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Top 10 Villains of Neopia

by _plaxe_


Have you ever wondered who the baddest villains are in Neopia? This article will reveal the top ten baddies of Neopia. First of all, what is a villain? A villain is a vile demon who steals and hurts others for their own benefit. These kinds of people are not needed in Neopia.

1. Chef Bonju

Chef Bonju, an orange Blumaroo just tops off Dr. Sloth in the "Top 10 Villains of Neopia", clearly is very emotional, and crazy. He knocked a crew member, named Hoban, off from the ship they were traveling in. Chef Bonju was the crew member on the ship that clearly everyone pointed their fingers to when Hoban mysteriously disappeared. If you think this was the only thing he did, you are wrong. Chef Bonju opened his own cooking pot in Mystery Island. This was the most villainous thing he did because he was wasting other people's time when they could have played with their Neopets, and everything people brought him turned out to explode. This completely wastes people's time because people think he gives an avatar if you give him items that won't explode in his pot, but it is probably one of his devious plans to waste your time. This is the top rated villain in my books.

Percentage of Evilness: 50% Evil, 50% Hot Headed

Villain Rate: 10/10

2. Dr. Frank Sloth

Dr. Frank Sloth is a smart and insanely evil scientist who wants world domination. Dr. Sloth was narrowly defeated by the Space Faerie in his Space Station in Year 2. He has technological advantages over all the villains, making him so highly rated. He has evil robots, such as clones of himself, scary spaceships, and tools that bring total chaos. Dr. Sloth may pop up as a random event and hand you a potion. If you use this potion on your pet, your pet will turn into a hideous looking mutant. Dr. Frank Sloth is most likely the most popular villain of Neopia.

Percentage of Evilness: 99% Evil, 1% Good

Villain Rate: 9.3/10

3. Meepits

These creatures are well known in the world of Neopia. They live under your bed, in your closet, and even on your ceiling. These so called Meepits steal your NP little by little through random events and give your Neopets fleas, causing many other problems to you giving you a major headache. Meepits come in a variety of colors. Some colors they can be are: Pink, Ghost, Fire, Disco, Blue, Christmas, Green, Robot, Red, Tyrannian, Starry, and Pirate. You now know that Meepits come in a variety of colors, so make sure you don't mix them up with Feepits, which helps you get rid of some Meepits.

Percentage of Evilness: 100% Evil. Yes, Meepits are pure evil.... *BEWARE*

Villain Rate: 8.5/10

4. Lord Darigan

Lord Darigan is the ruler of the Darigan Citadel. His land was plagued by famine and poverty after Meridell stole the magical orb. Lord Darigan, once a good guy, spent most of his time trying to find the magical orb, and restore peace to his people. After a very long time, Lord Darigan found the magical orb, and began a war with Meridell. The desire for power has made Lord Darigan become something he did not want to be: a power seeking, evil villain who plotted the destruction of all Neopia, until a brave knight overheard his plans.

Percentage of Evilness: 70% Evil, 20% Good, 10% Stubborn

Villain Rate: 7.8/10

5. The Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie, also known as "The Betrayer," was a member among twelve that built and ruled the kingdom of Altador. The Darkest Faerie soon betrayed King Altador, and tried to be the sole ruler of Altador. In time, King Altador and Jerdana saw through her plans and countered with one of their own. Today, the Darkest Faerie is trapped in a statue, carefully being watched by Queen Fyora, so the Darkest Faerie is no longer a threat anymore.

Percentage of Evilness: 90% Evil, 5% Greedy, 5% Good

Villain Rate: 7.7/10

6. Jhudora

This faerie, has not done anything to harm Neopia, but has ties to some of the terrible things that have happened in Neopia. The fact that she has done nothing has gotten many Neopians worried. She has a terrible temper and tendency to deceive and manipulate Neopians, but this is not enough to lock her away. Today, she flies free around Neopia waiting for a chance to wreak havoc.

Percentage of Evilness: ?% Evil, ?%Good

Villain Rate: 7/10

7. Pant Devil

The Pant Devil runs around, stealing your goods and Neopoints that are not safely put into your Safe Deposit Box and your bank. The Pant Devil is known to steal your possessions, and then mysteriously disappear. He has stolen expensive items numerous times, so watch out for this little blue fellow.

Percentage of Evilness: 10% Evil, 90% Greedy

Villain Rate: 6.7/10

8. Lord Kass

Lord Kass was the former general in Lord Darigan's army, but slowly gained power after the downfall of Lord Darigan. His intentions are pretty obvious. He wants to finish Lord Darigan's job of destroying Meridell, but has not yet made the first move. Meridell will always be prepared for an attack.

Percentage of Evilness: 70% Evil, 30% Crazy

Villain Rate: 6.3/10

9. Hubrid Nox

Hubrid Nox lives in a mountain in the Haunted Woods, alone, preparing devious plans. He has devious plans every day, so he is nonstop. He never seems to succeed, but who knows. Someday he may be the one to take over Neopia and outrank Chef Bonju, Dr, Sloth, and the Meepits.

Percentage of Evilness: 40% Evil, 30% Crazy, 30% Lonely

Villain Rate: 5.5/10

10. Morguss

Morguss used to help Lord Darigan rise in power, but after the downfall of Lord Darigan, she put her trust into Lord Kass. She made lots of villainous plans for Lord Kass, and spied on the enemies to give Lord Kass the upper hand. She makes potions and gives them to the Lord's troops to make them more strong, and beastly. Morguss is probably spying on her enemies right now, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

Percentage of Evilness: 50% Evil, 50% Crazy

Villain Rate: 4.9/10

Other Notable Villains: Balthazar, Commander Garoo, Malkus Vile, Galem, Masila, The Tax Beast, Razul, Benny, Spider Grundo, Captain Scarblade, Bringer of Night, The Court Dancer, Ghost Lupe

This wraps up this week's Top 10 Villains. If this articles gets in, be sure to keep a sharp eye on the Neopian Times for the Top 10 Heroes.

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