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NeoQuest II: A Guide to the Meridell Bosses

by hillyhawk


The first chapter, Meridell, is pretty straightforward. Especially in the mode I'm talking about; Normal. The first boss you can battle is the miner foreman. Now, you have a choice if you want to fight him or not. If you decide to defeat him, I would recommend you train Rohane to at least level 4. I'd suggest you use your 3 skill points all on Damage Increase. Either that or 2 on Damage Increase and 1 on Critical Hit.

You shouldn't need any damage potions for the miner foreman. It's the monsters you'll have to deal with on the way, which could seriously damage Rohane's health. So before you actually head to the miner foreman, go and fight more monsters on the Western Plains to try and stock up on the healing vials and potions for free. Or if you want to spend the gold that you find while fighting the monsters, stock up on healing vials with Pongoras. When you're ready, get one spot away from next to the miner foreman, and heal to full health. Then move next to him to start the fight.

Once you've defeated the miner foreman, use the teleportation orb to get out of the cave. Then head to White River City, where you can rest for a price of 35 gold pieces at the inn. Talk to Jeltharo for information on the next boss; Zombom. Then upgrade your weapon and armor with Tebor, along with some Blast Potions, if you have enough gold. If you don’t have enough gold, fight the monsters around White River City. Once you’ve upgraded on the weapons and resisted wasting gold on the slowing and haste potions, go and find Zombom to fight him.

This time, train Rohane to level 10, and spend all but one of the skill points you get on damage increase, the other skill point on Innate Magic Resistance.

I won't go into detail on the way to Zombom, but once you get to the mysterious tower he is in, you have to go to the fourth floor to find him. Just watch out for the Eyrie Spectres on the third and fourth floors. Once you get to Zombom, just as I suggested with the miner foreman, heal with some of your healing vials to full health. Save the stronger healing potions for the battle, in case you need to replenish Rohane’s health.

Once you defeat him, you can get to the teleportation orb to return to the lost island. Don’t ask me why it doesn’t take you straight to White River City; it just doesn’t. Go through the caves, get more replenishments of potions at Tebor (it should have a 20% discount on all the potions and weapons now you’ve defeated Zombom) and equip the weapon or armor that you found when you defeated Zombom. Then go to the south, ignoring what the other merchant sells as it’s not discounted, and ask Mipsy to join your party.

I would recommend you spending all of Mipsy’s skill points on Direct Damage. It makes Mipsy reach her normal speed on casting, whereas Group Direct Damage takes longer for her. Plus, once at its maximum of 15 skill points spent on it, it can damage the opponent you cast it on by up to 100 health points.

Find your way to Lakeside City, and rest at the inn before you start preparing to fight another boss if you wish. You’ll need 100 gold pieces for the inn and 3000 gold pieces for all four upgrades for Rohane and Mipsy’s weapons and armor. There are some upgrades on potions here too and also an introduction to one. The Healing Flasks cost 25 gold pieces each, and the Healing Potions (which you might have found while fighting some monsters) are 35 gold pieces each. The Awakening Potions cost 300 gold pieces each, and their use is resurrecting a member of your party and giving them 10% of their health. The final upgrade is the Flame Potion, which costs 30 gold per potion. Again, I wouldn’t bother with the Haste and Slow potions.

Okay, now for the optional boss. This boss is a sand Grundo. Now you make your choice; do you want to fight it? If you do, go to the Lost City of Phorofor. Don’t stock up at the shop there; it’s too expensive. Just go straight to the boss, and fight him. The level I recommend is 12 or higher with both Mipsy and Rohane, with the skills upgrading with Damage Increase for Rohane, and Direct Damage for Mipsy. You’ll find a random weapon or armor for either of them once you defeat him.

Now you need to head towards Meridell Castle to fight with Ramtor for the first time. Once you get him down to 100 health points or less, he will flee to somewhere else on the Meridell map. You can then go to one of the guards and he will act as an inn for you. If you want to find out more information on what happened to King Skarl, go to Captain Jogola, who is in the middle of the three bedrooms in the castle. He will tell you where Ramtor has taken Skarl; Ramtor’s Tower.

You’ve found out where Ramtor has gone, and where the king has been taken, so what else do you need to do? Find Ramtor again and defeat him, of course! Fight your way towards Ramtor’s Tower. The level can stay the same as the first battle with Ramtor when you get to the tower. But why is there a barrier going towards the stairs to the east? Go down the dungeon stairs to the southwest to find your way to the other side of the barrier.

Now you’re in the dungeon, level 1. Go through the maze, fighting all the way. When you’re near two staircases, you can choose where to go first. Personally, I wouldn’t really bother talking to Skarl, but if you want to, go down farther into the dungeon. Once you’ve talked to him, or if you don’t want to, go up the stairs and on the other side of the barrier. This is the side with the stairs to the highest floor.

Now, the best option to fight Ramtor is to go up to the main tower. Otherwise he won’t be in the area to fight, really. So go to the southwest of the tower, replenish Rohane and Mipsy of their health, and fight the good fight. Once you’ve beaten Ramtor, you’ve finished the chapter. And this is where I leave you. If I get the opportunity, I’ll help you with the next chapter; Terror Mountain.

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