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A Mysterious Heir: Part Seven

by dancer_sakura


Kora’s eyes grew wide in disbelief. “I don’t understand... how could this have happened so quickly?”

      The rest of the group had caught up now, and they stood side by side in what used to be Jocire Valley. Although they were all thinking the same thing, it was Reina who actually answered Kora. “I’ll tell you how—Dark Faeries.” Her face grew solemn as the memories came flooding back.

      “Nice one, stupid,” Evon hissed at the Wocky.

      Instead of glaring back like she normally did, Kora walked over to a seared tree and started banging her head against it. She obviously agreed with the Eyrie on this. Just as Syri was about to stop her, the tree cracked. Kora was suddenly falling headfirst through the tree!

      Syri, Reina, Tobaar, and Danae rushed over to make sure she was okay, while Evon arrogantly took his time. While the others were yelling down the seemingly hollow tree to make sure the Wocky was okay, the Eyrie muttered something that almost sounded like ‘serves you right.’ Finally, the sound of Kora’s voice echoed up to them. “Um, I’m fine. But did I really just fall through a tree?”

      The Eyrie grunted and called back, “You sure did, klutz! And man, was it funny!”

      Syri shot him a warning look but decided Kora was more important right now. “What do you see down there?”

      “Well... it seems pretty big down here. I mean, I can’t even find the...” A loud thud was heard from below and Kora groaned. “Never mind, I found the wall.”

      Evon had to use all his will power to keep himself from laughing. Syri’s bad side was the last place he wanted to be.

      “Huh, that’s weird,” the Wocky mused.

      Reina was curious. “What’s weird?”

      “There’s some kind of underground tunnel down here!”

      Tobaar and Danae gasped simultaneously. “That tunnel must lead to Vyroske!” exclaimed the king.

      His wife nodded. “If we follow it, we should find where he’s hiding.”

      Before another word could be spoken, Syri jumped down the hollow tree to join her friend. Reina was the next to go, followed by Tobaar, Danae, and Evon, who showed off by gracefully gliding to the bottom.

      By the time the Eyrie reached the others, they had already begun to move through the tunnel. He soon caught up with them, and they walked through the darkness together. It wasn’t long before they spotted a light just ahead. The group’s pace quickened and they grew silent as they approached the light. Before they knew it, the six Neopians had reached the blinding light. There was no trace of fear on any of their faces as they slowly stepped into the light, not knowing what would meet them on the other side.


      For several seconds, it was impossible to see anything at all. Out of nowhere came a deafening screech that sent the group on edge. After that, the light dimmed and they were able to see once again. Before them was a dimly lit room with a scattered assortment of potions.

      As the group looked around, they realized what was wrong. Instead of the three villains they expected to meet, they saw only two. The Dark Faeries, Nyx and Zyr, were standing face to face in some kind of showdown. The one on the left wore a dark, plum-colored robe and had a greedy look on her face. Her long black hair billowed behind her as she faced her sister, who simply stood there, sadness in her eyes. She wore a midnight blue robe and her dark curls framed her face, emphasizing her grieving look.

      “Oh no, what’s going on? Please, Nyx, don’t hurt your own sister!” Reina pleaded quietly, gazing at the faeries in terror.

      Nyx, the faerie on their left, cackled as she raised her arms, preparing to strike. Something resembling a dark ball of electricity began to form, yet Zyr did nothing to fight back. She made no movement, gave no sign that she was going to retaliate; the faerie was at the mercy of her sister. Reina whimpered, worried about Zyr.

      Syri darted forward out of nowhere, catching Nyx’s attention. The faerie’s lips curled in a sickening way as her eyes locked on her new prey. Zyr gasped, horrified with what was about to happen. Nyx continued to watch Syri as the electricity in her hands grew. Syri rushed over to Zyr, who had moved to the nearest wall in a desperate attempt to distract her sister.

      Syri’s friends watched helplessly, unable to do anything to change the inevitable outcome. The ball of electricity grew larger and brighter, until the group was blind once again. A crash roared in their ears and sparks flew in the distance. A suffocating cloud of smoke swirled around the room and they heard a familiar scream.

      Kora sprang to her feet. “Syri!”

      Finally, the smoke cleared and the group rushed forward. Danae let out a sob as she saw her daughter leaning against the wall, tired but unharmed. Kora whimpered, and Evon sighed in relief. Tobaar looked confused but grateful nothing had happened to his daughter. Meanwhile, tears shone in Reina’s eyes, holding an unspoken apology.

      The group stood back respectfully as Zyr gazed at Syri in admiration. The faerie took a step toward Syri and said, “I’m so sorry for putting you in danger. I thought I was alone, and... I just couldn’t bring myself to hurt my sister. Why, if you hadn’t thrown that teleportation potion when you did...” Her voice trailed off, an unpleasant thought causing her to frown. “I guess I’m just trying to say thank you.”

      The Xweetok smiled at her. “Don’t worry about it. I understand. I do have one question, though.”

      Zyr motioned toward an ugly Slorg squirming on the floor just a few feet away. “If you’re wondering about Vyroske, he’s right there. Nyx decided she was done taking orders, and after turning him into a Slorg, she turned on me. I never wanted to go along with her ideas in the first place, and I finally gathered the courage to tell her so.”

      Syri nodded. “Then I suppose I should be the one thanking you—if you hadn’t stood up to Nyx, she would’ve taken over Mysica.”

      “I guess you’re right!” the faerie said with a laugh. “I can just imagine the punishment Fyora has in store for her!”

      Tobaar chuckled and stepped forward. “Excuse me, but I was wondering if I might ask a question.”

      Zyr looked at him, shocked. “Is that really you, Your Majesty?”

      The king groaned. “I told them this was a horrid disguise...” He cleared his throat. “Yes, it is I. Our of curiosity, what plans do you have for your future?”

      Confusion crossed the faerie’s face. “I’m not sure, sire. I suppose I haven’t given much thought to it.”

      “I see... in that case, might I interest you in a permanent position at the palace?”

      Zyr gasped, eyes shining. “Do you truly mean that? I’d be honored!”

      Syri smiled, but Reina turned her back and began to walk away. Tobaar saw this and protested. “And where do you think you’re going?”

      Reina’s ears drooped as she turned back around. “I don’t know,” she admitted quietly.

      Danae stepped forward and put her paws on the blue Xweetok’s shoulders. “Tobaar, I believe there’s enough room in our family for two Xweetoks. What do you think?”

      The king grinned. “You read my mind.”

      Reina’s sapphire eyes lit up. “Are you serious? I can’t believe this is really happening!”

      Syri laughed and walked over to her. “Welcome to the family, sis.”


      When Syrietta returned to Risel to tell Lerom and Naola of all that had happened, she remembered why Evon had looked so familiar when they first met. As a child, she had seen a picture of a brown Eyrie that her adopted parents said had gotten lost in the woods, the exact same woods where Evon’s gypsy family had found him. Realizing this, Syri immediately found Evon and brought him to her village, reuniting Lerom and Naola with their long lost son.

      While the king and queen were gone in search of Vyroske, Ezra had rounded up all of his spies and had them banished from Mysica. King Tobaar was so grateful that he promoted the Bruce to the Head of Foreign Affairs. Mysica has been safe ever since.

      Tobaar kept his promise and Zyr was soon very busy, but happy with her new position at the palace. She enjoyed working there and liked having a pet of her own, even if it was just an ugly Slorg.

      Although Syri was sad to leave her home in Risel, she saw living in Iscalle Castle as an adventure, and soon grew to love it. With Vio and the constant activity of the palace she was never bored. Syri thought she would miss Kora, but her best friend visited so often, it was just like when they both lived in Risel. She and her new sister Reina became inseparable, and were greatly loved by the public.

      And they lived happily ever after. ^_^

The End

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