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The Philosophy of Study: Neopia's Top Ten Books

by redblocks


Study... don't you just love that word? Studying is a great way to gain knowledge, knowing, feeling, and understanding. Studying, as most would say, is the gateway to many life adventures, opening doors to discover what you never thought was there.

There are many ways to study. Books, reading the paper, and really watching those Poogles run are great ways to study! But haven't you ever asked, "What really is studying?"

Studying is just another way to say 'learning'. What happens when you study? You learn! Learning, or gaining knowledge, is usually great if you do it in a satisfying way. So learning, gaining knowledge, and generally studying, are wonderful things we do!

So let's see, isn't reading books studying? Correct! Books offer a lot of information, adventure, and comedy, too! So I'll name off some of my favorite books to study, and I'm sure you'll enjoy them, too!

#1 Brightvale History

Description: This concise history of Brightvale has everything up to King Hagan's coronation.

Personal Rating: 7.3/10

This book is one of my personal favorites, written by one of Neopia's most brilliant authors! It has everything to do with the history of Brightvale, with stories of king's and queens, knights and wars, and comedic sibling rivalry! I highly suggest this book to history lovers, or those who just want to read something that will both inform them, and give them the giggles!

#2 Mystery of Halloween

Description: A popular book penned by the Brain Tree himself revealing the mystery of Halloween.

Personal Rating: 6/10

This book can be a bit spooky, but interesting. It explains all the origins, traditions, and most popular aspects of Halloween. Plus, it's told in a comedic yet deep way by none other than the Brain Tree himself. Personally, I loved the 'mystery' aspect of the entire book, because you would keep wondering what happens next until the final chapter, where it all unfolds!

#3 Maps of Neopia

Description: Teach your pet all about the geography around them.

Personal Rating: 9/10

Looking for a good deal on the study of geography? Maps of Neopia is your best buy! In my career, it requires a lot of traveling and knowledge of the land. After reading this book, I knew exactly where to go. It even has little blocks with historical facts, and some of the land's greatest natural features. It's also good when it comes to Neoschool, so load this book in your pet's backpack before he or she leaves!

#4: How to be a Model

Description: Jetsams have natural class and style, but do they have what it takes to strike the pose?

Personal Rating: 5.5/10

Being in the field of petpet study, I have no idea how I came across this interactive modeling guide! Not only does it give you helpful tips on how to get that perfect shot, but it also gives fun facts about Jetsams. I personally enjoy the light humor throughout the book, mixed with that solid base of informing material. I'd say it would be perfect for any model-wannabe.

#5 Cartography for Beginners

Description: How to draw and interpret maps.

Personal Rating: 8/10

Before rushing off to buy Maps of Neopia, you should look into this classic family-fave. When my Cybunny was young, I'd read her a few pages of this book every night before she went to bed. It is very interactive and gives you all the info you need on how to draw pro-style maps and interpret real ones. I very much recommend this book for smaller neopets or just those who need a brush-up on their basic cartography skills.

#6 The Plushie Coffee Table Book

Description: It sits on your coffee table so that when Neofriends come over, they see how educated you are on the subject of plushies.

Personal Rating: 10/10

Although some only use this book to show off their 'smartness', it is one of my most favorite books! After reading this, I knew everything there is to know about plushies. Even my Cybunny read it, and she says it was the most fascinating piece of history she'd ever read! to cut down on my rambling about the greatest book in Neopia, we can just say it's a definite-read. You haven't lived until you've read The Plushie Coffee Table Book.

#7 The Grand Usul Adventure

Description: A hefty tome that only the most dedicated Neopet will finish.

Personal Rating: 8/10

I started this book when Kringela was only a small Cybunny. I just finished and now she's fifteen! In all the books I've read in Neopia, I could honestly say this was the most 'grand'. It dates back to King Hagan's coronation, when a small checkered Usul named Domino goes on the adventure of a lifetime! Its only con is the length. But if you love an ongoing challenge, you would make no mistake reading this bulky tale!

#8 Mynci in the Jungle

Description: Amazing adventures of Myncies that live in the jungle.

Personal Rating: 6.7/10

This book is as humorous as it is informing! I read it during my studies to learn more about Myncies in their native habitat, and it was so funny! This little adventure features tons of facts in little fictional bits that promote them. It even gives you tips on ideal petpets, pet-to-wild grooming techniques, natural foods from the jungle and ways to keep your tamed Mynci entertained for weeks at a time. It's a must-buy for any Mynci owner.

#9 Spooky Korbat Stories

Description: Spine tingling tales with a Korbat theme!

Personal Rating: 7/10

It's a good-sized book with multiple tales that will keep you checking under your bed for monsters for days, even adults! I'm one for horror, so this book was very interesting. You can find them at your local library under 'horror', but you'd best buy a new one. You don't want tear stains and ripples from screams all over your precious scary stories, now do you? I suggest this book for anyone who needs a good scare.

#10 Wings of Steel

Description: The tale of one courier who flew through the most dangerous places and always delivered his message on time.

Personal Rating: 8.5/10

Now, this is a book worth reading! It's a story of bravery, loyalty, courage, and faith in one another. I learned about it after Kringela brought it home from school one day. I read it, and was amazed. Wings of Steel was a beautiful story. I couldn't put it down. No matter your taste, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book as much as I did. Your loyalty to your friends will increase tenfold upon reading this!

There are my top ten favorite books in all of Neopia. I hope you look into them, and enjoy them as much as I did. That wraps things up for now! Good evening, good bye. Happy Friday, Neopia!

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