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The World of Winter Sports in Terror Mountain

by charumati


Do you, like me, have one of those active pets who loves to be doing something all the time? Do they continuously haunt the game room looking for new games to beat? Do they spend their days in Mynci Beach volleyball or Tyrannian Mini Golf?

Yes, you do have a very active and sporty pet. Congratulations! It's important to be energetic. But how do you, the responsible and accommodating owner, take care of them in winter, so they don’t catch the Sneezles? Fear not, I’m here to help, with my handy-dandy guide to the fascinating world of winter sports in Neopia!

If your pet’s not the winter sports but the winter activities kind of pet, I include those too, in the ‘where to go’ section.

What to play

The first thing to find out I what your pet likes in the great variety of winter sports of Neopia. If your pet likes playing in the snow, I would strongly recommend snow wars, and snowball fight. Plus, we have Snowmuncher and Dar-Blat.

If they like ice (Is it a Bruce?), how about Let it Slide? Or perhaps Rink Runner or Terror Mountain Tilt? If your pet’s an explorer, maybe he’d enjoy Hannah and the Ice Caves!

In the end, it all depends on your pet. What winter sports does he (or she) like? Make sure you know, because this will affect the choices you will make in this direction.

Where to go

OK, I know most of the winter games I mentioned are based in Terror Mountain, but still, where in Terror Mountain will you take your pet? Do you like to have fun and frolic in Happy Valley? Do you like to slip and slide in the Ice Caves? Or do you like the thrill of looking down from the top of Terror Mountain?

Secondly where will you be while your pet is playing? Will you be hanging around the Advent Calendar or the Negg Faerie? Will you be at the Scratchcard Kiosk? With the Snow Faerie? Make sure to clarify these things with your pet before you send him or her off to play. You don’t want him (or her) to get lost in the Snowager’s cave, do you?

This would also be a good time to decide if your pet prefers winter activities to winter sports. If so, there’s still a world of possibilities. The Advent Calendar, the Igloo Garage Sale, questing for the Snow Faerie, visiting the shops, skiing or sledding, tobogganing, or maybe even snow bowling! There’s a lot you can do. You can even travel to the warmer climates (south, that is) to play other sports.


Depending on the game your pet plays, the first thing you’ll have to watch is what your pet goes out in. It’s important to be warm in the chilly month of Celebrating, especially since most winter sports are based in Terror Mountain.

Woolens are a must and you can get various items, both at the NC mall and Neopian shops. You could also get special items for your pet and I would recommend looking at “The 'Coolest' Looks for this Winter” by huskergirl08 for some great ideas.

You can also think of adding sports equipment or other trinkets to make sure your pet is more comfortable, such as a Campfire. Besides, you can add some more fun backgrounds like the Terror Mountain Igloo Background.

Some fun clothes are: Ice Cream Scoop Hat, Fur Trimmed Shoes, Brown Winter Hat, Cybunny Carrot Hat, Rocket Shoyru Pullover, and the School Girl Jumper.

What to carry

Besides (obviously) equipment for sports, there are many things you should make sure you’re carrying before you hike off to Terror Mountain. After you’ve packed your woolens, remember to keep a torch, some neopoints, and clothes for emergencies. You should also try to travel light so it’s not hard to move in the mountains. You should also carry some medicine to protect from the diseases mentioned in the next section. You should also carry hot drinks like coffee, tea, cappuccino and Borovan. Lastly, you should carry some good luck charms. Why, you ask? Well, I have heard there are some pretty generous faeries up there, and there’s also the Snowager...

Uhmm... Where was I? Oh yes, moving on...

What to avoid

(An advance warning. Make sure your pet doesn’t change your mind at this part with those puppyblew eyes. No matter how much he assures you he’ll be safe, carry these items anyway.)

In this cold month of Celebrating, there are many diseases to guard against. For your convenience, they are: Sneezles, D’achoo, Kikoughela, Neoblues, and Neomonia

To protect from these, make sure you and your pet are well covered from the wind, ice and snow. If you’re sensitive, you should probably avoid certain games until warmer times, such as Ice Cream Machine, and the other games mentioned in this article. Make sure you carry medicines because prevention is ummm... the forerunner of cure!

Remember to give your pets a list of safety instructions for the mountains. And make sure to follow them yourself!

Make sure your pet doesn’t get fed up of your safety restrictions – you don’t want to ruin your trip!


Make sure you check the weather page before you leave.

Plan your trip carefully - Make sure you have the main aspects of the trip decided before you leave.

Carry an empty bag or two for the stash of neopoints you and your pet will earn while playing.

Carry a Zafara Tourist Camera to catch all the special moments!

Be respectful to the various denizens of Terror Mountain.

If not all your pets are going, remember to send the others to the Neolodge.

Arrange for someone from PPL to take care of your petpets if they are not really the snow type.

Make sure you and your pet take time off games to enjoy the local scenery and, possibly, panoramic views.

Enjoy yourself!

Note: If you’re reading this, I made it into the Neopian Times!

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