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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An Origami Petpet

by neocoladdict


Also by sunshine482

Quite some time ago, The Neopets Team created the most brilliant petpet ever! That’s right, we're talking about those Origami petpets you’ve been seeing all over Neopia. Very soon after they were released, these cute petpets quickly took the population by storm.

If you’re having trouble choosing that perfect petpet, look no further! Here are ten amazing reasons to choose the best petpets EVER... cardboard origami ones! You may scoff at the notion, but the truth is that these colorful, economical petpets are a joy to have in a neohome. Here are many amazing reasons why...

1. Free petpet customization!

You can draw on them, color them, stick Dental Floss on them, why, the possibilities are endless! Why waste money on a petpet paint brush when you can paint your adorable Liobits yourself with your very own Learn-to-paint Set? What a great excuse to dig out that old Box of Crayons! Buy some Sparkly Blue Paint, and you'll be the only person around with a shiny, sparkling petpet! If you're not the best artist around, we'd recommend you stop by the School Supplies Shop and pick up a stencil set; there are many to choose from!

2. Quick access to paper...

Cardboard petpets are so very handy in case you've forgotten your notepad and desperately need something to write on. With your trusty origami companion by your side, you will never forget what items those pesky faeries had asked for again! Impress the Brain Tree with your knowledge of various dead Neopians! Oops! Need to scribble a quick shopping list, but don't have anything to write on? Just be careful not to poke any holes in your fragile petpet (ouch!), and try to remember to use a pencil whenever you can.

3. They’re also really versatile.

If you ever get bored of your petpet, you can easily fold it into a brand new one! There's no need to spend your Neopoints on a new petpet. If you're someone who gets bored easily, folding origami is also great way to pass the time on those long walks around Neopia. It’s entertainment on the go, and you'll impress your friends with a new petpet every week! However, it may take many tries before you become a master of origami. We suggest the following reference books: How to Fold Paper to Make it Look Like Stuff, Origami Pets 101, How to make Origami Creatures, etc.

4. ...We mean really, really versatile.

The next big thing will be petpet take-out boxes. Say you've gone out to dinner, and The Golden Dubloon unfortunately ran out of take-out boxes. Don't worry... a couple folds here and there, and voila! You have made a petpet food box out of your Ditsy. Craving a snack while watching the latest Altador Cup match? A cute little box is just what you need to store all those hot dogs and chips. (It is advisable not to try this with liquid foods, however. Or Flaming Hot Dogs.)

5. Not a creature was stirring, not even a Miamouse.

Be the first Neopet to bring your very special origami petpet to Neoschool. They don't make much noise at all, so you won't be bothered during that important test, and your teacher will never notice a thing! Stuff your Weeble inside that Neopian Times pencil case, and it can go just about everywhere with you. Your Ditsy will fit beautifully into that shiny folder. What are you waiting for? Exchange origami tips with all of your friends! Your petpet is sure to be a creative conversation starter.

6. For pets who hate Petpetsitter

Are you often busy in the games room whacking Kass plushies, catching Snorkles and rolling Turmacs up a hill? Today’s Neopets are often preoccupied with collecting, battling and restocking, and don’t have that much time for their petpets. Well, origami petpets are a breeze to care for. They’re mess-free, a big plus for first-time petpet owners. They never need to use the bathroom, so no more scrambling around for the mop! Neopians all over will love this because, as everyone knows, we’re the ones who clean up all the messes our pets and petpets make!

7. Relatively low-maintenance

Don't feel like teaching your petpet how to swim? Or maybe you're just not a swimmer yourself. Whatever the reason may be, you won't have any worries with an origami petpet! Your Frogler will never want to be taken to the pool... it would be ruined! This could easily save you 5 neopoints a night at the Neolodge, which will really add up over time.

8. ...We mean, extremely low maintenance!

Ouch! I'm sure you don't want to get scratched up trying to give that Kadoatie a bath. And let’s not get started on how demanding a Meepit can get. Why not go for a Frogler or Liobits instead? Instead of Fragrant Soap and Shampoo and water, all you have to do is grab an eraser and start scrubbing! No soapy sudsy mess left over to clean up, and no painful scratches to deal with.

9. Nomnomnom

Oh no, you've forgotten to run to Meridell to pick up Petpet Food... or are your pockets a little too light after splurging on that Paint Brush? Whatever the reason, you'll never have to worry about food with a cardboard petpet. Your Ditsy doesn’t need food, and will never cause a mess in the living room! What a refreshing change from those picky Kadoaties!

10. Wait a minute... you can't be serious!

Are you ready for the final reason?! This is by far the best of them all. The Neopets Team gives you two, yes two, of these amazing cardboard petpets absolutely free! That's right, no charge to you at all! All you have to do is open that newbie pack of yours, and you get two adorable new petpets. (You did get your newbie pack, right? Right?!)

So there you have it, 10 amazing reasons for you to dig those origami petpets out of your Safety Deposit Box. Nothing would make your neopet happier than their very own cardboard petpet to play with!

Disclaimer: The writers claim no responsibility for any injuries or nightmares caused to the reader by vengeful Kadoaties. In no way was this article meant to offend any Meepit organization.

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