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The Joys Of Owning A Food Pet

by ayno


Ever dreamed of owning your very own chocolate neopet? Or what about Custard? or Jelly even? Wait... those don't exist. Well, you own one, what now?

As we all know, Neopets is best known and most-played for the actual pets on it, and most of all, the things you can do with one! For example, you can train your pet to make him or her stronger (and try your hand at Neopian Domination... Please note: this is not a recommendation or a hint), you can groom him or her (lipstick on male pets is not recommended... unless bright pink), or change his or her appearance by painting him, or even dressing him or her up (Ahh... thank you, conversion!)!

This article, or even better, this guide, was written in honor of Food pets. There are various food colors which you can paint your pet (along with other colors, too, of course!) such as Jelly (... what?), Chocolate, Custard, Strawberry, Biscuit, but also of course the well-known Chia-only colors like Lemon, Tomato, Grape...

What are the actual joys of owning a food neopet? And what are the actual... negative effects of it? Here are a few tricks and tips to keep your food pet healthy and shiny as ever! Because... you do own a food neopet to actually... well, keep it as a neopet, right? Just what I was thinking! Let's start off!

1. If you have always dreamed of having a regular time schedule to come on Neopets, food pets are the *perfect* pet for you. In other words, you should not log into your account before breakfast, lunch or dinner. Make sure you have a good time schedule, and please, make also sure you are stuffed if you decide to log onto the computer. And don't forget to stuff your other neopets either. Tail-less Chocolate Boris just are less appealing than ones with tails. Keep that in mind. (You also want to avoid other Neopians staring at you in a weird way when you are walking down the street along with your pet.)

2. Skeith-obsessed? Well, you may already know the answer to your obsession but to make sure nobody gets eaten, I'll repeat it for you. Do not get a food pet if you own a Grarrl or Skeith. Period. It's better to just not get any other pet since they eat just about everything, but food neopets are just a big NO! The Neo-Hospital is not used to dealing with cases in which Skeiths have to be operated on because your precious Pea Chia has disappeared. And no, before you go and check, they don't have any medicine for that, either. (Paying a visit to the Water Faerie cannot cure this either.)

3. Feed your food pet! Yes, your precious little Custard Kau has her own needs too! You do not want a cannibalistic neopet that is starting to eat itself because YOU don't feed him or her. Neolodge is a cheap option in this case, but don't forget about the Soup Faerie and the various other free-food locations Neopets has to offer! This does not only apply for food pets, but also for other pets, by the way; feed your pets. And don't just give them anything! -pokes next tip-

4. Would you like to eat a grilled piece of your ear? Exactly. Do not feed Chocolate pets chocolate, Jelly pets jelly, and so on. That is also just not a healthy manner of raising your neopet if you ask me. Present them their daily portion of vegetables and preferably give them nothing containing the material they are made of. No, not even as dessert. This tip also applies for your other neopets. Don't give them chocolate if you have a Chocolate Usul wandering around your accounts. It may make your neopets love chocolate... just a bit too much. And I don't think you want to adopt out your cute Usul or repaint him/her a different color because your other neopets are waiting for a good moment to take a bite, right?

5. Seasons. It's not easy to own a food pet, and this paragraph is probably describing the toughest things you'll have to deal with owning one. Let's begin with a season we're currently in. Winter. Winter is quite ideal for Food neopets. Chocolate pets don't melt, and Vegetables don't rot away. Spring is even better, though, as you don't necessarily have to put warm clothes on them anymore either. But now, the horror will begin. Summer. First of all, do NOT leave your neopets out there in the sun all by themselves. I'm probably going to write down the obvious here, but Chocolate will... melt. Yes, your precious chocolate neopet will vanish in front of your eyes. Picnics are not a good idea (partially because your neopet could be mistaken for a dessert too). And your vegetable or fruit neopet will just rot because of the hot temperatures. Autumn, slightly better? Not really; the falling leaves will stick to your neopet, just like dirt. You may want to prevent your neopets from talking walks in a forest.

6. Holidays. We all need a day off sometimes, but with food pets, you have to be extra careful when picking out a destination to spend your free time. As the previous tip described, summer is the worst season for food pets. Therefore, you may want to prevent from going to hot places, such as the Lost Desert. Places where you can take long walks on the beach, such as Mystery Island are also not recommended for Chocolate or Custard neopets. The sand will stick to them and it is nearly impossible to get it off. An ideal destination is Terror Mountain. Your pets will have endless amounts of fun without having to worry about losing body-parts. And you, can go on a carefree holiday. Isn't that what holidays are for in the first place? :)

I hope my article is helpful, and you can always mail me with further food-pet questions or if you are in an emergency situation. Remember to keep every neopet you own on every account you have happy and healthy, and of course well-fed. (For more information on this see paragraph number four. ;) )

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