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How to Take Care of Your Gnorbu

by xaquizzle


This is a comprehensive guide to- you guessed it, taking care of your Gnorbu! Now, I may cease my rambling, content I have racked up exactly 26 words towards my total. We’ll be working from the tail of the Gnorbu to the ears. My own baby Gnorbu, Tlizl (Tlee-zul), will be rather cheekily commenting through the whole thing.

Tlizl: Just get on with it!

Fine, grumpy.

See that fluffy pompom on your Gnorbu’s bottom? It’s completely fluff, except one little nub at the top used to twitch it-

Tlizl: Veeery useful to tell your owner how completely you are ignoring them. You put on an insolent pose, distracted, half-rolling eyes, and slow but pointed tail-twitching.

Back to the *real* article. Okay. That fluffy tail can hide plenty of unseen junk and dirt. So make sure you really saturate it with Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo. Make sure every trace of shampoo is out, then comb thoroughly.


First of all, please note that Gnorbus do not have hooves. They have adorable, wittle stubby-

Tlizl: Stop it! That’s so... undignified!

Fine. They are cute, though. Where were we... Ah, yes. The legs have only a short, soft layer of fur. Too short to comb; shampooing followed by brushing with a Blue Gnorbu Brush will do. Those legs may look a bit pudgy, but they harbor the huge muscles that allow Gnorbus to outrun predators easily. Be especially careful to brush where leg meets body under the stomach, as tangles have a tendency to develop there.


Gnorbus’ backs are rounded, and bear that special mark near the tail. The body feels the same as the legs, and requires the same care. The mark is made of darker, shorter, fur, and many use Gnorbu Shears to shorten the fur around it so as not to blur the edges.


By far the hardest part of grooming a Gnorbu. It is a Gnorbu’s pride, so tread carefully!

Tlizl: Yeah, totally. Remember that one time you messed up my mane? *Glares*

*Wince* All too well, Tlizl. First wet it thoroughly, remembering if you do not treat it with utmost respect, you will suffer. Shampoo thoroughly, twice if at all possible. Wash it out, being careful not to pull. Then, take out the all-essential Blue Gnorbu Comb and carefully untangle it. Only with a comb, though, as a brush will play havoc with a wet mane. If your Gnorbu’s mane begins to frizz, a Frizzy Mane Cloth will come in handy. Only once it is dry should you move in with the brush. Brush every strand, underneath every strand, aaaall the way up. Believe me, your Gnorbu will let you know if you “missed a spot”.

Tlizl: Hey, I only needed to because someone gets impatient and sloppy veeery quickly.

*Grumble* You made me redo it five times!

Tlizl: Only because I needed to...

Fine. We’ll discuss this later. Anyway, when you’ve *finally* passed inspection, you can move on to the head.


Same as body and legs, but be careful of eyes, nose, and mouth.


Most of Gnorbus’ teeth are the flat, grinding teeth of herbivores. However, some are slightly sharper, just enough to give a nice nip. Their natural fibrous diet keeps their teeth clean, but you will find it necessary to brush their teeth daily. In general, Gnorbus have good breath, but all will appreciate some Peppermint Mouthwash.


Every now and then, run a brush over the backs of the ears. Make sure the insides are reasonably clean, too.

Specialized Grooming

Some colors require special grooming, such as baby, faerie, mutant, plushie, Tyrannian, robot, and fire.

Baby: All you need is a soft towel and a comb, for that little tuft of hair! (Besides shampoo, soap, and conditioner.)

Faerie: Wing care isn’t too hard, just clean them regularly with a soft cloth.

Mutant: Bathe often, perfume vigorously, and just use a soft cloth.

Plushie: All you need is a clingy cloth, or something else to clean off that adorable plush.

Tyrannian: Brush more often, and reinforce your grooming tools. That mane is shaggy and tough to comb.

Robot: Oil regularly; clean off as needed.

Fire: Just get some fireproof grooming tools.

All time best Gnorbu grooming products:

Frizzy Mane Cloth

Blue Gnorbu Brush

Blue Gnorbu Comb

Gnorbu Shears

Frizzy Mane Cloth

Peophin Fragrant Soap

Peppermint Mouthwash


First Fact- Gnorbus are herbivores. They will not eat red meat. Ever. They will, however, eat well-cooked fish. Here are some more quick facts:

-Gnorbus love neocola. (Tlizl: Mmmmmm, yummy.)

-Gnorbus appreciate fruit, especially apples, grapes, cherries, pears, oranges, and pumpkins.

-Gnorbus like mushrooms to munch on.

-Gnorbus are easily bribed by most sweets. They enjoy neodrops, but despise white chocolate.

-They are fond of all but the obviously gross jellies. (They come only from the shop wizard, I tell you! Tlizl: No they come from mmphly mfold. (At this point, my hand was over her fibbing mouth.))

A good meal includes: A drink, something small but reasonably healthy, one to two healthy picks, the main course, a “snack food”, then one or two sweets. Tlizl has listed her favorite meal, and most Gnorbus agreed, making only one or two changes to suit them.

Tlizl’s Menu:

Can of Neocola, Fish Pie (The fish sticking out of it is fake; it is really filled with delicious, tender, cooked fish), Organic Mushroom, Organic Cherries, Whole Cheese Pizza, Bag of Chips (known in many places as french fries), Cherry-tastic Faerie Pie, and Chocolate Deluxe Flotsam Day Shake.

And now, here is what some other Gnorbus said:

Dootsies: Dootsies the baby Gnorbu’s reply was: Kau Kau Farm Milk, Strawberries and Cream Baby Food, Baby Carrots, Baby Tomatoes, and a Vanilla Gnorbu Cupcake. It seems babies eat smaller meals, often choosing “baby” items, more suited to them. Thank you Dootsies!

Ruahaka: Ruahaka the baby Gnorbu lives in the neolodge, and eats the baby food and creamed vegetables they serve there. His shout-out: "Hi Mom! I'm in the NT!!”

Ersilya: Ersilya, another baby, likes Haunted Milk, Chocolate Apple (apparently she passes it off as a real apple!), Fruit Pizza, Vegetarian Cheeseburger, Gnorbu Salad, and, her beloved Sour Candy Hearts. Cupcake with Rainbow Frosting also seems to be a favorite of hers. Ersilya and her owner had something to say: “Ersilya was honored that she was interviewed for an Neopian Times article. ^^ We have no further comments.“

Well, some babies seem plenty hungry!

And there you go--how to take care of your Gnorbu! When this article started, Tlizl was red. Now, she’s a baby! Also, I now have another baby Gnorbu, Sanine.

Yay! I’m predictably overjoyed at getting in the NT! Comments? Questions? NM me!

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