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Getting in the Valentine's Day Spirit

by tepoen321


Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is a special day in the world of Neopia. It is a day when friendships are celebrated and kindness abounds. It is also a day for which every Neopian should prepare and this is the place to learn how to get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and to learn how to spread the love!

Celebrating the Day in Style ~ Customizing Your Neopet for Valentine’s Day

No Neopet should go about on Valentine’s Day without getting his or her special Valentine’s Day wardrobe out of the closet and donning it for all to see. There are a wide range of wearables your neopet can wear to show his or her love for Valentine’s Day. Simply using a Dream Pink Hearts background will instantly add Valentine’s Day cheer to any Neopet’s customization. Or try a Polka Dotted Pink Background for a more subtle hint of Valentine’s Day. Adding simple touches of pink or red can spice up any outfit for Valentine’s Day. Try a Pink or Red Dance ribbon, for example, to add the perfect holiday flair. Any pet can take joy in wearing a pair of Heart Shaped Sunglasses to show his or her Valentine’s Day pride, and let’s not forget the number of roses that can be added to your pet’s customization in honor of the holiday. There are many ways to customize your pet in honor of Valentine’s Day. Hearts and roses or subtle touches of pink and red mixed in with the rest of the pet’s customization.

Don’t forget to check out the Neomall, for it is sure to be carrying a variety of special Valentine’s Day wearables in honor of the holiday. From a simple trinket to an entire outfit head to tail, the Neomall offers an equally wide array of items to customize your Neopet perfectly for Valentine’s Day. The choice is yours, but your Neopet will definitely appreciate being able to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style!

Show Valentine’s Day Pride on the Boards ~ Valentine’s Day Avatars & Fonts

The most appropriate Valentine’s Day avatar is, of course, the “Valentine Chia” avatar. This avatar can only be obtained on Valentine’s Day. Display it proudly on the boards to celebrate the holiday in style.

While the “I *heart* sloth” avatar may seem more suited for Sloth Appreciation Day it is also suited quite well for the celebration of Valentine’s Day, which at its heart is a celebration of love. Be proud to show your love of Dr. Sloth!

The “I *heart* happiness” avatar is another love themed avatar that can be displayed on Valentine’s Day to help spread the love and embrace the joy of Valentine’s Day.

And let’s not forget the pink colored avatars that display one of the many colors of Valentine’s Day such as the “Kadoatery - Mew!”, “Pink!” and “Who me?” avatars.

Another way to celebrate the day would be to make a special font in honor of the holiday. Red and/or pink would make the perfect color(s) for your Valentine’s Day font, but make sure that whatever color(s) you ultimately choose are easy to read on the boards. A Valentine’s Day themed signature can also brighten up any font on the boards. A quote to complement your Valentine’s Day avatar or perhaps a quote about love, friendship, or kindness would be perfect to express yourself and celebrate the holiday.

A Opportunity to Be Kind & Earn a Sidebar ~ Valentine’s Day Sidebar

One special event that takes place on Valentine’s Day is the ability to unlock the Valentines Sidebar. In order to get this unique sidebar you have to either send or receive A Mysterious Valentines Card on Valentine’s Day. The week prior to Valentine’s Day (February 7-14) A Mysterious Valentines Card restocks in the Gift Shop. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to get one on his or her own. This is the perfect way to spread joy and kindness around Neopia. If you want to unlock the sidebar, you have an opportunity to allow a Neofriend or other deserving Neopian to get the sidebar as well because both the person who sends the card and the person who receives it earn the sidebar on Valentine’s Day. Before sending someone A Mysterious Valentines Card, make sure that he/she does not already have the sidebar. If all your Neofriends already have the sidebar, keep your eyes open for another deserving Neopian who has yet to earn the sidebar and send him/her the card on Valentine’s Day. A Mysterious Valentines Card will not only earn you the Valentines Sidebar, but it will also enable you to make another Neopian’s day through an act of kindness.

Show Them That You Care ~ Valentine’s Day Gifts

During Valentine ’s Day, it is not required to give gifts, but it is often a sweet gesture that lets your Neofriends know you care. There are many gifts that can be chosen for Valentine’s Day, but often a special Valentine’s Day themed item can make all the difference. A bottle of love can express your feelings without words, which makes it a perfect gift to show you value your Neofriends. You could also look for the perfect item by searching for Valentine’s Day gifts of a more traditional nature. Chocolate and candy items are often given on Valentine’s Day. Hearts and roses are also common themes for the holiday and can translate into the perfect gift. Examples of such gifts include: Heart Shaped Box of Toffee, Heart Shaped Chocolates, Heart Waffle, Cherry Rose Lollypop, Rose in a Vase, Silver Heart Charm Bracelet, and a wide variety of other items. Neopia has an endless supply of items that can make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. However, the choice is ultimately yours regarding what will be the best gift to give your neofriends because ultimately the prefect gift comes from the heart of the one who gives.

The most important thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is to simply open your heart and embrace the spirit of the holiday that celebrates friendship and love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Neopia!

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