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NeoCash in Review: The Best Items of Y10!

by giggilogalmewmew


Year 10 was a great year for Neopia. All sorts of exciting things happened! Altador Cup 3 came and went, leaving an undeniable trail of screaming Roo Island fans waiting for their hard-earned recognition. AAA (again) made fools of us all with his gaming expertise, and we all spent a little time massaging our fingers and brains after going through the mods during the Dr. Sloth plot! All in all, it was a wonderful year full of excitement, new items and pet colours, and plenty of activities to keep all of us Neopians hopping. So what else can top it off?

Well, in Year 9, every Neopian was astounded with the release of the NeoCash Mall! It was an ingenious invention, and quickly gained great enemies, petitioning for its crumbling demise, as well as a huge fan base that were constantly kept on their toes with hopes of new and exciting items. I for one was on the fence with the whole thing. I have never liked the idea of dressing my pets (they prefer to choose their own fashions!) and at the time, I hadn't access to any NC Cards. But as NC Cards were released into my own area, I found myself a victim of NC fandom! I love collecting the items, at least just to love, and I've found that after perusing the mall over and over again, and charting every new release with a peek and a test, I've grown to be quite the NC mall expert! (Or, at least I hope to be.)

Now that we're rolling around into Year 11, I feel it's time to look back on the NC Mall, and everything it has brought us! So here it is, my list of amazing NC Mall items of Year 10! These are the fanciest fancy-pants, the finest fineries, and the best of worst wonderful grabs you could ever be tempted into purchasing! I hope YOU have these in your pockets! (I certainly wish I did!)

Spring Mystery Capsule

Available: April 18th - May 13th

Before I started to get into mystery capsules, the Spring Mystery Capsule found itself opening the spring season with a burst of vine-y fresh air! It was one of the first extravagantly designed mystery capsules, and would pop out a variety of unique spring-like items to tickle the minds of excitable fashion fans across Neopia. Particularly popular in Meridell, the Spring Mystery Capsule was known exclusively for its possibility to bring the opener the lovely Flower Wings, the limited edition item for that season! Now with it long past, the Flower Wings is one of the best wings that were available, and are a popular gift for the fresh flower fan that wants to be truly 'down to earth'.

Dark Princess Superpack

Released: April 30th

Shortly after the Spring Mystery Capsule came a clothing line that tickled goth and darigan fans alike. The Dark Princess line ensured that any dark-minded dresser had a series of clothes that could be mixed and matched to provide the ultimate gothic look for any occasion. And not only was it fashionable, but it also came at a fair price! For those looking to get it all-in-one, the superpack was a must, and Dark Princess fans were filled with glee when they found a unique surprise in their black satin box: the Dark Princess Fan! Only available through the superpack, the ornate fan was the final touch to any dressed up Dark Princess outfit.

Floating Bree Doll

Released: October 23rd

While many would argue that Key Quest hasn't been well represented in the mall (unlike other events) out of the items that were put in, the Bree likeness was highly favoured and still sits on many a wish list today. Almost all of the faerie dolls have been popular, but Bree has been a particular favourite as the well-travelled faerie makes her appearance so rarely in Key Quest itself! Best of all, unlike some of the other more revered dolls, the Floating Bree Faerie Doll needs no twenty-something capsules to be opened to find her.

Summer Picnic

Released: June 17th

When summer rolled around, and the new heat inspired items started to fill the mall, many Neopians found themselves in the presence of the cutest picnic they had ever seen! The Summer Picnic was an instant classic as a pet accessory, and while some declared that they wished it was larger, everyone agreed that random food thieving ants made it an all-time classic no matter what.

NC Mall Birthday Goodie Bag

Available: July 16th

When the NC Mall celebrated its 1st birthday, they released a hoard of popular items all decked out in classy gold gilding. For many mall fans, the free goodie bag topped anything they could have requested, and anyone who was anyone jumped to the mall to pick theirs up! While many opened theirs, relishing in the free gifts inside, a small amount kept theirs and savoured the beauty. I in fact am one of those people that has hoarded their free mall items! Isn't it fancy?

Golden Mystery Capsule

Available: July 16th - July 30th

Along with the release of the goodie bag, the mall celebrated in style with a variety of gold items, including the successful Golden Mystery Capsule. Everyone LOVED the fact that instead of items, it gave out capsules, and anyone who had NC spent plenty on these capsules. The best part of it was that you could find yourself in possession of capsules long expired! (I myself was lucky enough to find a sparkling purple capsule, and I saw someone else get a red one!) The success of this capsule made it an instant hit, and many mall fans are wondering when another capsule-giving capsule will be released.

Neopets Circle Background

Released: April 24th

When Neopets was redone, all the pets were redrawn, and customization became a huge feature, there were many Neopians (myself included) who were quite sore over the loss of the Neopia they once knew. So when the NC Mall released the Elite Boutique, and filled it with old-Neopia reminiscent items, anyone who could access it felt a surge of sentimental emotion over the newest background. The Neopets Circle Background reminds us of when our pets used to sit in a rather strange (but humorous) circle. That funny circle was one of the things people never realized they'd miss, and now those that can tend to have at least one of these backgrounds stashed somewhere in their closet.

Easter Negg Basket

Available: March 10th - March 24th

Of the Easter season, the Easter Negg Basket was one of the more popular holiday themed items, and many people that missed out wish they had the NC then to purchase them! These cute little baskets are filled to the brim with colourful neggs, and they remind us of every year when the Easter Cybunny comes around to give all the good pets delicious treats to eat. *munch* Stale.

Smart School Girl Superpack

Released: September 4th

While there have been many superpacks released, never have I seen so many pets flocking to dress themselves like a school girl! This set contains a smart looking preppy outfit, complete with a blonde wig and a pair of straight black glasses that allows the wearer to look truly studious. All purchasers were excited to also find a little extra in their superpack, as each one comes with the 'School Books with Strap' accessory! Hurrah!

Autumn Mystery Capsule

Available: October 1st - October 19th

*whistle* That's the prettiest capsule I ever have seen! One of my favourite capsules of all time, the Autumn Mystery Capsule is a lovely addition to any autumn item collection. It gave out plenty of the season's wearables, and also had the possibility of giving out the Autumn Leaf Necklace limited edition item. Plus, if you sniff it carefully, the smell of fresh, crunchy, colourful leaves can be smelled from the capsule's beautiful covering!

Halloween Goodie Bag(s)

Available: October 18th - October 31st

Agghh! The Halloween season was full of so much awesome stuff! As a Halloween fan I have to say that I was tearing my fur out just trying to decide how much of each item to buy! Thankfully, though, we mall fans were given a purchase reprieve during the goodie bag days. There were three beautifully animated bags to collect, and each one was 100% free! You got some neopoint items in each, and after opening all three, a free NC item reward! As per usual, I kept mine, and they're sitting nicely in my deposit box as I write this.

And as for the rest of October...

Here are some of the most popular items!

Spyder Web Costume Superpack

The Spyder Web clothing line was beautifully designed, featuring lace webbing hand-made by a team of highly talented spyders! The superpack featured everything you could buy separately, and the highly coveted Spyder Web Staff.

Hovering Broom

Though simple, the Hovering Broom came out surprisingly on top as a competitor for highly purchased items. Everyone loved the magical quality to it, and every true Edna fan had to have one!

Trick or Treat Doorstep Background

When the background was released, everyone cooed over how lovely it was! It looked like a photo of someone's well decorated neohome! Paired with the ever popular Pumpkin String Lights, any Neopet who wore them was ready for a night on the town!

Neoquest Wizard Costume Pack

The first real 'costume' package was a big success for mall fans that didn't know what to wear. It features a variety of wizard style clothing, and the exclusive Neoquest Wizard Wand!

Rainbow Mystery Capsule

Released: November 5th

The Rainbow Mystery Capsule was instantly thought of as a pretty collectable when it was released. Everyone loved the changing colours, and the cloud it sat on was a lovely addition to a cute item. But when people found out the limited edition item was the Sparkling Rainbow, everyone flocked to the mall to purchase tons of capsules just in hopes of finding themselves in the presence of one! Months later it still is one of the most sought after limited edition items since the release of the mall.

The problem with limited edition items is that they're extremely popular! Since so many capsules have them, here are a couple more of the most popular limited edition items of Year 10!

Shiny Icicle String Lights

Available from the Holiday Mystery Capsule, these lights seem to be few and far, as the availability in mystery capsules seemed to be disappointingly low for many people!

Floating Battle Faerie Doll

While the capsule hasn't retired, this limited edition item is certainly just as popular as it was in January! In the image of the battle faerie herself, this cute floating accessory was made available from the Faerie Doll Mystery Capsule January 4th.

Gulp... Underwater Reef Background

During the summer, the Sparkling Mystery Capsule made its appearance in early August, and while it wasn't a big hit itself, it soon became popular when people wanted to get their hands on this background! Sadly, the run for the capsule was short-lived, and many people still find themselves without this beloved item.

Nutcracker Superpack

Available: December 10th - January 5th

When the holidays finally rolled around, a slew of new Christmas and winter themed items found their way to the shelves of the NC Mall. Notably the most popular was the Nutcracker item series! Out of all the superpacks, it has to make a record at holding the most items. Everything from a background to gilded gloves made this unique superpack an instant classic, playing on themes of a story well-known to many Neopians. This beautiful pack came with a wonderful extra you couldn't purchase: the Nutcracker Toy Sword! It also featured some uniquely plastic face paint, and was the first superpack to feature a soundtrack! Cool!

Sparkling Holiday Stocking

Available: December 17th - December 26th

Another highly cherished free gift, the Sparkling Stocking made its surprise appearance in the mall and tickled the fancy of holiday lovers all over Neopia! Its beautiful glittered body is the perfect hiding spot for the Modern Sculpture Holiday Hat, only available within its jingly confines.

Festive Sparkler

Available: December 31st - January 5th

Released on the final day of Year 10, the festive sparkler was one of two December release New Year oriented items. It was released for a VERY limited run, and was an exceptionally fair price for such a sweet item! The perfect accessory for any party, the sparklers were quick to fall onto wish lists and into the hands of obsessed collectors. I have three!

As you can see, I've been going in no real particular order. All of these items are fabulous, and they've made up the best of the best! However it IS time to release the item that topped all the charts! And what could it be? Drum roll please! *brrrrr...* Ta-da! The Basic Gift Box! Released November 22nd, this basic box is what changed NeoCash Mall history forever! It allowed Neopians with access to NC Mall Cards, the ability to gift NC Mall items to others. Fun for all!

That, my friends, is it. Sure, there were plenty of beautiful gift wraps, stylish accessories, and fun capsules, but that really is the best of the best. Right up there, in that looong list, the best of the best. So enjoy it! Look through it, and then look through your album! If you're like me, you probably don't know all that you have, especially if you're a mystery capsule fan. You just might have more of these Year 10 greats than you realize!

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