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A Guide to Luck and Chance in Neopia

by __horses_forever__


Also by neckties

Do you like to take risks? If you've ever wanted to earn neopoints quickly, experience the thrill of a jackpot, or take a stab at a chance to win lovely prizes, then gambling may be something you should try! You can find all sorts of interesting and fun ways to gamble on Neopets, and if you are lucky, you may walk away with a lot more than you started with. Whether you choose to buy a scratch card from one of Neopia's kiosks, or you are handed a lucky nerkmid from a generous Alien Aisha, gambling offers many perks to suit every player's needs.

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are probably the most common form of gambling, and they can be very beneficial. For a small price once every two hours, you can purchase one at random from a kiosk of your choice. There are currently three kiosks in the world of Neopia. The original scratch card kiosk is located in Happy Valley, next to Gift Tags. When you enter, a friendly Wocky dressed in pink and blue will ask if you'd like to buy a scratch card. It costs 600 neopoints, and before even scratching it, you may get lucky. Take a careful look at which scratch card she has given you.

Race To Riches Scratchcard: 650 NP

Terror Trove Scratchcard: 900 NP

Faeries Fortune Scratchcard: 1,500 NP

Peak O Plenty Scratchcard: 12,500 NP

Icetravaganza Scratchcard: 180,000 NP

Even if you do not scratch your card, you can make a small to large profit just by buying one every two hours and reselling it. Not to mention, the more often you buy them, the better your chance is of getting a nicer card. If you do decide to scratch one, there are many different prizes you can win. The object of the game is to match three of the same pictures on one card, but you may only scratch six of the nine spaces. Depending on which card you are scratching, there are different prizes. The better your card, the better the prizes! If you travel to the Haunted Woods, you will find another Kiosk in the Deserted Fairground. The same rules apply for this one, except cards are more expensive. Sidney, the kiosk Nimmo, asks for 1,200 NP per card.

Crypt Of Chance Scratchcard: 800 NP

Undead Jackpot Of Doom Scratchcard: 1,400 NP

Festering Fortune Scratchcard: 4,200 NP

Mutating Millions Scratchcard: 20,400 NP

Pustravaganza Scratchcard: 360,000 NP

Rotting Riches Scratchcard: 3,100,000 NP

Last but certainly not least, the Lost Desert Scratchcard kiosk can be found in the city of Sakhmet. The friendly desert Cybunny who owns this kiosk only asks for 500 NP per card.

Scorched Treasure Scratchcard: 540 NP

Coltzans Cash Scratchcard: 700 NP

Suteks Riches Scratchcard: 1,400 NP

Geb Gajillionaire Scratchcard: 5,000 NP

Bagguss Bonanza Scratchcard: 25,000 NP

Sandtravaganza Scratchcard: 300,000 NP

Neocola Tokens

If you’re brave enough to venture out of the Neopian atmosphere and into Kreludor, you will find a mysterious Neocola Machine sitting in the middle of the moon. Be careful, because the gravity is not quite what it’s like in Neopia! No one is sure where it came from, but it’s been said that the machine can give out large values of neopoints and some nice prizes. However, since it has been rumored that Sloth himself is behind this machine, your risk of getting an item of doom and destruction is very likely as well. To try out your luck, you will first need a Neocola token. There are red, blue, and green Neocola tokens that you can purchase from the Shop Wizard or Trading Post, all ranging in price from about 5-10,000 neopoints. Once you have your token, you can use it with the Neocola machine. Simply put in your token, choose your Neocola flavor, and how many times you want to press the red button. You may get a booby prize, or possibly a transmogrification potion. Is it worth it to buy one? Perhaps you should see for yourself, because it just might be your lucky day.

Red Neocola Token: 6,000-7,000 NP

Blue Neocola Token: 6,000-7,000 NP

Green Neocola Token: 5,000-6,000 NP


Nerkmids are gold or various colored star shaped tokens that can be used in the Alien Aisha vending machine. The vending machine is located just above the plushie shop in the Neopian Plaza. Upon viewing this machine, you will be greeted by an Aisha, who tries to convince you that the foods you can win from the machine are among the greatest in the neo-universe. If you have a nerkmid, and are willing to deposit it into the machine, you can quite possibly have a chance of winning rare and exotic foods. But wait! That isn't all that you may win, no, not at all... If the vending machine is out of paint brushes, another food item, bottled faerie, or nerkmid may fall out! If you use a nerkmid on the first of a new month, you could get lucky enough to add a shiny new trophy to your cabinet as well.

Basic Golden Nerkmid: 215,000-230,000 NP

Average Nerkmid: 400,000-450,000 NP

Golden Nerkmid X: 400,000-500,000 NP

Golden Nerkmid XX: 400,000-550,000 NP

Good Nerkmid: 425,000-450,000 NP

Magical Golden Nerkmid: 230,000-245,000 NP

Ultimate Nerkmid: 400,000-1,000,000 NP

Super Nerkmid: 340,000-400,000 NP

Ultra Golden Nerkmid: 210,000-225,000 NP

Lesser Nerkmid: 370,000-450,000 NP

Normal Golden Nerkmid: 220,000-230,000 NP

Ultra Nerkmid: 400,000-600,000 NP

Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are very popular among many players of Neopia. Perhaps you may have gotten a piece of a treasure map from an old sea captain through a random event, or ended up finding one in your safety deposit box – the possibilities are endless. Treasure map pieces are a nice find, and you can either sell them for a profit or collect all of the eight other pieces, to go along with the piece you already have. A complete treasure map consists of nine pieces total, which are all different. To obtain these treasure map pieces, you can either be very patient and wait for them all in random events, or buy the pieces one by one from users’ shops. The most practical idea would be to buy the treasure map from the Trading Post, with all nine pieces included. Usually this way is cheapest, and definitely faster than finding all of the map pieces on the Shop Wizard.

There are a lot of different prizes you can win from treasure maps. Neopoints, toys, Battledome items, trading cards, and even Draik eggs are possible prizes. If you don’t want to spend a lot of neopoints on the original treasure map, you may want to opt for the spooky treasure map pieces, which are cheaper and give out some spooky food items. Keep in mind that the underwater and space maps are also available, but at a much higher price.

Once you have collected all of the pieces of the treasure map, you might be wondering how you can turn them in and collect your prizes. Well, the answer is simple. Since turning in your treasure maps is considered to be a game, you can either search for ‘treasure’ in the search bar at the games room, and click on the treasure maps game at the bottom of the screen. Once you’ve arrived, click on the specific treasure map you have collected at the top of the screen, and you’ll be on your way to some new prizes and neopoints!

Full price of a Treasure Map: 290,000-300,000 NP

Gambling can be quite a risk, but it is very entertaining. Once you’ve tried out different games, you’ll probably want to try out more. There are many other games based on chance in Neopia, and not all of them are listed in this guide by any means. By exploring different areas, you’re sure to find some entertaining ways of keeping yourself busy with gambling. Good luck!

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