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Your Guide to Restocking: Better Than Gaming

by danielleplicka


So, I'm guessing you're here because you want tons of neopoints, right? You want to learn how to restock! Now, there are probably some people out there that have never heard of such a thing, so I will introduce it first. Restocking is a successful, quick way of making neopoints. You have to buy items from main shops and sell them in your own shop for what they are truly worth. However, it requires skill and knowledge of what not to go for, what to go for, and how to get the good items.

Before I begin teaching you, you need to be prepared properly. Oh yes, we do have to go through this. First, make sure you have AT LEAST 50,000-100,000 NP. You will have to play games for this if you don't already have around this amount. Next, and I cannot stress this enough, be prepared to LOSE neopoints and miss items. Part of learning is making mistakes, and with restocking it is no different. If you choose to give up right away because you lose neopoints on your first item, YOU are not worth RESTOCKING'S time, not the other way around. ;)

Let us begin. Have around 50,000 neopoints out, of course. For starting shops I suggest book or food, or both if you want. Once you learn from these you can move on to other shops like clothing, furniture, just about any shop you feel comfortable with, really.

I will be mainly teaching you about the food shop because my knowledge about the book shop is limited. So, first of all, you want to be refreshing every 10-15 seconds or so. Keep another tab open with boards or neomail to keep you occupied between refreshes. I'm sure you don't want to be staring at a shopkeeper for hours upon hours. This goes for all shops, not just the food shop.

Just a tip, click the shopkeeper to refresh the shop. It is much, much quicker than using the F5 key on your keyboard or the refresh button on your browser.

Oh my gosh! It restocked! Mainly you will find yourself paying attention to the picture and item name. This is good for when you've learned what's good and what's not. But you ALWAYS have to remember to look at the price, because you have to learn how to haggle, which I will get into later. When learning, try to pay attention to amount in stock as well, though.

For food, items that stock in ones, twos, and threes are good. For most other shops, it is items that stock in ones and sometimes twos. 10,000 neopoint items are good profit 95% of the time, and in the food shop I would trust anything that stocks for that much. It might sound like a lot, but the profits are well worth it.

Most of the profits in food are profits from 3-6k. Go for items that stock in ones, twos, or threes that are a random number below 2k (This meaning, for EXAMPLE, 1,841 NP). After the first few tries you will know exactly how to look into the price and amount in stock.

Also, NEGGS are usually a nice tidy profit. Because you are not going to be the only one in a shop and neggs are known for being easy to sell and profitable, you won't be able to get one every time you see one stock. Purple neggs and regular neggs are NOT very profitable.

Now onto haggling, which is a huge part of restocking. If you have a regular keyboard, I highly suggest you use the number pad to enter the numbers, as you wont have to stretch your fingers as much to type in the numbers and you can probably get the item more easily. If you have a laptop with no number pad, you can still manage to restock using the bar of numbers on the top of your keyboard (this is actually how I restock).

When you click on the item you believe is a profit, you will get a small popup window. DO NOT use your mouse to click OK; this just slows you down. Be sure to keep a finger on the spacebar while refreshing and be ready to press it as soon as you get the popup.

Once you've reached the haggle page, the most important part comes up. You need to successfully and quickly enter a haggle and get the item. I keep my right hand on the mouse and my left hand ready to move around on the keyboard. Scroll down to the box where you would enter the haggle, and DO NOT delete the 0, this just slows you down as well. You can just leave it there and enter your haggle. Then, when clicking on the image, be sure to click exactly on the neopet. Hitting the enter button WILL NOT work.

However, I think you should know how to properly haggle. And I need to clarify something: You do not always need to enter a number smaller than the actual price. If it is quicker to enter a number slightly larger, then it is better. Now let's say you've clicked on an item that is priced at 1248. Mainly you want a number you can enter fast, so you do not actually want to type in '1248'. A few examples of a good haggle would be 1212, 1222, 1313, or 1221. Personally I would choose 1212, because I am used to haggling similarly.

If you've gotten the item and it is indeed profitable, then congratulations! You now know how to restock. If you missed the item or it was a loss, then try, try again.

Common Haggles:

For 2,500- 2525, 2424, 2442, 2552, 2444, 2555

For 5,000- 5252, 5050, 5225

For 10,000- 9999, 9898 9889, 9988

Restocking Terms:

UB-Unbuyable. This means the item cannot be bought through the shop wizard as the price is too high, as in, over 100,000 neopoints.

Lag-When a shop takes a while to load and it is hard to get items due to the problem.

HTS-Hard to sell item

ETS-Easy to sell item

GH-Got Haggle


RS- Restock

If you need more specific help, there are restock boards on the Avatar Chat, Battledome Chat, Customisation Chat, Help Chat, and Trading/Auctions Chat. You can also neomail me (I also can be found on the restock board on the help chat).

I really truly hope this guide helped you learn how to restock or improve your current skills. Restocking is a valued, easy, fast way to make neopoints and anyone can do it. So toss aside those games and get refreshing!

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