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Meepit Morphing Mess

by thealleycat13


Well, never in all my days did I think that this, THIS would happen to me. Don’t I get enough bad luck as it is? Don’t I? Perhaps I should start from the beginning.


     I had just gotten done practicing some water polo with my cloud Kougra, Willy. It was Valentine’s Day, and I, being a wonderful owner, wanted to help my beloved Kougra out. He needed some help trying to get a shot in, so we worked on it. It took us about two hours, but he has it down now. Sort of. Now I was helping my blue Lutari, 84th, with his jump shot. 84th, being a former lab rat and now a Battledomer in training, was very strong, very fast, and very good at all sports. He lettered in everything, but was so humble about it everyone loved him. He decided to stay a Lutari for a while until Describe, my new lab rat, turned into one. Then he’d consider changing form. Unless they released an electric Lutari or allowed the option of transferring Lutaris. Then he’d stay one for a long time.

     Well, we were working on his jump shot when Willy came running in (his sprained and fractured ankle had healed) carrying a scroll. “Un-uncle Skarl... re... requests us to c-come to Meridell... i.... immediately!” he gasped.

     I tossed the basketball to 84th, then followed Willy, who was now running to a cab in front of our house. We hopped in, and the Eyrie pulling the cab started off and we flew from our Krawk Island home to Meridell.

     “This better be good,” I mumbled, staring out the window. “I have homework I need to do!”


     We reached Meridell in about half an hour. We rushed into the castle, throwing the fare at the Eyrie as we left. The Draik guards say Willy running towards the castle and instinctively opened the gates, then ducked out of the way. Skarl’s nephew had left with a big bang after all. Literally.

     We rushed into the throne room and slid to a halt, right as Skarl bit into a large chunk of meat.

     “Ah, Willy my boy! You and your owner made wonderful time, absolutely wonderful!” He laughed, tearing off more ham with his teeth.

     “So, uh, K-king Sk-” I began but Skarl stopped me.

     “Please,” he said. “Call me Uncle. We ARE family after all.”

     “Uh... right. So, er, Uncle Skarl, why have you called us here?” I asked him, wondering why my Kougra’s deranged Skeith uncle, who seemed to think I was related to him because I was his nephew’s owner, wanted me here to watch him eat some form of meat.

     “Well, you see, Kayla, my master potion maker, as you know, has created this special brand new potion.”


     “And... well... we needed someone to test it on,” he concluded, draining his goblet of Braku berry juice and snapping his fingers for more.

     “I see... and you wanted to test it on us, Uncle?” Willy asked.

     “Well, not you, but your owner here.”

     “Me, why me?” I cried.

     “Well... Kayla has always wanted to test one of her potions on a human, and well, you’re the only one crazy enough to agree,” Skarl stated simply.

     “I see...” was all I could muster to say as what he said sank in.

     “So, what do you say? Will you try it?” Skarl asked, eagerness shining in his eyes.

     “Sure, why not?” I replied.

     “Excellent!” Skarl boomed while Willy just stared at me with a look that said ‘Oh-my-Fyora-are-you-serious?!?!/REALLY?!?!?!’. I got that look often. Skarl clapped his hand and Kayla herself came out carrying a potion on a plush cushion.

     “Thanks for helping me out, Justine!” she thanked me and handed me the potion. “I don’t know much about it, so good luck!”

     I looked at the potion. It was in a crystal bottle that was finely carved and decorated. The potion itself was a light pink with shades of yellow swirling in it. It was absolutely beautiful, to be honest. I had never seen anything like it before.

     I uncorked the stopper from the bottled, put the bottle to my lips and drained it all down. It had a pleasant taste to it... somewhat like mangoes... and as I began comparing the taste to that of mangoes and strawberries, I passed out and crumpled on the floor.


     WillytheAlleyCat here to describe what happened to Justine after she passed out, as she, obviously doesn’t know. So after Justine fell, I screamed.

     “Justine! JUSTINE! Wake up, WAKE UP!” I cried, tears forming, and started towards her. Kayla, however, held me back.

     “Don’t touch her,” she whispered, frightened. “Touching her could possibly harm you as well.” I just turned and watched, tears in my eyes, worried about her. Even though we argue, I still love my owner. And to see her get hurt, on Valentine’s Day, is just, well, heart wrenching. Kayla, Uncle Skarl, and I watched Justine as she began to transform.

     First, her skin turned a light pink all over. Then her hair grew all over her body so that it became short, pink fur. Then her body shrank and compacted so she was roundish in the stomach and head. Her nose flattened itself out, and her limbs shrank and sort of melded together, giving her small and almost indiscernible fingers (to be honest, I couldn’t really tell. They looked kind of like paws). Even though her eyes were closed, I could tell her eyes got somewhat larger and much rounder. Justine’s ears, traveled up to the back of the top of her head where they became more pointed and furrier, and she grew a fluffy light pink tiny tail. Her already buckteeth grew longer and jutted out of her mouth, like they used to a long time ago. And to top it all off, she shrank. She shrank to about, well, the size of a meepit.

     “Waitaminute!” I hollered. “Justine is a MEEPIT!” I rushed over and picked up my now tiny owner, who was starting to stir.


     Hi, yeah, me again. You know, Justine. The one who just got turned into a meepit on Valentine’s Day. Yup, that’s me. Anyways, I woke up and looked around me.

     “Whoa, what happened?” I asked, reaching up to rub my head. I felt fur and furry ears.

     “Someone take me to a mirror RIGHT NOW!” I cried, remembering my Lab Ray Incident Nightmare. Willy, who was carrying me apparently rushed me over to a mirror, and held me up to it, like how Negative_Faranth (commonly known as Negative), my UC Darigan Eyrie, would hold up Michael, his Tyrannian anubis when Michael was a puppy, to confuse him. I groaned when I saw my reflection. “A meepit? A MEEPIT?! Honestly, having a meepit obsessed Lupe with a crazy Tyrannian meepit wasn’t enough, but I actually had to turn into a meepit too? Okay, I’ll pinch myself and wake up.” I pinched myself. Nothing happened but a minor pain in my now tiny arm.

     “Uh... Justine? You’re not dreaming. You’re actually a meepit. A talking meepit, to be exact,” Willy said, patting me on the head. I felt him pat me. I was actually a meepit. I screamed really, extremely, and horribly loudly. The entire Meridell guard came running in and surrounded all four of us, spears drawn. Then they saw Willy, dropped their weapons, and backed away slowly.

     Skarl simply stared at me; however, Kayla coughed. Then she spoke.

     “Well... I most certainly did not expect this. I’ll get started on an antidote right away!” she cried. I shuffled around in Willy’s paws to face her.

     “About how long will that take?” I inquired, staring up at her with my new large unblinking, if still the same shade of green, eyes. She flinched when she looked at my eyes.

     “A few months... there are certain ingredients that I’ll probably need that can only be obtained during certain parts of the year.” I groaned one again.

     Skarl coughed and spoke up. “Well, under these circumstances, you should probably all move back home here to the castle until Justine here is back to normal, eh?” Skarl’s entire guard turned to him with pleading eyes which said ‘No, sire, please!’ ‘Anything but that, your highness!’ ‘Not him! Not Prince Willy! Why, him? Oh why?’ and other such things. Skarl however took no notice of these.

     “Well... I guess we could. Just a few of us, while the rest stay at home...” Willy said slowly, gathering his thoughts.

     “Yes, that can work. It will be you, 84th, Nosey, and Shayne. Negative and Justlette will be in charge, as they are the only responsible pets I seem to own.” I sighed, then turned towards Skarl. “Same tower?”

     He grinned. “Same tower. I’ll have your bed made up for you... A smaller one, of course.”

     I glared at him. “I can do perfectly fine with a regular bed!” I huffed, jumped out of Willy’s arms, and began the long waddle up to the high tower overlooking the sea, which we once called home. Willy turned to his Uncle.

     “Make up that smaller bed, just in case,” he whispered, then scurried after me.


     84th, Shayne, and Nosey came later that day, all glad to be back home in Meridell. Especially Shayne, who once again had his giant play room full of every toy Skarl could possibly buy for his baby nephew. 84th had a full basketball court and tons of people to play with, not counting all the other sports fields. And Nosey was content with ordering around the kitchen staff, trying out new recipes, and begging his uncle to go surfing with him. Willy however, was not allowed fireworks (save his sparkler) on special occasions.

     I was getting by as a meepit. People often ran away from me on first sight, and even more once they heard me speak. Willy was right and I needed a smaller bed, though I prefer the larger one. Oh, and we discovered the interesting way that day that there was a band of Meepit Soldiers in Skarl’s army...


     There was a knock on the tower door and Willy answered it, while I sat on a table, writing with my new paws. Oddly enough my handwriting was more legible as a meepit than it was when I was a human.

     “Hey Justine... I think it’s for you...” Willy called. I sighed, hopped down, and scurried over to the door. There stood an entire regiment of Regulation Meridell Meepit Sized Armor clad meepits, carrying a giant Valentine reading: To Princess Justine the meepit of Meridell, Love Meridell Army Meepit Regiment Number 88. They all started meeping and Willy and I looked at each other, then back at the Meepits.

     “Uh... thank you guys, er... very much? Meep meep?” I said, extremely confused. They scurried in, dropped the giant heart-shaped Valentine on a chair, scurried to the door, each took a bow, then scurried out, the last one bowing again and closing the door. Willy and I looked at each other again.

     “Weird,” we chimed in unison and each went back to what we were doing. I went back to my story and began writing Well, never in all my days did I think that this, THIS would happen to me....

The End


Author’s Note: To be honest, I have no clue what inspired this one. No idea what so ever. Thanks, as always, goes out to Billy-boy, for coming up with the wonderful personality that is Willy. And thanks goes out to my friends Brian and Darcy for making my imagination even crazier and more random than it used to be. Thanks guys. Comments and criticisms welcome. Perhaps more meepity stories coming in the future. After all, how else am I supposed to be cured?

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