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Last Minute Halloween Purchases - A Must-Have List

by poissonneondn


It’s finally Halloween again and you’re almost out of time to get your pet ready for this fantastic holiday! To help you procrastinators out, I’ve come up with a list of fifteen items covering a broad range of categories that are must-haves this Halloween season. I’ve tried to choose items at a relatively affordable price range so everyone can enjoy, but please keep in mind that the prices listed are only approximate.

Food – Pumpkin Pie (100 NP)

No, it’s not spooky or gross... it’s actually kind of cute! I don’t care what anyone else says; pumpkin pie is the most delicious kind of pie in existence. And come on, what better way is there to use the innards of your jack-o-lantern than to make a pie? Every other kind of pie just doesn’t seem seasonal enough. Pumpkin pie is a delicious autumn treat and your pet will thank you for buying it for him!

Neggs – Mummified Negg (6,500 NP)

There is a rather small collection of Halloween-themed neggs available, and this one I think your pet will love the most. It has glowing red eyes and is wrapped up in a rather durable tissue material, which acts as a protective wrapping for storage in your safety deposit box after Halloween is over.

Toys – Spooky Stickers (1,700 NP)

Honestly, who doesn’t love stickers? If you were given a pack, you know you’d stick them on everything that you own! Your pet will likely do the same, decorating his notebooks or desk. These stickers aren’t too scary either so they can be given to younger pets without fear of causing nightmares.

Books – Spooky Stories (4,500 NP)

Since you and your pet will probably be so busy getting costumes ready, putting up decorations, and handing out candy, your pet probably won’t have a lot of spare time to read an in-depth novel. This book is perfect because it’s full of short stories, so your pet can read one whenever she has a free moment! She can take it over to friends’ houses and read them at gatherings as well.

School Supplies – Black Meowclops Backpack (175 NP)

Yes, your pet needs school supplies, even if Neoschool still hasn’t opened. This backpack will at least help him feel he is getting a good education and provide him with a nice bag to carry around his books. Made of plush faux fur, this backpack is cuddly-cute while still giving a Halloween vibe. I’m sure your pet will gleefully throw his old torn backpack in the corner once you give him this one!

Furniture – Evil Hand Chair With Lumbar Support (1,000 NP)

After a long night of trick-or-treating, your pet doesn’t want to go to bed right away – she wants to check out her candy! Help keep her from straining her back by proving her with this festive chair with lumbar support. Creepy and comfortable; what a perfect combination!

Gardening – Screaming Jack-O-Lantern (30,000 NP)

Why get a regular jack-o-lantern when you can get one that screams? I know I’ll be spending the extra neopoints to make the upgrade! Imagine all the fun your pet will have, placing it in secluded locations and watching the neighborhood pets scream. Just be sure to lay down some ground rules so she don’t use it to scare you.

Petpets – Halloween Slorg (204,000 NP)

A bit expensive, I know. The Slorg is a very affordable petpet, so if you can find a good deal on the Halloween Petpet Paint Brush, you might be able to save some neopoints. And come on, look at those fangs! Look at that cape! Look at that popped collar! Far too cute and Halloweeny to even think about passing up! You can always repaint the Slorg after Halloween with a cheaper petpet paint brush.

Petpetpets – Snailien (90,000 NP)

What other petpetpet could possibly match a Slorg so well? None is what I say! Those glowing red eyes are perfect for Halloween.

Weaponry – Stale Candy Blade (9,000 NP)

Perhaps this item choice is a bit biased since I adore candy corn to no end, but this weapon is very much in Halloween style! I have always wondered what was done with stale candy, and now I know – fashionably sweet weaponry! If your pet is a warrior in the Battledome, he needs this item for sure! “En garde! Ha ha! No, don’t eat it, it’s no longer edible! Oh, you put teeth-marks in it!”

Backgrounds – Inside a Jack-o-Lantern Background (23,000 NP)

Why look at the outside of a jack-o-lantern when your pet can be on the inside! Your pet will be the envy of other neopets with this festive background. Just be sure to take her out of it after Halloween is over, as carved pumpkins tend to start smelling pretty bad after a few days.

Wearable Clothes – Dark Faerie Wings (120,000 NP)

I know these wings are a little on the pricey side, but what neopet doesn’t want wings for a day? Even those species lucky enough to have real, functioning wings wouldn’t mind an extra pair, especially plush fabric-covered ones! If the wings don’t really go with your pet’s costume, she can always wear them around the house before she goes trick-or-treating.

NC Mall Wearables – Haunted Piano (150NC)

If you’re willing to spend some real cash (with your parents’ permission if you’re underage!) or if you still have your free 150NC, this item will complete any Halloween attire. The NC Mall has an entire section dedicated to Halloween, but you can buy regular spooky backgrounds, clothes and furniture with neopoints. You can’t, however, buy music for your pet! Yes, this spooky miniature piano will supply your pet’s lookup with a spooky theme as the keys are pressed and the sheet music moves hauntingly on its own.

Stamps – Spooky Gravestone Stamp (7,000 NP)

An affordable stamp chock-full of Halloween spirit. A gravestone, a full moon partly covered by a Korbat silhouette, and a creepy iron fence are all Halloween staples. Adding this item to your stamp album will surely please your pet.

TCG – Spooky Doughnut (TCG)

I wasn’t able to find an approximate price on this item because it seems to be rather uncommon (as most TCG cards are). If you’re an avid collector and can afford one, however, it would be an excellent addition to you and your pet’s collection. Besides, I just love the description: “The undead don’t have to worry about calories.” How true!

Getting these items for your pet will surely make his or her Halloween memorable! Remember to take part in other Halloween festivities, such as visiting the Haunted Woods, completing a Brain Tree quest, trying to get through the Haunted House, and collecting goodie bags!

Happy Halloween!

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