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The House Warming Party Guide for All Neopians

by icysapphires


With new neohomes popping up everywhere, no Neopian would be a true Neopian without one! Why, even those traditional, isolated, mysterious Mystery Islanders aren’t missing out. And what would better bring festive cheer to your new neohome than a housewarming party? Here I provide you with meticulously thought-out house warming party ideas, complete with budget plans! Enjoy, and GET PARTYIN’! ;)

On a Budget?

What is that, you say? You’ve emptied all your pockets from buying your new neohome?

No worries, my friend, for I have considered fellow Neopians of your plight! Hence I present to you the work of a considerate Neopian who never misses a thing: The Budget House Warming Party Guide.

Party invitations: Now, to prepare spiffy party invitations you’re going to need something to write with, no? I recommend the Wheel of Monotony Pen, (not because it’s spiffy, don’t get me wrong) but because it’s kind on your wallet! Now, for something to write on! (You didn’t think I’d suggest writing on your hand, did you?) The Fuzzy Notebook would be a cheap and funky alternative. It’s purple, fuzzy, and a steal! For manlier options, there’s always the Green Lined Notebook.

To save costs, party invitations may be written on notebook paper.

PRICE: Around 100 NP

Decorations: Being on a budget is no excuse for missing out on decorations! A Heart Toast Sculpture would entice your guests as well as keep them happy if they forgot to have lunch before arriving. You might need to stock up on more, though; who knows how long they’d last!

PRICE: Around 100 NP

Food: It’s time to get saving! One of the most abundant resources in Neopia, food is available everywhere, everytime! Before the party, make a quick trip down to the Soup Kitchen and Giant Omelette. (Huh? What do you say? Jelly? Don’t be silly, everyone knows Jelly World doesn’t exist!) What do you do to the piping hot soup and omelette (you mercilessly deprived your poor hungry neopet of) then? Why, pour the soup into the soup bowl, and serve the omelettes! Or, if you prefer variety, pick the little pieces of the omelettes – onions, cheese, broccoli, bacon, carrots, peas, sausage, pepperoni... you name it, you got it! – and cook up a storm! No one would notice a thing. ;) I suggest my signature Pizza with onions, cheese, broccoli, bacon... Oh, you don’t need me to carry on anymore? You got the idea? ‘Kay, sure.

PRICE: 0 NP! Talk about cost-saving!

Entertainment: No 2 Gallon Hatz for you, mister; you’d have to count on yourself for this one. Step up to the dining table and impress the dudes and dudettes! (And remember to don a raincoat or poncho while at it, just in case, you know, someone decides his food would be better off aimed at you than down his gullet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

PRICE: 0 NP! Excluding the additional cost that rotten tomato splat on your poncho would cost you.

Activities: A game of Pin-the-tail-on-my-Neopet would be fun... kidding! Since this is a house warming party, give the guests a tour of your house! If you happen to have a charming Usul or adorable Xweetok, let them give the tour! You can trail behind and keep your face out of sight – cough, what did I say? I meant, keep an eye on those guests. Yeah.


TOTAL COST: Around 200 NP. WHOA, now that’s real budgeting!

Average Neopian Partying

If your neopets eat more than just free omelettes and have petpets of their own to love and care for, this section is for you! And because Neopians all love food, I took the liberty of planning a food-themed party. Chow down, Neopians!

Party invitations: Tell your guests they are in for a treat with the Ketchup Bottle Pen – it promises smooth writing and goes great with fries! Pull it off with Hot Dog Stationery. Who doesn’t love hot dogs with ketchup?

PRICE: Around 2k NP

Decorations: Keep your bread in the Turmac Bread Box, and seat guests on the Coconut Chair at the Coconut Glass Table. Of course, there is other coconut themed furniture, but then we’d be going over budget, wouldn’t we? (To save costs, you may employ Mystery Islanders to make coconut furniture FOR you; all you need to do is agree to be a sacrifice once. Just once!)

PRICE: Around 6k NP

Food: Being a food-themed party, here comes the main star- the food! Be careful not to include any neopet-shaped foodstuff, though; you don’t want to offend any of your guests! Turmac Rolls would do great as appetizers - they match the bread holder, yay! And they are small, purple, and round. Yay for small, purple, round appetizers! As for main course, let’s have some hotdogs! (You wouldn’t want to disappoint the guests who were overjoyed to see the party invitations sporting hotdogs, only to see there were none, right?) A Bacon and Cheese Hot Dog or Beefy Cheese Hot Dog would do perfect. For dessert, a yummy Chocolate Mousse would satisfy everyone; everyone loves Chocolate Mousse! (Except for chocolate Chias, maybe, but we can’t satisfy everyone.)

PRICE: Around 20k NP (for 7 guests)

Entertainment: Since you've spent most of your NP on party invitations, food and décor, I suggest you scrimp and save on this one. Blast the stereo and hit the stage (coconut glass table), or invite the Chia Clown over! He’s so eager to please, I’m sure he wouldn’t charge much.

PRICE: (Possibly) 0 NP!

Activities: Again, give a tour to the guests. Couldn’t be simpler than that.


TOTAL COST: Around 28k NP. Or, if your house is already well decorated enough, you might choose to do without decorations and save a whopping 6000 NP. Your choice. ;)

Partying for Millionaires! (a.k.a. VIP Section)

Almighty sir/madam! How do you do? I cannot express my utter gratitude for having you read, or even set your eyes upon, this article. Why, I am not worthy! Now, if you please, I would start describing the exclusive party plan I have exclusively drawn up for you. Yes, you! You are special, sir/madam! Never doubt that! Never!

Just kidding. I would never fawn on millionaires, ever! I have dignity, yes, dignity!

No, dear sir/madam, don’t go! Don’t go! Come back! You are special! Never doubt that, I say! Now, if you would just take a look... I designed a faerie-themed party exclusively for you, sir/madam- what’s that? You’re sick of the word ‘exclusive’? Why, I’m sorry, sir/madam, I didn’t mean it... anyway... yes, faerie-themed, specially for you, sir/madam!

Party invitations: Now a person as important as you deserves stationery fit for royalty! Hence I recommend the Fyora Faerie Pencil. Then you may choose to combine pages from the Earth, Water, Air, Fire Faerie notebooks to create snazzy party invitations! Why, sir/madam, I would be highly honoured to do it for you! No? You don’t trust me? Um, it’s okay, I guess... you’re always right, sir/madam!

PRICE: Around 80k NP

Decorations: Beautify the place with the beautiful Faeriewing Plant! (No faeries were harmed in the making of this plant.) Dress your windows with sparkly Faerie Curtains! Top it all off with the precious Faerie Vase! Now, if you find after your party that these items cramp your style, yours truly here would be more than glad to safe keep these items for you...

PRICE: Around 270k NP

Food: For appetizers, honour the Faerie Queen with the Faerie Queen Negg! I heard from Fyora herself that they make great omelettes, hence she named them after herself. Blend the Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Soup, Space, and Grey Faerie Mushrooms together to make a delightful Mushroom, uh, mix. Yes, it will taste good. No, I haven’t tried it, I just thought all faerie mushrooms would taste good. Why wouldn’t they? No, I did not just spam faerie mushrooms because I’ve run out of ideas! Please, do not doubt me, sir/madam. I have dignity.

PRICE: Around 12 million NP. But sir/madam, surely as Neopian’s millionaires, you can afford that? Yes? I thought so!

Entertainment: You have no idea how much I have wanted to say this, sir/madam, but, YAY, invite The 2 Gallon Hatz over, sir/madam, yes please! They rock! They are guaranteed to charm your audience! And their lead singer is oh-so-cute. No, that was not drool you saw, sir/madam; you saw nothing, nothing I say!

PRICE: A price that is definitely worth it, I swear.

Activities: Why, kick back and relax and allow ME to give your guests a tour, my dear sir/madam! No? You would rather hire the Chia Clown? Why sir/madam, that hurt... but of course you are always right...

PRICE: Your choice, sir/madam.

TOTAL COST: What can I say? Millions. And only you, my dear sir/madam, can afford a party like that. Millionaires throw million-NP parties, no? Could you agree more? I didn’t think so.

So, with all that said, get out there and start party planning! Don’t forget to invite your dearest party planner (cough yours truly cough) over. You will not regret it.

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