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The Top Ten Most Daring Neopians

by chubycheeks16


You’ve seen the guy run straight off of the edge of Faerieland just because his Mallard fell off first. The Chia who snuck by a pack of Lupes without a flinch. The Grundo who jumped off the Space Station to try and catch the departing spaceship. These are all examples of daring, courageous, and just plain determined Neopians in, well, Neopia. But are they brave or just plain crazy? We wanted to answer that question. So, a list has been compiled of the ten most daring, plucky, bold (groups of) Neopians out there.

#10: Yooyus. No, really! Sure, they’re just petpets, but without them, the Altador Cup wouldn't be here. So, these determined critters roll themselves up, hand themselves over to the organizers, and prepare to be chucked around until they get thrown into a net. I’m surprised that none of them have chickened out yet. And there’s always the chance of getting dropped... ouch. I mean, it’s not like the ground is carpeted or anything.

#9: Charlie (The Rubbish Dump Guy). What? Him, brave? Yes, it does indeed require effort and skill to guard a huge pile of junk. For one, he has to stand there day and night, with no breaks. And, whenever people drop their garbage off, it gets messily thrown onto the pile, and some of it might even fall off and hit the poor guy! Charlie has to pick up the rotten tomatoes and mouldy stuff and hand it out to passers-by! And the stench! It must be really hard on the nose to have to breathe in all the fumes. That pile is dangerous. I mean, take a look. There are green spots and... well, moving right along.

#8: Restockers. You know, those guys that wait around shops all day, looking for Draik eggs and Thyora’s Tears and who knows what. They may not seem like it, but they are the toughest of the tough. They have to endure boredom for hours upon hours, waiting for the perfect time to strike. They have to be fast and relentless. In restocking, there is NO hesitation. You have to be aggressive to survive. Now, if only I could improve my restocking skills...

#7: Heroes of the Games Room. Think about it: A guy trapped in a temple, building words out of tiles to save his life. Samrin the Kacheek, herding the poor, defenseless petpets away from Balthazar. Adee the Chia, dodging ice cream... okay, maybe that last one is kinda fun. But when you think about it, most of the games involve somebody potentially getting hurt. So whether it be sailing down river with crazy Kikos shooting arrows at you, or being pummeled endlessly in Neoquest, these guys aren’t gonna chicken out any time soon. (I hope they don’t. I need my NP.)

#6: Gorix and Cylara. Well, this duo was a shoo-in. Look at them! They’ve got guts, appearing in games such as Moon Rock Rampage, Time Tunnel, and Escape to Kreludor, where they dodge enemy spaceships, blast aliens, and generally beat Dr. Frank Sloth up. Recently, they appeared in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot, where they gave him a good--- *BZZT* ATTENTION. This is your leader, Frank Sloth, speaking. You will forget that Gorix, Cylara, and all games featuring them ever existed. The author of this blasphemy shall be dealt with. You shall now proceed to the following paragraph.

#5: Dr. Frank Sloth. Also known as the most handsome, intelligent, and polite villain around, Frank Sloth is a self-described genius. He possesses great leadership skills, and would be a great leader for your pathetic—er, nice, planet. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I shall go plot Neopian domination.

Huh? I feel weird... oh look, some nice person wrote a paragraph for me... I feel too lazy to read it over. Let’s assume it was a good paragraph.

#4: Jeran. Yep, you saw it coming. This Lupe has fought countless times for Meridell inhabitants. Does he show fear? Of course not. I don’t even think he knows what fear means. Fighting against Darigan Citadel is not easy. Not only did he have to chop and slice his way through countless waves of enemies, he was chucked off the Citadel by Kass, but was fortunately caught by a passing faerie. (There’s a TCG about it. Look it up.) And then, he KEPT fighting! Now that is what I call bravery. And, they made an Usuki doll of him. Anyone with an Usuki doll resembling them is pretty awesome.

#3: The Defenders of Neopia. You gotta admit, without them, we wouldn’t have a safe Neopia for our pets to live in. These guys never give up. They fight villains of all sorts: the Pant Devil, the Ghost Lupe, giant Chombies... the list just goes on and on. Despite being captured occasionally by the aforementioned baddies, they always keep their chin up, shrug it off, and return in time for the next comic. All while maintaining good dental health and providing excellent role models for young Neopians.

#2: King Skarl and King Hagan. It’s happened to all of us... “What green Baby Blu Chiaberry edible? Ogrin and it cheese!” Skarl pats us on the back and chuckles a little. Then you go to Hagan... “There’s no such thing as basket Grarrl abominable the.” The kings just have to grin and bear it. Now, that is brave. Withstanding thousands of lame jokes and pieces of flawed “wisdom” is no simple feat. I mean, wouldn’t you get annoyed? It’s a miracle that the kings even tolerate babbling pets to approach them! Of course, they do occasionally kick you out of the castle... I guess one can only endure so much grammatically incorrect nonsense.

And now for the most daring Neopian out there...

#1: The Yurble Janitor. No, no, I didn’t make a mistake. He has one of the most important jobs in Altador. Being a janitor is hard. He has to sweep the floors, take care of those gears in the basement, and dust off the statues... All this just with his trusty mop and bucket. Braving the dirt-encrusted footsteps all over the Hall of Heroes, staring down rust stains, washing off dirty petpets—these are all in a day’s work for our determined janitor. And who do you think cleans up after the Altador Cup is over? That’s right, our brave Yurble janitor. Without doubt, he’s the best neopet for the job.

Well, folks, that concludes our list. But remember, these aren’t the only Neopians out there who can be daring. You and your friends can still perform heroic deeds. Who knows, you might even be in the Gallery of Heroes one day!

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