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Help Rebuild Maraqua

by drops_of_caramel


MARAQUA - What is my inspiration of Maraqua? What made me drawn to the ocean? My great-grandmother, Aliyah! She had told my grandmother this story and it was passed down to my mother and then to myself. Years ago, my grandmother was sailing on a ship to Neopia, when the ship hit something in the waters and she lot her balance on deck. She fell right into the ocean's water. Not able to swim, she grabbed out in the waters trying to get back up to the surface to get air. Fear filled her heart as she felt her lungs about to burst. She became limp not able to struggle the waters any longer and started to seep deeper into the murky waters when a creature came out of nowhere.

She doesn't remember exactly how the creature looked, but she said she was beautiful! The creature took my grandmother as gently as possible in her arms and swam up to the oceans surface where my Aliyah sucked in a gulp of ocean air. Coughing and spluttering, she was brought to the nearest shore. The creature laid her down on the sand. Aliyah opened her eyes to get a better view of the mysterious creature, but she had disappeared.

I was very curious to know what creature so beautiful and peaceful would come out and save my great-grandmother like that. So when I was old enough to get out on my own, I came to this beach in search of the creature and instead heard of the ruins of Maraqua! I went to the locals and heard about the destruction of Maraqua. Here is what one had told me on what brought Maraqua to ruins.

"In August 17, 2001, an evil pirate captain arrives unexpectedly to Maraqua. He walked in to see the King of Maraqua with two of his crew members and demanded the king to hand him over his protection money. The king looked at him and explained about the heavy costs of controlling Maraqua."

"The pirate captain did not want to hear excuses! He wanted his money! He asked the king one more time to hand over the money. The king refused and told the pirate to leave Maraqua at once! The pirate captain looked at the king evilly and put a curse on Maraqua."

"Only one day after the mysterious evil pirate visited. A gigantic whirlpool has swept through the underwater city destroying everything in its path. It was too stormy out there to see what the extent of the damage is yet. Nobody knew what was going on and if it would stop. One thing is for sure, the inhabitants and the city were completely lost."

"In May 31, 2002, the whirlpool has finally slowed. If you stare really hard down into the darkness you can begin to see the wreckage of the once proud city of Maraqua. Undoubtedly, a few brave adventurers will overcome their fears and plunge down into the murky waters. Only then will we learn more about what happened down there and if there is anything that may be salvaged." I decided after that I was going to be one of those brave adventurers.

The sun was out brighter then usual as I slipped in my scuba gear in the cool summer breeze. My stomach was clenched up in nervousness because this is going to be my first official dive into the Maraquan deep waters.

I did all my research on Maraqua and I am ready to go explore. I dived in and started to sink deeper and deeper and deeper into the murky waters. Suddenly, I saw something move ahead of me. I bunch up my courage and started to swim toward the movement of water. Then I had seen it. I couldn't believe my eyes. There on the bottom of the ocean were the ruins of Maraqua! It was ghostly, but beautiful. By looking at this once proud city, I was filled with such emotions; I had to go up for fresh air.

I collected my wits and couldn't wait to jump back in the waters. As I swam towards the city again, I caught movement on the corner of my eye. I almost forgot I saw a movement earlier, I thought to myself. I turned towards the movement and when I got a better look at what it was, I almost jumped out of my gear! There 500 feet under the water was the grossest, scariest, seaslorg I ever seen! And it was coming right at me from above. I couldn't swim back up to my boat, so I swam deeper into the city ruins and concealed myself behind a broken building.

Phew! That was close. Now back to my exploring. I started to walk on the bottom floor and something shiny that caught my interest. I walked towards it brushing the overgrown seaweed out of the way. I kept getting deeper into the city as my curiosity and the shiny object grew. Then I seen what it was. It was a statue. Of what? I don't know. I examined it further and seen it was a statue of a faerie. " How odd... a statue of a faerie at the bottom of the ocean... I wonder how that got there" I asked myself. I am so excited in all I found. I decided to swim back up and write everything I seen in my journal.

But before I could, I saw bubbles up ahead. One quick glance to check where the seaslorg was, I swam as fast as I can towards the bubbles. Closer I got, the more it looked like a bubbling pit. I slipped inside and my heart almost stop at the sight in front of me. There I saw all sorts of creatures. They were beautiful!

They were all sort of different kinds. Some swam around me, some seemed scared and scattered away. They all seemed very friendly and I wondered is any of these was the creature who helped save my great-grandmother. But all of them had a sad expression almost like they were lost. But some looked at me with a hopeful expression of some sort.

Then the bubbles started to separate magically and I saw the most beautiful creature possible. Sitting there on a rock surrounded with bubbles was a creature that looked like an Aisha mermaid. Then she spoke to me telepathically. "Help rebuild out lost city please!" She pleaded to me. I felt so sorry and I wanted to help. I felt the tears whelming up in my eyes. I swam back up to my boat and swore to myself I would do everything I possibly can to help those creatures get their home back!

After talking to some of the natives of Mystery Island, I found that there are a few survivors. I found that Nereid the water faerie has lived in these parts for thousands of years. She lives in a small underwater cave right bellow our very feet protecting the lost creatures inside the waters.

You can also run into a Koi warrior. This valiant Koi is one of the few remaining who still remember the glory that was Maraqua. He is willing to fight anybody in the hope of finding a valiant opponent worthy of his skill.

Ever since the Royal Family of Maraqua lost their home, the flotsam chef washed up on the shore of Mystery Island and has been living on the island serving food to the great Mumbo Pango. He is always SOOO hungry, demanding meals every 5 minutes. You can also find Maraquan Refugee Petpets at the Rock pool on Mystery Island. So that tells me there are still lost survivors out there is some came upon Mystery Island. Please help me! Get your friends and family to help as well. Maraquan inhabitants are counting on us to rebuild their home.

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