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Halloween Isn't Just Mask Deep!

by _arizona_


You probably think a simple wig, some crusty old lipsticks painted over eyebrows, and some sheets will suffice for your pets this Halloween, eh? Well, think again! Yes, you heard right. Now go stuff those blankets back in the dryer; they’re still damp!

Halloween is more than just a mask, more than the haunted garb your pets are suffocating in, more than stylized “BOO”s and “TRICK OR TREAT”s. It’s about spooking, gorging on candy, and playing a different role, and unless your pets are well equipped for such mischief, they’re going to fall short on the fun! No fear, reader (no pun intended), in this exclusive guide you’ll get the greatest tips on making the most of those twenty four haunted hours!


Preparing for candy wrapper cleanup on November 1st is only half the battle of the Halloween-ready Neohome! What’s a holiday without a little decoration, ok, A LOT of decoration. Items that will really make a statement to your visitors are not difficult to obtain and will really give your pets the total experience! Spyder accessories like lights, wardrobes, and assorted furniture can really dress up your pets' rooms and are cheap enough to put back into storage boxes at night's end. When you’re done with the interior of your home, don’t forget the garden! A web hammock is the perfect place for any candy tummy ache to rest on Halloween night. Candy corn lights will be a delicious illumination to any doorway and no foyer is complete without a giant Meowclops statue to stare eerily back at you!


There is nothing like a little quality time with the pets and what better way than to venture to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect gourd for carving! Nothing says “I love you... and by the way BOO!” like sifting through vegetable after vegetable in search of the template for that perfect spooky Jack O’ Lantern. After dusting the soil off your new orange buddy, it’s time to get carving! Not creative? Some popular looks this year are the Pant Devil pumpkin, the Lord Kass pumpkin, Meuka pumpkin, Dr. Sloth pumpkin, the Very Angry pumpkin, and Silly pumpkin designs. Baby pets will also enjoy the mini pumpkin!


No pet is complete without a good costume, and not just a good one but the best most inventive one possible! Some pets may choose a creepy approach with the Edna Costume Hat or an unbearably humid Esophagor Mask! The Spooky Skull mask is sure to give your pet the glamorous scary look with its hard shell and glowing exterior! Of course, some pets may want to take a prettier approach glamming up with some Wax Lips or a Meowclops mask and the pumpkin lid hat is sure to look downright adorable on any pet! A Halloween accessory like a Jack O’ Lantern pail is a winning combo to any Halloween theme. But wait! What’s in a wearable without a background!? Some great backgrounds for Halloween include the Inside a Jack O’ Lantern background, the Gross Food Buffet, the Haunted Graveyard, the Haunted Woods Autumn, and the Deserted Fairgrounds background! The options are infinite however you choose to customize your pet for the evening!


What would this creepy holiday be without CANDY! A bunch of lost weirdos tromping through your yards, that’s what! But luckily the base of the fun is Candy and if you’re smart, you’ll know just how to get the best kinds! See that amazingly decorated Neohome!? They’re probably giving out some awesome treats! But really the best way to collect your evening spoils is to be your scariest and trickiest! A fright pop is a fun treat to get as it spills fog into the air around you. Its carbonated spookiness is sure to be a hit! A Bag of Halloween Sweets is a must have on any pet's candy list as they anxiously unwrap it to find rare candies inside! After loading up on all the treats the devious night has to offer, you might actually want to unwrap the toothbrushes those stingy neighbors handed out...


No pet should be unaccompanied on the most terrifying night in Neopia! But Neopets and Neofriends aside, your pet might do well to bring an extra buddy of the Petpet kind along. Petpets love spending time with Neopets, so traveling around the depths of the Haunted Woods and beyond is sure to thrill them and your pet. Of course, any Petpet your Neopet may have would be excellent, but if you’re looking for one to really compliment your spooky style you may want to consider one from the Haunted Woods Petpet supply! Zomutts and Drooliks have a great sense of smell for both wimpy Neopets to frighten and candy! Of course a Psimouse will be able to see exactly what the neighbor's hand is pulling out of their candy bucket before they even dish it out to you, which might come in handy if they’re passing out toothbrushes! A Little Frankie will happily tote around your fifty pound bag of sweets, while a Gremble will, well, basically scare the living day out of anything that sees it!

Affordable Halloween

A single piece of Classic Candy Corn over 1k! HELP! I’M ON A BUDGET! No fear, there are plenty of Halloween foods to go around at a frugal price that anyone would love! Um, did I mention that they’re disgusting? Yeah, sorry about that. But hey, look on the bright side! I have seen even the daintiest of Usuls eat some funky lookin’ stuff! A spooky shake will taste great! Sure, it has wings, but don’t let that fool you! This creamy pumpkin malt is just the thing to fill your candy craving Neopet up! Peanut Butter Spiders are also not only delicious and crunchy but fun to play with, that is until you munch their legs off! Not into the brighter side of spooky Halloween foods? Perhaps you might try the Slime Sundae; *gag* it’s really... quite... *choke*... good. And of course there is the much anticipated Goodie Bag, filled with all kinds of things from candy, to toys, and even wearables!

It’s always a good thing to be prepared for the holidays, even the ones that warrant boarding up windows and spinning webs all around the house. Now that you know all the tricks and inner workings of a great Halloween, it’s time to spend hours fighting with face paint tubes, dressing up coffin beds, lining the garden with pumpkins, and cutting up Grandma's heirloom dress to make an Edna costume, but this shouldn’t take much time at all now that you know that Halloween is NOT just mask deep! What to do with your stolen time? I have the perfect suggestion! Ok, so what you want to do is... HEY! Look over there!!!...“BOO!”

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