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What Kind of Neopian Are You?

by warriorsrock965


Welcome! You’re here to find out what type of Neopian you are, aren’t you? Are you a nice Neopian? Evil? Normal? Friendly? Mean? Well, don’t sit there and stare; take the quiz already! :)

Question #1:

You see someone walking in Neopia Central and they are struggling to keep their pets obedient. What do you do?

A. Laugh at them. Well, it was their fault having so many pets and taking them all out at once.

B. Run over to them and ask them if they need any help.

C. Just continue walking and look at them and say, “Sorry,” to them with your expression.

D. Walk over to them and say, “Hello! I’m –insert your name here-. Do you want me to help you with your pets?” and smile.

E. Laugh uncontrollably at them and call over Dr. Sloth to gather all his minions to laugh at their misfortune.

Question #2:

You are walking around in Neopia Central and you see someone drop their Pink Draik Morphing Potion. What do you do?

A. Snicker at their misfortune and walk away with the potion to make some easy neopoints.

B. Pick it up and run over to the rightful owner saying, “You dropped your Pink Draik Morphing Potion!”

C. Pick it up and walk over to the owner then change your mind to morph your pet into the pet of your dreams.

D. Pick it up and walk over to the Neopian who dropped it saying, “Hey! I’m –insert your name here- and I think you dropped your Pink Draik Morphing Potion!”

E. Snicker and hand it over to Dr. Sloth so he can raise it as one of his own minions.

Question #3:

You see a poor newbie alone and scared in the Haunted Woods. What do you do?

A. Walk over to the newbie and make ghostly noises to scare her/him even more.

B. Run over to help the poor newbie find their way back home to their pets.

C. Just continue walking and look at the poor newbie sadly.

D. Walk over to the newbie and say, “Hey! I’m –insert your name here-, and I’ll help you out of these scary woods.”

E. Snicker and tell Dr. Sloth that there is a newbie alone and scared in the Haunted Woods so Dr. Sloth can scare her/him off with his minions.

Question #4:

Someone is offering to give you their pet for one of yours; what do you do?

A. Tell them you’ll take it and give them your pet without a second thought.

B. Say, “Thank you for the offer, but I cherish all my pets.”

C. Ask, “Well, let me think about it. What pet is it again?”

D. Say, “Hey! I’m –insert your name here- and my pets are not up for adoption, really sorry.”

E. Say, “Mwhahahaaa! Why yes, of course I will.” So you can train it to become another Dr. Sloth Minion.

Question #5:

Someone asked you to join their guild. What do you say?

A. Say, “Pfft. No way. Your guild isn’t awesome.”

B. Say, “Why thank you for inviting me, but I’m not interested in joining. Thank you, though.”

C. Say, “Well, I might join, but I might not. Let me think about it. Thank you for the offer.”

D. Say, “I’m –insert name here-, and thank you for the invite! I’ll think about it.”

E. Say, “Your guild isn’t about Dr. Sloth at all! Pfft, like I would join.”

Question #6:

Your pet is hungry. What do you feed it?

A. Gruel. Well, they shouldn’t be hungry!

B. A nice bowl of Jelly Cereal.

C. An omelette. Well, it’s free!

D. Whatever my pet wants! My pet is wonderful! :)

E. Feed my pet? Well, I’ll have to ask Dr. Sloth what to feed my pet.

Question #7:

Your pet wants a petpet. What kind of petpet do you give it?

A. A petpet? Pfft, I don’t give my pets petpets.

B. An Ona. They love them!

C. A Slorg. I need the avatar anyways.

D. A Huggy. My pets need hugs!

E. Hmm, I’ll have to train it to be a Sloth minion before I give it to my pet.

Question #8:

You see an abandoned petpet wailing in Neopia Central. Do you adopt it?

A. Nope!

B. Yes, of course!

C. Yep! I might sell it to make some neopoints...

D. Of course! I’ll name it and everything!

E. Yes! I’ll raise it as another Sloth minion! Mwhahaa!

Now, the results are:

If you answered mostly A, you are a mean Neopian. You don’t care about other Neopians' feelings or your pets. You enjoy snickering and laughing at other Neopians' misery. You will do almost anything for easy neopoints or better pets than you have. Maybe you could be a little nicer? ;)

If you answered mostly B, you are a nice Neopian. You don’t like to hurt other Neopians' feelings or your pets. You care about everyone and try to help everyone you meet. Anyone would be glad to have you as a neofriend. :)

If you answered mostly C, you are a normal Neopian. You are like many other Neopians here on Neopets. You go with the flow. You care about Neopians, but you can be mean sometimes. You would be good to hang around (most of the time). :)

If you answered mostly D, you are a friendly Neopian. You always say who you are and are always happy no matter what other Neopians say to you! You take care of your pets and love them so much. You are super nice and you probably have plenty of neofriends! ;)

If you answered mostly E, you are an evil Neopian. You enjoy calling Dr. Sloth over to make his minions attack innocent Neopians. You also want to rule Neopia! How dare you! You’ve been hanging around Dr. Sloth too much, haven’t you? D:

Well, I hope this quiz has helped you see what kind of Neopian you are! Hopefully you’re a nice, friendly, or normal Neopian. You aren’t evil or mean, are you? ;)


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