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Top Ten Money Tree Treasures

by oo_luckey_duckey_oo


Ever since the beginning of Neopia, the Money Tree has been a landmark and representation of Neopia Central. This magnificent tree receives thousands upon thousands of donations each day and returns them to the hard working Neopians for absolutely nothing. Although it may be exciting to get caught up in the competition of receiving both items and neopoints from this charitable tree, without a proper understanding of what items will actually benefit you as a user, the event is actually quite pointless. For this reason, I have traveled to Neopia Central in order to do some research. After spending a little time with the Money Tree itself, I have compiled a list of the top 10 items users should look for.

10. Toe Nail Soup

How unbelievable it is that this soup has been rejected by the Soup Faerie... anyways, for those Neopians looking to try something new and adventurous, this soup won’t let you down.

9. Half Eaten Berry

This delicious item is half of a Loveberry. Although it may seem a little gross to some people (taking half eaten food from others), it is simply the kind act of someone else. A Loveberry tastes so unbelievably delicious that one feels guilty eating a whole one and decides to share with someone else.

8. Soggy Old Box

A Soggy Old Box may not look pretty, but if you are currently waiting for the construction of your neohome to be complete, this is the perfect temporary housing. Usually made with more than three sides, this box has already survived in water and is ready to protect both you and your pets from any weather that may come your way. It also comes in a wide range of sizes so even the largest of neopets will be able to fit nice and snug.

7. Misc. Band Shirts, Jackets & CDs

If your pet is feeling gloomy because the Ticket Booth is sold out of tickets for their favourite band, the Money Tree should be the first place you look. Neopians everywhere donate shirts, jackets, CDs and everything else for all the popular bands: M*YNCI, Blue Kacheek Group, Chomby and the Fungus Balls and much more! You MAY even find a discarded ticket or two.

6. Headless Von Roo Plushie

Do you have a pet that complains about the way their plushie’s head looks at them? Are the eyes of a Von Roo Plushie sending them cowering under their bed? Well, no more. This headless plushie takes away any fear a pet may have and lets them have fun with the villains of Neopia in a safe way.

5. Piece of Wool

The importance of this item may not benefit all users; however, if you happen to be the owner of a Gnorbu, they will be forever grateful in receiving a small piece of wool on Shearing Day. Even the tiniest piece of wool will keep a Gnorbu warm during this unfortunate day, and because they are always arriving at the tree, you might consider picking up more than one piece and making a new wool coat for them. It isn’t costly, and it would save your Gnorbu a day of embarrassment!

4. Unlabelled Tin Can

If you have unhappy pets, this might be the perfect way to cheer them up! Enjoy hours of excitement as they attempt to guess the contents of the can. You can even make a game out of it: whichever pet guesses closest to the actual contents can keep them. Errm... just be sure they don’t eat anything.

3. Rainbow Dung

Because of the fact that a Pile of Dung is no longer an option to donate to the Money Tree, many users might have stopped going there... have no fear! Back by popular demand: Rainbow Dung! It has all the qualities of regular dung: the smell, the look, the infinite possibilities, but the one thing it has that regular dung doesn’t? Colour. The arrangement of at least six colours makes this the ultimate gift for anyone.

2. Fish

A wide range of fish can be found on the Money Tree, although not all fish are great to have around a neohome. Here are a couple of fish that could help you out.

  • Rockfish: Perfect for snowball fights. Tired of snowballs? Throw a Rockfish, and you will be the star of the show.
  • Butterfish: Delicious with Breadfish.
  • Breadfish: Delicious with Butterfish.
  • Eyefish & Radarfish: This team of fish sees everything and can detect hidden treasures.
  • Waterfish: If you are heading for a long journey in the Lost Desert, a Waterfish is a must.

Of course this is only a select few fish available daily.

1. Old Rotten Footwear

Believe it or not, these are some of the most actively donated items on the tree and are perfect for any user who has their shoes either eaten in place of socks, or stolen from the Pant Devil. This wide range of footwear is available in three different styles and depending on the condition, could come with water stains, mould or BOTH! Of course, choosing the right kind of footwear is difficult in any case, so here is small guide to help you.

  • Old Rotten Sandal (both Right and Left): This style is perfect for hot conditions and/or beach climate. If you reside in Mystery Island, Lost Desert or Krawk Island, I highly recommend this style for the ultimate comfort.
  • Old Rotten Boot (both Right and Left): This style would be more suitable in colder climates and/or snow. Living in Terror Mountain or Kreludor would be beneficial to wearing boots, as it will keep the cold out, and the mould in.
  • Old Rotten Shoe (both Right and Left): The popular “shoe style” is suitable in any climate that will not cause frost-bite or extreme need for water. It is also perfect for wearing in your garden or simply roaming around.

Now that you have a better understanding of what items to look for on the Money Tree, feel free to join in the competition. Just remember; why would you want a silly codestone when you could have not one, but two rotten shoes?

Continue to enjoy the Money Tree, Neopia. And don’t be pondering too long!

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