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Molly's Story: Part Five

by orlando_bloom_bigfan


“Lending a meowclops, full, partial or MAYBE even FREE!”

     Molly cringed in a cage as her new owner chatted at the boards, offering to lend her out.

     “Lend me for free pleeeasse?” asked someone who appeared to be new to Neopia.

     “Hmm, you look a bit new and you don’t have many avatars...” her owner studied the account of the one asking to be lent. “I am not sure if I can trust you.”

     “Aww, please? I couldn’t remember the password to my old account and I had to start new. I really, really want the meowclops avatar. I promise I will return her. You can totally trust me!”

     The Lenny considered for a moment.

     “Hmm, alright. So long as you are quick.”


     Molly looked around the almost empty neohome she was in. She had been stuck in there for a few weeks now. The Lenny had not come to get Molly – he had simply left Neopia, so the one he had lent Molly to was keeping her. But Molly didn’t want to stay, so she tried looking for a way to escape. She wandered around the small neohome. It only had a few of rooms, and none of them had much furniture. The first room had

     ‘Great, no windows,’ thought Molly. ‘Now what? The door is locked so I can’t get out there.’

     After an hour or so of thinking, Molly’s eye shut and she fell asleep. She awoke a couple of hours later feeling cold. Outside, she could hear the rain.

     ‘Oh joy. The walls aren’t very good at keeping the cold out. Still, I would rather be outside, even if it is cold.’

     Molly padded over to the nearest wall and touched it gently with her paw.

     ‘Wow, what a cheap person. A three room neohome with almost no furniture, no windows and walls made of cardboard. Hang on – cardboard. Rain. Soggy. Easy to break through.’

     As soon as the idea hit Molly, she started backing away from the wall. When she was on the other side of the room she charged, tearing straight through the cardboard wall.

     ‘Great, now where am I?’ wondered Molly, looking around her.

     All her eye could see were dry plains, a large pile of coloured rocks, a giant omelette and a few other things that she soon related to the Tyrannian Plateau.

     ‘Right. Food first. I should be able to get some free omelette,’ decided Molly, heading off in the direction of the Omelette. She crept past the guard and took a large mouthful. Seeing other Neopets running about all over the place, Molly decided to take her piece of omelette somewhere safer to eat.


     Molly peeped out from the side of a rock. There were Neopets running crazily everywhere. Farther away where the main crowd appeared to be standing, Molly could see a big metal object, shaped kind of like an upside down ice cream cone. Curious, Molly crept a bit closer.

     “Mummy, are we really going to be in a rocket?” asked a little Kacheek, pulling on the arm of someone Molly couldn’t see from where she was hiding.

     “Yes dear, we are. Are you excited?”

     “I can’t wait!” exclaimed the young Kacheek, jumping around and getting in everyone’s way.

     ‘Hmmm,’ thought Molly. ‘A rocket, eh? I have never heard of one of those before. I wonder what it does. I don’t think I want to find out, though. Could be dangerous for me. I might get caught again.’

     “Hey look! A meowclops!”

     Molly turned around in fear and saw a Grarrl running towards her with another one trailing behind. Leaping over the rock she was hiding behind, she ran as fast as she could, not realising she was heading towards some crates that were going to be put on the rocket. She crashed straight into them and fell over. Looking behind her, she saw the Grarrls had lost her, but they were searching for her behind rocks.

     “We got to find that meowclops. She would be worth a fortune.”

     Molly decided that it would be safest to stay hidden in the crates. She crawled inside an empty one and, without meaning to, she fell into a deep sleep. She didn’t wake when the crates were carried into the rocket. She didn’t even wake when the rocket took off later that day.


     “Everyone off! We don’t have all day here, you know. Go on, move it! ‘Ere Joe, help me unload these crates.”

     Molly awoke when she heard the loud voice of someone coming to unload the crates. It was a loud, rough-sounding voice and Molly didn’t like the sound of it. Not wanting to be caught, Molly decided the best thing to do was to make a dash for it, so she braced herself, then leaped over the crates and ran outside. She came to a halt almost immediately, though, because everywhere around her looked different. The sky was dark (though that could be due to the fact that it was night time, she wasn’t actually sure), the ground was a dark blue/grey colour, and the buildings were glowing orange. Neopets were running about everywhere and the majority of them appeared to be orange Grundos.

     ‘Strange,’ Molly thought. ‘What's with the Grundos? And the ground isn’t normal. I wonder where I am. It sure doesn’t seem like any part of Neopia I have seen before. Oh wow, what’s that in the sky? It’s blue with green patches... can't be a star... it looks kind of like Neopia, really. I suppose that just means I am on Kreludor... Oh dear Sloth, I’m on Kreludor! How do I get back? On the rocket? It seems to be my best chance...’

     Molly headed back to the rocket, but just as she was about to walk through the door an Eyrie came out and slammed it shut. Not noticing Molly at first, he headed in the direction of one of the glowing orange buildings. Molly decided that staying still might be the best move, because he would be less likely to notice her. Her fur was a similar colour to the ground, so she blended in well. Molly shut her eye so that the Eyrie would see it standing out and so unfortunately she didn’t notice him coming towards her. He didn’t notice her either, until he tripped over her small body. He picked himself up and looked around to see what he had tripped over. When he saw that it was a meowclops, he decided not to be angry with it and instead tried to speak nicely.

     “Why, aren’t you a pretty little meowclops. No, there is no need to back away. I won’t hurt you, I promise. You can be my new petpet and I can get an avatar from you. Won’t that be fun, eh?”

     Molly was already firmly convinced it wouldn’t be fun. She backed away a bit further and bumped into the closed door of the rocket. The Eyrie came nearer. Molly looked around desperately and decided to make a dash past the Eyrie. Unfortunately he was prepared for that, and managed to pick her up. Molly struggled violently in his arms, yowling loudly the whole time.

     “Shhh, little meowclops. I won’t hurt you. Honestly. I won’t. I am just going to take you to a nice little place where I am staying for the night. Tomorrow we can go back to Neopia Central and get your avatar. Won’t that be an adventure? Hey, GET BACK HERE!”

     Molly ran as fast as she could, not caring what direction she went in. The Eyrie made a dive for her but narrowly missed. Spitting some dirt out of his mouth, he picked himself up and flew after her. In the distance, Molly could see a darkish, rectangular shape with a bright orange and purple pattern on it. She dived around the corner and a second later heard a thud. She cautiously peeped around the side and saw the Eyrie collapsed on the ground, looking a bit dazed. Before he could see her, Molly took off again, this time heading towards the smell of food that was coming from a glowing orange complex of buildings up ahead.

     “Mummy, will you buy me some food? I am really hungry...” came the whiney voice of a toddler a bit farther ahead.

     “If you are hungry, eat the sandwich that I packed you,” was the reply from someone who presumably was the toddler’s mother.

     “But I don’t want it. It has lettuce in it. I’m allergic to lettuce.”

     “You aren’t allergic to lettuce. Don’t be silly. Here, I will make a deal with you. If you eat half of the sandwich, I will buy you something from Café Kreludor.”

     Molly merged with the general crowd of neopets and nobody seemed to notice her. She came up behind the mother and toddler, meaning to follow them to this Café place. Unfortunately, the little toddler wouldn’t eat his sandwich, claiming he was allergic to lettuce and that his mummy was being mean. Getting frustrated and a bit angry, the mother grabbed the toddler by the paw and half dragged him away from the food shop, telling him that if he didn’t eat his sandwich he could go hungry. Molly decided the best thing would be to head towards the smell of food.

     “La la la laaaaaaa!”

     Molly looked up and saw an orange Grundo with creepy looking red eyes sweeping the front door step of a shop while singing to him self. Molly soon realised it must be the food shop, because all sorts of delicious smells were coming from it. Hoping he wouldn’t see her, Molly crept up and slipped through the door while his back was turned. She hid behind the counter for a moment, and then decided it should be safe to come out and eat a bit of food.

     “Now what do you think you are doing?”

     Molly jumped as a sharp voice spoke from the door, presumably coming from the Grundo who was sweeping. She started to back away, her eye wide.

     “GEEETTTT OUUUUTTT!” The Grundo suddenly seemed to go mad, and chased Molly with his broom.

     “Oy, leave her alone!”

     Molly noticed another orange Grundo coming from the direction of another shop. He didn’t seem to be quite so scary looking, and his eyes weren’t red.

     “You mind your own business, Bernard!” shouted the red-eyed Grundo angrily.

     “I don’t see why I should. You can’t go chasing a poor petpet like that. Look at her; she’s starving,” replied Bernard, picking Molly up before she could escape.

     The red-eyed Grundo glared at Bernard before going back to his sweeping. Bernard took Molly, who had decided not to struggle, back to his shop. The shelves were empty, but Molly noticed that there were boxes full of books waiting to be put on them.

     “Hmm, I think I will just put you in the back room for now so that you are safe. I will leave you a bit of food and you can curl up on the rug by the fire and sleep if you want,” said Bernard, and carried Molly into a cosy looking room. It had a warm fire at the back and a soft rug was in front of it. Bernard put her down on it and disappeared. He came back a moment later with some newspaper, a bowl of food and a bowl of water. He set the newspaper down, and put the food and water on top and disappeared again in a hurry, possibly because the customers were getting impatient and were starting to complain loudly.

     ‘Well,’ Molly thought after eating all the food in the bowl. ‘I think this Bernard guy seems pretty nice. Maybe I will stay for a while and see what he is like. He could be that owner I always wanted.’

     Molly curled herself up on the rug in front of the fire. She closed her eye and drifted off to sleep - probably the most peaceful sleep she had had in a long time.

The End

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