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So Many Games, So Little Time... Find Your Best Fit!

by mercyofthefallen


Who doesn't love gaming? Fun, thrills, and adventure all leading up to making us Neopians some profit which we can then invest in anything our hearts desire. However, it is quite hard to find the time to try all of the games in the wide variety Neopets has to offer and besides, we mainly want the ones that are fun for us or the ones that make us the most neopoints with the most ease. If you find yourself struggling earning the amount of neopoints you would like to, or if you just want to play a game you really enjoy, here's a quick guide:

Something I find very enjoyable are games that really seem to give you a purpose, games that give you a mission. If your like me and you enjoy those kinds of things, here are a few games you might enjoy:

Wheeler's Ride- In this fun new game, you get to be the character of a likable Lenny in floral shorts riding up, down, and all around the beautiful Mystery Island on your bike to deliver coconuts to the underwater chef to serve Mumbo Pango! Do some tricks along the way, but be careful you don't spill those coconuts.

Petpet Rescue- The name says it all in this one. Here you will play Samuel, a red Scorchio who has traveled to the mines to save the petpets from Gargrall, who has been forcing them to work there! Though it is not often talked about, I highly recommend this game, as it is exciting and you really get a feeling of accomplishment every time you bring one of those petpets to safety.

Crisis Courier- I just love this game; the graphics are great and who doesn't just adore Yooyus? In this game you play a determined little Yooyu assigned the task of delivering a message from King Altador, but the journey is a hard one. You'll need to get by many obstacles such as Minitheuses along the way.

If you have a knack for organization:

Faerie Bubbles- Great game and a classic, Faerie Bubbles just never gets old. All you have to do is sort the bubbles together according to their element and pop them all away! Sounds easy, right? But don't forget, if you match four or more of a kind, a combo will be triggered and something different is sure to happen. Did I mention, do well enough and you receive quite a nifty avatar?

Gadgadsgame- Though it can get tricky, Gadgadsgame is really quite simple; sort the different fruits together to create bigger fruits, and when you can, blast them away using the fruit bombs and the two special effects offered. It sound like it could get dull, but trust me, it doesn't. Warning: don't check this one out unless you're ready to get addicted to it. :)

If you really want that special item and you need to stock up on neopoints fast:

Kass Basher- Neopians love this game because it's just so relaxing. You are a cute little blue Blumaroo who has picked his own little unique way of standing up to Lord Kass: Making a plushie version of him and then whacking it across the field with your choice of bread, a stick, or a baseball bat! It's fun, pretty easy, and makes neopoints fast, so why not? Go give it a try.

Key Quest- This activity has without doubt been a great addition to the wonderful world of Neopets. Key Quest gives us the great opportunity to communicate with and challenge Neopets-lovers from all over the world, so you might make some friends as you play! Also, if you find yourself getting weary of the games you always play, Key Quest will always surprise you with new opponents and features added to the game quite often. I put this under the fast neopoints section, though, because it is easily possible to receive more than 1000 neopoints each game in addition to the prizes one can win at the end.

If you love competition, these might be fun for you:

Faerie Cloud Racers- This is a great game; it really is. My favorite part of the whole thing actually comes at the very start, because you can actually pick what Faerie you'd like to be throughout the game. For the rest of your time playing, you will face different Faerie opponents as you move around the clouds, attempting to avoid buildings, plants, and you and your opponent's trails. This game can be tedious at first, but it does get exciting as the levels get more challenging.

Mynci Beach Volleyball- This game is a nice combination of heart-pounding and relaxing as you, a blue Mynci, go head-to-head with another Mynci in an intense game of beach volleyball! If you have an eye for competition, this is a wonderful game for you.

If you're ... *yawn* tired, or you just feel like chilling out for a while:

Potato Counter- Need I say more? Use your counting skills and count those potatoes as quick as you can!

Fashion Fever- Dress either a Kougra, Acara, or Lupe to their finest by giving them pants, shorts, glasses, shirts, what have you and placing them in a nice scenery. When you're all done, send the picture to a friend! Or just send the score to receive 300 neopoints.

If you have some time on your hands:

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island- This may be my favorite game of all time; each level is just so challenging and unique. You play Jake, the Kougra explorer, as you run, climb, and jump through Mystery Island to collect treasure and maybe even achieve the ultimate goal of finding the rare Golden Idol.

Escape From Meridell Castle- You better keep your eyes open while playing this game because something is always around the corner! In this gem of a game, help Valrigard the Draik escape from Meridell Castle. There are many obstacles, but always keep in mind: your sword is your friend!

Though not nearly all of Neopets's great games are listed here, I hope this was a good guide to help you get a jump start on whatever it is you want to do. Best of luck to everyone. I hope Neopia is all you want it to be for you and more.

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