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Cybunnies: The Proper Care for All Bunny Breeds

by redblocks


Hello, my name is Lumi, proud owner of a beautiful Cybunny named Kringela. Now, in my years of training and caring for this most spectacular species, I've gathered some studies in my lab.

Krin: Don't you mean basement?

Quiet, Krin, Mommy's talking. Anyway, I've concluded that different personalities and breeds (colors) of Cybunny need certain care. Like my little Krin, here, is a sporty and sarcastic pure-bred speckled Cybunny. I certainly wouldn't give her the same grooming, training, chores and overall care as I would to, say, a preppy and girly pink Cybunny or a rough-edged and evilish Darigan Cybunny.

Krin: Mom, not all Pink Cybunnies are girly. In fact, my best friend--

Sweetie, this is Mommy's article. I promised you could write the sequel, remember? Beside that, I am going to show you both basic and individual techniques for giving your little darling the best experience in this Neopian life. This is, in fact, everything about Cybunnies.

Starting from Scratch: The Cybunny Diet

Not all Cybunnies are carrot fanatics, you know. In fact, my little Krin is a huge fan of broccoli. I remember when she was a baby, she would...

Krin: Mom! Don't embarrass me!

Oh, right. Sorry, honey. Teenagers... Anyway, the first step to a healthy life for your Cybunny is a healthy, although tasty diet. Some breeds such as green, speckled and spotted may naturally enjoy fresh fruits and veggies because they originate from the jungle plantations just below Shenkuu. Although other breeds such as mutant, robot and shadow may enjoy stranger, grosser foods because they are from the strange laboratories under Mystery Island or fed on the toxic waste foods made and disposed of by untrained interns. Either way, some well-rounded foods are a mix of veggies and fruits, rice, amounts of meat depending on the personality, and starch for an optional zing.

Also, for a little treat, doing dessert once or twice a week would be great if your pet has been good. That would sure make them happy!

The Cleanliness Factor: Proper Grooming and Fur Care

Krin: Mom, I do my own fur!

Oh, I know, sweetie. This section was meant for owners with younger Cybunnies, not teenagers like you. Anyway, there's this great article called "The Dos and Don'ts of Grooming Your Neopet", and it has all the basic grooming info. But Cybunnies, the purple, pink, faerie and royal breeds particularly are picky about grooming, simply because they are pure-bred and originate from the Meridellian fields. So use only suggested items on said article, and make sure to really get on the knots out of that thick fur. Baby Cybunnies needs extra special care, so only use sensitive brushes and combs, and baby friendly soaps and shampoos. Often babies' fur is so sleek that they don't need conditioner, but in some cases, conditioner is preferred for the healthiest and cleanest look.

Krin: But what about other Cybunnies. Some don't like taking baths.

Oh, right, right. Other Cybunnies simply are groomed in the fashion they like. But remember, even if your Cybunny doesn't enjoy bathing, you should still give them a bath/shower at least four times a week to ensure that they don't stink up the house!

Step Three: Training, Training, Training.

So, your Cybunny is now clean and groomed nicely, and they've had a delicious wholesome meal. What next? Kringela, will you remind me?

Krin: It's training, Mom! Every Cybunny needs to be trained for what they do.

Oh, right! Thank you, sweetie. Training is a very important part in caring for your Cybunny, as every neopet needs to set a goal and work their way towards getting it. What are some of his/her favorite activities? For girls, why not try practicing for the Beauty Contest by using special beauty products and practice posing? And boys will love Battledoming.

Krin: Mom! I'm a girl and I like it.

Okay, okay. Boys and Kringela will love the Battledome. Although it may get expensive, daily trips to the Training School are a must. And the Customization Spotlight is fun as well for those 'extra-stylish' Cybunnies. Remember to color-coordinate with their breed and personal sense of style. And if all else fails, every Cybunny will pride in winning the Cybunny Beauty Pageant that takes place every Cybunny Carnival! There's even a 'rugged' category for those who don't like 'girlish' activities.

Fun Fact Four: Petpets Are Necessary

What would your Cybunny do when you are away at work with nothing to do? Play with that old plushie that they had since they were one day old? Certainly not! They'd play with a petpet, of course! But you can't give a Cybunny just any petpet; it has to be special. No easily-frightened Cybunny would take well to a Spyder named 'Eater'. And I'm sure a scheming, tough Cybunny would think you were joking if you gave him/her a Faerie Bowla name 'Princess Fuzzy Sparkles'; they'd much rather take Eater!

Krin: I have a cute little Gruslen named Sir Edward. He's very adventurous like me, and always ready to stand up to a challenge.

And, like I did with my little Krin, you have to get a petpet who would match their personality and interests. If your Cybunny is very feisty and playful, go to the Petpet Store and look out for the one tossing itself at the ball and having a good time.

Although the petpet itself is very important, it also depends on the work put into the petpet. For those daring enough to go to Darigan Citadel, the Petpet Arena is the perfect place to train the little guy. Y'know, whip 'em into shape so they can match a Cybunny's ever-lasting energy and cheerful spirit towards adventure. If you're still having trouble choosing, a Snowbunny is always a good, well-rounded choice as they are very spirited and love cold weather.

The Final A: Attire

Now, what is beautiful fur without attire to complement it? Clothes range from pink to blue, tight to baggy, frilly to skimpy, rugged to mecha. And what makes the clothes so appealing? Style, of course! You wouldn't just thrown in an Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack with a Fyora Wig and My Sisters Frilly Skirt and call it fashionable. No, you need style! Style ranges from many different types, but there are some dos and don'ts when it comes to Cybunnies.

Krin: Like me. I'm a teenage space bounty hunter. I wouldn't be wearing a sparkly blue dress!

Exactly, Krin. First tip is, obviously, nothing too hot. Cybunny fur is thick as it is, and you don't want to boil your model, er, pet. Next, always match breed to color of the clothing. A red Cybunny would not look good in a blue suit. Finally, make sure the background doesn't clash with the petpet. You wouldn't bring a Maraquan petpet in space with you, and there's no way a robot or fire petpet will survive underwater.

And make sure you listen to your Cybunny's personal preference on style. It's best if you let them dress themselves, you know! Unless, of course, he/she is a baby, then they may need a little help. And remember that this is the most important part of a Cybunny attire.

And that concludes 'Cybunnies: The Proper Care for All Bunny Breeds'. I hope you learned a lot about Cybunnies via this article. Remember, Jelly World doesn't exist, White Weewoos don't exist, have a good trip back to the middle of nowhere. If you're reading this, I got into the NT for the first time!

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