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Scoring Goals to Feed Florg

by rawrlovesjaime


Tired of playing Feed Florg over and over again, just to get that avatar that is only a few short points away? Or want to make the high score table, but keep missing by just a point? Well, read this here guide, and I can almost guarantee that you will achieve your dream score.

First thing first; if you are trying for a high score, I highly suggest that you pull up one or two more internet pages. Put music on one and a slow-loading website on the other. This will cause the petpets to go slower and Florg to eat faster; both a good thing, unless you’re doing fine moving lickity-split to hit two petpets at the same spot on opposite sides of the table. Putting up these pages is completely your decision, but it will help in the long run.

Also, some people find that turning the quality on low helps slow the petpets. I, personally, find this of no help at all and, quite frankly, the blurry edges of moving pixels confuses me. I find that it is easier to keep the quality on high, for it truly slows the petpets down.

As I played Feed Florg, I have noted that Florg eats every five seconds or so. I have found that, on high quality and without any other pages or games up, it takes about two hits for him to eat, and a new petpet is dropped every nine seconds. Thus, at an estimate, you should be done the game with around two-hundred and fifty through three-hundred points, and a box should pop up, announcing that you have the nifty avatar on hand!

But, before that, you must get through the game. Try and keep all the petpets angled in one direction; hit the claw to their sides instead of trying to keep them right in the middle. They won’t fall off unless you’re clearly not close enough, and we shall hope that you would get close enough before they fall off the table. By hitting the claw to their sides, you can push them over a tiny bit to the left and right. This, although it looks like nothing at the time, turns out to be very helpful towards the end of the game.

Let’s say you have five petpets scattering aimlessly around the board and you still need five points for the avatar/high score. That means you need to either hit all five of them, or manage them on the table until Florg decides he’s hungry enough to eat. And, if you manage to get two of them going in the same direction, it would be much easier than having those two spread out where you couldn’t reach them both. That might be slightly confusing; it even is to me, but it’s pretty simple once you try it.

Now, let’s move to the basics. The object of the game is to keep five races of petpets on a table and bat them around until Florg, the mutant Chia, decides that he wants to eat one of them. In order to do this, you must swing a metal claw around the table and let the petpet run into it, thrusting them forwards. You can use either the arrow keys –which I prefer- or the mouse to do this; simply change the settings under the options link on the front of the game page.

Florg would rather eat his two favorite petpets than the others; Hasee and Kookith. Under no circumstances should you let those two petpets fall off the table, for both –on rare occasions- pull another petpet along with them, clearing a small space from your table and also freeing you for a bit, if they’re the only petpets on the board. Sadly, this does not double your points; you only get points for the one petpet.

I, personally, find it easier to play with thoughts in my mind. Don’t just stare blankly at the screen and push the over buttons or move the mouse around. It might just be me, but: THINK while you play. Think about which way the petpet will go, how soon until another lands or when Florg will eat one, anything. Keeping yourself distracted while your eyes are still on the screen will give you the mental impulse to click the arrow keys and follow the petpets. It, although unproven with some people and approved by others, has been very helpful to me.

You should try not to lose a life before one-hundred and ten points. It starts getting very difficult there, and does not get much easier through the game. By the time you hit two-hundred and fifty points, an estimated guess would say that you would have four through two lives left. Of course, this depends on the person, as it is only an estimated guess.

Now, before you play, set a goal-score for yourself. Want the avatar? Or, do you want a pwnsome trophy and your name on the high score list? I would aim in the three-hundreds, for nothing over three-hundred has been achieved, as of yet. Your goals will certainly not be easy; it took me weeks to reach mine, but they are the reason you are playing the game. If you’re playing it for neopoints, it is still good to set a goal; research a little and see how many points scored gets you how many neopoints. It’s much easier than jumping into a game randomly and ending up scoring fifteen, only winning around one-hundred neopoints.

Goals have their advantages, especially when it comes to Feed Florg. Set them, keep them, and play until you beat them. Set them too high; you might not succeed right away, but you will succeed if you keep playing. Set them too low; you’ll never know how to really beat the game or realize your skills for it. If you set them just right, you’ll reach them easier. The score is all in the goal you set and the time you take to beat it.

I hope this goal-setting Feed Florg guide helped you achieve your Feed Florg goals! It was some of my best tips, and they sure helped me. C=

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