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Exclusive Neopian Interviews: Plushie Palace Cybunny

by scorchi123


Hello, and welcome to Exclusive Neopian Interviews. Today, we will be interviewing a very special and important figure in the Neopian Economy.

She is most often seen immersed in a flood of colorful plushies, and is probably harder working than you are. Amidst all the chaos and disorder, this Cybunny must maintain a calm and serious attitude. Who is this Cybunny? She is, of course, the shopkeeper of Neopia's infamous Plushie Palace, conveniently located in the Neopian Plaza. Today, we are here with the Neopian Times with a special interview.

NT: Hello, I hope you don't mind us asking you a few questions.

Shopkeeper: Of course not. Ask away.

NT: So, as of most shops, Neopians are constantly complaining about the rather slow rate of the shops being restocked. What do you have to say about this?

Shopkeeper: (laughs) What those "Restockers" don't know is that we can't just restock whenever we want to, you know? As the owner of such a shop as a plushie shop, where the items don't sell out as quickly, as much as I may want to flood it with rare and beautiful plushies, I simply can't. I must wait for most of the original toys to be sold out first.

NT: I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time I go off ranting about these delays.

Shopkeeper: Good choice.

NT: If I may ask, how exactly does the system work? Where do all these plushies come from, and why are even the rarest plushies still sold at such moderate prices?

Shopkeeper: Where do the plushies come from? Well, have you ever played the game "Freaky Factory"?

NT: Umm... yes?

Shopkeeper: There you have it. Regarding the stock prices, we simply have no choice. This is our only way of properly fueling the Neopian Economy. If we stocked everything at the current Trading Post price, a vast majority of Neopians would be left without their previously successful income. So, in a sense, we have no choice.

NT: That certainly clears things up. Now, something that's been bothering me and the rest of the Neopians a bit. How exactly do you manage to work at this shop 24/7? I mean, that's not Cybunnily possible, is it?

Shopkeeper: If I really did work 24/7, would I be here?

NT: Er... no.

Shopkeeper: There you have it. I hope you realize that, as a species of neopet, more precisely, as a species of neopet painted a basic color, would it actually be a surprise that there are many more Cybunnies out there that look close to or exactly the same as me? We do work shifts, you know.

NT: I'm sure our readers will be very pleased to know that. After all, we're wondering whether the owner of Tyrannian Foods is even awake most of the time.

Shopkeeper: You should see the Chia that works at the stamp shop. He's learned to sleep standing up.

NT: Oh, so that's why his eyes are closed?

Shopkeeper: No, those are his eyebrows. His eyes are behind his opaque glasses.

NT: That's certainly... a pleasure to hear.

Shopkeeper: I would imagine so. You Neopians really have to stop worrying about us shopkeepers. Sometimes we think you pet-owners are simply underestim-


NT: Uh... please tell me you planned that.

Shopkeeper: I knew it was a bad idea to stock a MSPP plushie today... if only the night shift shopkeeper would have listened to me! Please excuse me for a moment, I think there may be a mess.

NT: Ok. Please don't be too harsh on the unfortunate restocker who got haggle on that plushie, I know how he feels.

Shopkeeper: Oh, please. I treat my customers like how the Snowager treats his treasure. Worst thing I ever did to a customer was simply kick him out. Literally. And Cybunnies have rather strong feet.

NT: Well, I must admit, you're one of the few people I honestly wouldn't want to meet in the Haunted Woods on a dark night.

Shopkeeper: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. I have an angry customer to attend to.

NT: Please, take your time.

-15 minutes later-


NT: What are YOU doing in the staff only room? o.O

Angry Customer: Uhh... I don't know actually. Well, I hope you didn't catch any of my hysterics on Neovision.

NT: Haha. We wouldn't even dream of doing something like that.

Angry Customer: Ok, good. Now, I've got to go. It's nearly time for me to go with my petpet to whack the Turmaculus with a stick!

NT: Have fun and good luck. Bye.


NT: Is he gone?

NT Assistant: Yup.

NT: Ok. Send video 00159366 entitled "Noob Rage Over Plushie" to Neovision headquarters immediately.

NT Assistant: Consider it done.

Shopkeeper: Whew. That was actually one of the easier customers to deal with. Last time, there was this Mutant Elephante in here.

NT: Oh? What did this Elephante do?

Shopkeeper: Nothing, just distracted the customers.

NT: Oh... speaking of past experience, do you think there is any difference between you and the other older shopkeepers? After all, you opened your own shop not too long ago after branching off of the Toy Store.

Shopkeeper: What? That's outrageous! I've had more experience than every other shopkeeper in all of Neopia! ...other than Kauvara, of course.

NT: Really? How interesting. What were you doing prior to this job?

Shopkeeper: Janitorial services in the Battledome after fights.

NT: Oh wow. Then what brings you here?

Shopkeeper: Oh, well, there was this one time where the Flaming Meerca fought the Snowager.

NT: What happened?

Shopkeeper: Umm... trust me. It wasn't pretty.

NT: I'll trust you.

Shopkeeper: Good. Now, may I make a statement to the Neopian Times?

NT: Sure, go ahead. Keep it appropriate, though.

Shopkeeper: Well, I would like to thank all the Neopian Restockers for constantly buying the wonderful plushies that I sell; without you guys, my shop probably wouldn't be here and the plushies would still be with the Toy Store Lupe. So all the Neopians have my deepest gratitude.

NT: Aww, that's so sweet.

Shopkeeper: Thanks. It's bound to get me more customers. :-)

NT: Well, that concludes our Exclusive Neopian Interview. Please thank the Cybunny Shopkeeper for her time.

See you next time on Exclusive Neopian Interviews!

If you're reading this, that means I made it into the NT!!! :D Thanks for reading!

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