heart, as it will be a strenuous undertaking and difficult to match a single flower to the Goldrun theme.

Step Three: Furniture and Placement

The moment of truth. The shining star in the night sky. The peak of Terror Mountain. That’s right, it’s the furniture of your Goldrun-themed neohome. Cheap yet decorative, your basic choices range from a stone sofa to a straw bed. Wooden furniture is always popular, and a set of Wooden Stairs is the perfect addition to allow access to a second floor.

A Goldrun neohome is welcoming. It gives a sense of safety, as if you will open the door to a million friends and family. Because of this, it is suggested that you make an entryway that gives off this feeling. A Hat Stand for them to hang coats on, Walking Carpet Rugs, and comfortable Straw Patio Chairs for visitors to relax in help accomplish this goal.

The bathroom isn’t as welcoming. Composed of a Stone Toilet and Sink, you’d expect to find its twin in a Tyrannian neohome. Feel free to spice it up a bit, but always leave the toilet and sink.

Other rooms, such as bedrooms and hallways, are up to you. The wide variety of beds, chairs, dressers, and rugs all make it impossible to suggest specific items. It is best to fit each room to the individual. For example, an Elephante would love to have a Straw Bed to sleep on while a Techo might prefer something with a little more pizzazz, such as a Regal Oak Wood Bed. A Lenny would probably like to have a Wooden Desk in his or her bedroom for working crosswords. Each Neopet’s preferences are up to the designer to figure out.

The dining room is simple. A Wooden Table and Wooden Chairs make up this basic room. For anyone who wishes to look fancy, there is the Royal Oak Wooden Cabinet. Other than these niceties, the dining room can be as elegant as you desire.

The lounge is probably the most diverse. Like the entryway, it needs to be comforting. However, it must also be able to serve a purpose. The Westerners of Goldrun don’t worry about elegance, but a shabby lounge would reflect on them poorly. This results in Goldrun-themed lounges being a mix of bedroom, dining room, and entryway furniture. Wooden Drawers, Straw Couches, desks, chairs, rugs, and of course a Coffee Table all find a place in a Goldrun-themed lounge.

These are all of the rooms that can be found in every Goldrun-themed neohome, and the furniture suggested for each of them. You can add in other rooms such as a kitchen, a porch, or a playroom, but these are just the basics.

Step Four: A Theme Within A Theme

There is one final room that could be added to any Goldrun-themed neohome. A room dedicated to the Spotted Kau that made a Goldrun theme possible. Ellie, the one who sent the message that allowed us access to Goldrun. A room like this could be filled with an abundance of Kau Print Chairs, Zen Desks, Checkered Desks, and other black and white furniture. This room is more of a gesture of respect than anything else, and would show your appreciation for her enterprise.

That concludes this guide to Goldrun-themed Classic Neohomes, the newest world theme. I hope this helped you in your quest to make a more interesting neohome.

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