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Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

by squishable


Also by c1tyk4t

Halloween: a time where neopets run around in silly costumes trying to earn some candy. A lot of the time, thinking of a new idea for a costume can get quite strenuous because you’ve run out of ideas. Your neofriend is going as a pony and your sister is dressed up as a tiki torch. This is all good, but you have no idea what to wear. Luckily, Halloween costumes are very easy to come up with. Thanks to the customization option, there are plenty of new ideas for that perfect costume.

There are two ways you can get a great look.

1) Use a Paint Brush or Morphing Potion

Yep. This one is dead obvious. Buy a brush and paint your pet. This method is permanent and the only way to change them back to how they were before Halloween is to repaint them.

Firstly, you can always morph them into a mutant pet. They are pretty scary looking. There is little else you can do to customize a mutant pet, and your pet will permanently look like a mutant.

Some of the costumes you can get by painting a pet are more “realistic looking” and come with some better outfits.

With the Halloween paint brush, you can get witches, tax beasts, werelupes, vampires, mummies and skeletons.

Prices of the Halloween paint brush tend to fluctuate a lot around Halloween because of demand. Usually, they go for around 800k-900k. This is very expensive and is not the most creative idea.

The Zombie Paint Brush is also great for Halloween. Like the name suggests, it makes your pet to look like a zombie.

You could also use a Ghost Paint Brush. This is a cheaper option and makes your pet look lifeless, literally! The Ghost Paint Brush does not come with any deluxe wearables, so you could paint your pet ghost as well as putting on some of the clothes that will be mentioned later.

Some other paint brushes you could use are the Glowing Paint Brush, the Shadow Paint Brush and the Skunk Paint Brush.

2) Customisation

Clothing for your Neopets is always a great costume, because you can mix and match and there are plenty of different things you can wear.

To create the perfect costume, you need to decide what look you will have.

Below are some looks you could use:

A Turkey

A School Girl

A Monster, or

An Adventurer

To create the Turkey costume, you will need: a Gobbler Mask, Gobbler Costume. This is a very easy and very basic costume. And plus, you look like a turkey. Who doesn’t want to look like a turkey on Halloween?

For the School Girl** costume, you will need: School Girl Plaid Skirt, School Girl Shirt, School Girl Hat, School Girl Shoes. This costume makes you look like a school girl, basically. It’s perfect for anyone who thinks that school is, well, scary. **Outfit NOT limited to girls.

For the monster look, there are several different combinations you can try. You can use the Spooky Skull Mask OR the Esophagor Mask, Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey OR Destruct-o-Match Shirt, and finally Pant Devil Pants OR Holiday Tutu. And maybe even a Purple Feather Boa to top it all off. Who says a monster can’t be stylish?!

An adventurer can be easily created and can be a great costume. For this you will need a Daring Adventurer Hat, a shirt of your choice, an Explorer Backpack, and the Spectacles of Perception. This will look great, and will be the closest some people get to becoming a famous explorer.

Or, if you feel like buying just one thing for your pets, there are two full body suits available. The Giant Moach Costume will make you look just like a Giant Moach! How nifty. And the Purple Cybunny Pyjamas aren’t as scary, but you’ll still look like a Purple Cybunny, which is very nice.

Or, you could always dress up as a hotdog... by wearing a Hot Dog Mascot With Mustard.

Besides these outfits, there are still so many possibilities on the table for your outfit. You can mix and match between things, and sometimes mixing and matching can be the scariest, because you look so horrifically clashy.

Some great Halloween hats to wear are: the Dr Sloth Beanie, Jack-O-Lantern Mask, Alien Aisha Ears, Squid Hat, Edna Costume Hat, and the Winter Blechy Hat. The Dr Sloth Beanie will make you look similar to the one and only Frank Sloth, whilst the Squid Hat and the Winter Blechy Hat will make you look like something is gnawing your face off.

As for accessories, you could always whack on an Evil Twin Goatee, a Fake Sloth Tattoo, or a pair of Dark Faerie Wings. Snow Wurm Socks are also good, because like the hats, they appear to be eating your feet. Spooky! Oh, and the most creepy accessory of all is the Wax Lips. Anything with Wax Lips on is guaranteed to be scary.

Backgrounds also give affect and atmosphere. Some great, freaky backgrounds include: Bone Vault Background, Gross Food Buffet Background, Ednas Shadow Background, Rubbish Dump Background, and the Creepy Cave Background. By adding a background to your pet, you give them their own portable lair. Even if they are in Faerieland, there will still be a nice spooky glow around them.

Everyone knows when trick or treating you need something to gather your treats with, because if you forgot to sew on the pockets to your costume, or you just get too much candy, you’ll need some assistance. Try carrying around a Jack-O-Lantern Pail to assist you this Halloween.

Preparing your Halloween costume is very easy! So go out there, have a bit of a think, and get creative. There is plenty you can do for your Neopets to make them the scariest trick-or-treater this year. You don’t need to go all-out when it comes to buying a costume. You can create the spookiest thing in the world with only a few thousand neopoints.

Good luck trick-or-treating Neopia, and Happy Halloween!

Have fun reading the rest of the Halloween Edition Neopian Times. :)

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