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Where Should You Go Trick or Treating?

by _snuffles


Ahhh, Halloween--that time of year when Neopians show off their costumes and go off on a night long search of candy and scares. Any ghoul or goblin will tell you that the best part of Halloween is trick-or-treating! The candy, the costumes, the decorations, the haunted houses and spooks jumping out at you, and the excitement of what you will get when you knock on the doors... everyone loves trick or treating, but depending on where you go candy hunting, you should expect different things. For instance, if you go trick or treating in the Haunted Woods, you're bound to have a scarily different experience than your friend who went to Faerieland! Don’t make your Neopet’s Halloween horrifying by taking them somewhere that doesn’t fit them at all! Take this quiz to find out which Neopian World you should trick or treat in this year!

1. What kind of costume will you be wearing this year?

A. Something cute, sparkly, and/or fun!

B. Something bloody and scary.

C. Something exotic.

D. Arrr! I be a pirate, matey!

E. I'll be a stealthy ninja.

F. Something heroic that everyone will admire.

2. When it comes to candy, you prefer...

A. Anything super sweet!

B. Sour candies! The sourer... er... the better!

C. Anything unusual that you don't usually see.

D. I don't care, just give me as much as I can possibly carry!

E. Lots of little pieces of candy, so I have more to enjoy.

F. Big candy bars that show I hit the best spots in Neopia.

3. At the Halloween party, you'll be the person...

A. Showing off your costume and soaking up the attention.

B. Sulking in the corners, keeping away from the crazy, sugar-hyped wackos.

C. Coming up with interesting new games to play.

D. Trying to bribe people out of their best candy.

E. Hiding your candy from others... like person D. *shifty eyes*

F. Owning everyone at every game and making off with the best prizes.

4. Your favorite part of Halloween is...

A. Getting to choose a fabulous costume and the parties!

B. Scaring younger kids... hehehehe.

C. You don't have a favorite. You like to change things up every year!

D. Hoarding all the candy!

E. Getting to disguise yourself.

F. Showing off how awesome you are--with your costume, candy load, and prizes from the games!

5. Your favorite Halloween Neopet is...

A. The Koi--it looks so pretty!

B. The Uni--it's all fiery and frightening!

C. The Buzz--it's more unique than the others.

D. The Lupe--he could intimidate the candy out of anyone!

E. The JubJub--you can't tell whose JubJub is hiding behind that pumpkin facade!

F. The Grarrl--he would easily win all the party games!

6. If a concert was playing Halloween night, you'd only go if this band was playing:

A. Yes Boy Ice Cream

B. Twisted Roses

C. Hikalakas

D. The Mellow Marauders

E. Jazzmosis

F. Chomby and the Fungus Balls

7. Your favorite Halloween food is...

A. Ghost Marshmallows

B. Eye Candy

C. Gorerito

D. Slime Soup

E. Spooky Ghostbeef

F. Beast Burger

8. You decide to surprise your pet for Halloween and buy him a spooky petpet. But which one should you get!?

A. A Furwitch--so cute!

B. A Sklyde--so creepy!

C. A Marbluk--so weird!

D. A Skelly--so... arrrrr!!

E. A Fireball--so small!

F. A Jowlard--so intimidating!

9. Which item would your costume be incomplete without?

A. It's all in the make up and accessories!

B. The fake blood and injuries.

C. Something completely different and unique, like mismatched... toe socks.

D. A pirate patch or wooden leg. Arrrr!

E. I don't need anything extra--I just need to disguise myself.

F. Something flashy and big that screams, LOOK AT ME! I’M AMAZING!

10. If trick or treating were not an option (the scariest possible thing that could happen on Halloween!), how would you spend the scariest night of the year?

A. Making cookies, cupcakes, and other treats for my friends and family!

B. Setting up scary decorations to pop out at people passing by.

C. Decorating with Christmas lights. It's never too early!!

D. Going around and pranking the other houses--eggs and toilet paper never get old!

E. At home. I'd rather not be seen.

F. Throwing a party. If I can't go out and have fun, why not bring the fun here?

11. Finally, your favorite world (out of these) is...

A. Faerieland

B. Haunted Woods

C. Mystery Island

D. Krawk Island

E. Shenkuu

F. Altador


12. If you ran into TNT on Halloween night, your reaction would be...


B. Roar at them. Terrorize them. Sic your Meepits on them. Bwahahahahahahhahahaha.

C. Offer them some punch.

D. Demand their candy. NOW.

E. Run away!!!!!

F. Challenge them to an apple bobbing contest, a pumpkin carving contest, and a round of musical chairs--ALL AT ONCE!


Now tally up your answers, trick or treaters! How many of each letter did you get? If you got mostly....

A: You should trick or treat in Faerieland! Your cute, sweet personality will charm the pants off any faerie, and you're bound to get the sweetest treats of anyone! Halloween doesn’t have to be scary to be fun for you, and in fact, you’d rather avoid all the blood and gore.

B: You should trick or treat in the Haunted Woods! You're scary and gruesome and love the eerie feeling the Haunted Woods gives off. You're right at home knocking on Hubrid Nox and Sophie's doors! You are the exact opposite of the Faerieland trick or treater, and probably delight in scaring just these types of people.

C: You should trick or treat in Mystery Island! You are exotic and different and appreciate the unique environment Mystery Island would offer a nontraditional trick or treater like yourself! You’d rather do something exceptionally crazy on Halloween—at least you have an excuse!

D: You should trick or treat in Krawk Island, matey! Arr, a pirate lovin' bilge rat like yerself would be at home amongst those scurvy rascals on Krawk Island! Playin’ pranks and snatchin’ up all the candy in sight would be jest yer cup o’ tea! Just keep a close eye on yer candy, mate.

E: You should trick or treat in Shenkuu! A sneaky ninja like you will snatch up whatever candy they can and dart off into the night! You feel right at home prowling the shadows and would rather your costume conceal your identity. You don’t feel the need to make a spectacle of Halloween; you’d rather keep to yourself, get your goodies, and leave.

F: You should trick or treat in Altador! You consider yourself something of a "hero", and settle for nothing less than the best on Halloween! Whether you're owning at costume contests or bobbing for apples, you would take on any challenge, even from King Altador himself! You’re not afraid to be the center of attention and try your best to be just that.

I hope you enjoyed this quiz. :) Thank you for taking it. Hopefully it has given you some insight into how to make the most of your Halloween night this year! Now, go get your costumes ready, map your routes, and prepare for Halloween fun! Happy Halloween, Neopia!

This is my second submission! :) Thank you for reading!

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