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A Neopian Citizen

by rocknrollpup95


Come closer, Reader. I have a story to tell you...

     Once upon a time, when Neopia had just started to grow as a society, there were two very good friends.

     The first was a faerie. Her name was Sandria. Ever since she was a child faerie, she was taught to never take anything for granted.

     “Want what you have, not what you don’t have,” her mother would always tell her.

     And Sandria never forgot that.

     Sandria grew up to be a helpful, caring, and generous faerie. She didn’t look down her nose at Neopians less than her, like some faeries did. Sandria helped those she could, and looked for help for those she couldn’t. That was the way Sandria lived.

     The other friend was a yellow JubJub. His name was Jemley. Like Sandria, he was also a caring Neopian. He dedicated his childhood to volunteering at the Neopian Pound. (Yes, even in the early days, Neopians were already pounding their pets.) He helped the homeless Neopets find loving owners. He helped them find items necessary to live.

     One sunny afternoon, Jemley was carrying two boxes and two bags stacked on top of each other. He was a short JubJub, so it was a bit hard to see where he was going.

     At the same time, Sandria was in a rush to get back home. She had run out of food to give to the Neopets at the Pound. By the time she had seen Jemley coming, it was too late. She crashed into the JubJub, and all his boxes came tumbling down.

     “Oh, oh! I’m so sorry!” Sandria apologized. She helped Jemley onto his feet. “Are you okay?” she asked.

     Jemley brushed some dirt off and started to gather some items that had fallen out of the box. “Yes, I’m fine.”

     “Would you like me to help you carry those boxes?” Sandria offered, though she had to get food quickly.

     “No, I’m only going to the Pound. It’s not that far away. But thank you for your generosity,” Jemley said.

     “Really? So am I!” Sandria told him as she helped him pick up his items. “I’m Sandria.”

     “I’m Jemley. Would you like to accompany me to the Pound?” Jemley asked.

     “Of course, but I have to get some more food. I gave mine all away already.”

     “No need,” Jemley said. “You can use some of my food.”

     “Thank you!”

     And so the two of them went to the Pound to help out the homeless pets.

     Day after day, week after week, month after month, the two friends helped out, volunteered, and donated to the Pound. They looked after the sick pets at the Hospital, and they fed the hungry. Soon, they were known as the two most generous citizens in Neopia.

     Queen Fyora had noticed this, and she wanted to meet the two friends. She called one of her messengers to bring them to her.

     Jemley and Sandria were on their way to the Hospital. They had bought three Bubbles Herbal Drinks to bring to the sick pets.

     A light faerie stopped them. “Are you Jemley and Sandria?”

     Sandria nodded. “Yes, is there something wrong?”

     “No, not at all. But the Faerie Queen would like to see you both,” the light faerie answered.

     “Are we in trouble?” Jemley wondered out loud.

     “No, just follow me.” With that, the light faerie put both hands on the Neopians’ shoulders. They disappeared from the streets of Neopia Central.

     In a flash the three were standing in front of Fyora at the Faerie Castle.

     The light faerie stepped aside. “Your Highness.”

     Fyora regally stepped off her throne and approached Jemley and Sandria. “It is an honor to meet you,” she said to them.

     Jemley snuck a look at Sandria, who looked as confused as he did.

     Sandria put her hand out. “You as well, Queen Fyora.” They shook hands. “I’m Sandria and this is my friend Jemley.”

     “I’ve heard much about you,” Fyora told them. “You’re kind and caring, what ever Neopian should be.”

     Sandria looked down at her feet. How many times in her life would the Faerie Queen be telling her that?

     “Welcome to Faerieland,” Fyora said. “I’d like to give you something in return for your kindness.”

     Jemley shook his head. “No need, Your Highness. We don’t need anything. Knowing that we help the Neopians is a good enough reward.”

     “No, I insist,” Fyora told them. “You may each have anything you wish for.”

     “I wish for all the hungry Neopets to be not hungry and all the homeless Neopets to find homes,” Jemley replied.

     Fyora laughed quietly. “I admire your generosity, but even I cannot make a change that big. But, I can give you the power to change it little by little.”

     Jemley cocked his head to one side. “How so?”

     Fyora put a hand on his forehead and muttered a spell under her breath.

     “I don’t feel any different,” Jemley said.

     “What item do you wish for?” Fyora asked him.

     He shrugged. “Food for the poor?”

     “What kind of food?”

     “I don’t know, I guess a Carrot and Pea Omelette will do. It feeds three Neopets,” Jemley said. With that, words began to form right in front of Jemley’s eyes.

     Fyora smiled to him. “These are the names of people selling that item in their shops. With this power, you may search for any item in any shop of Neopia.”

     Jemley’s eyes twinkled with excitement. “You mean I could look for items to give to the hungry pets?”

     Fyora approved of his liberality. “Yes, and even something for yourself occasionally.” The Faerie Queen looked at Sandria. “I have not forgotten about you. What would you like?”

     Sandria thought for a minute. “Well, I’ve always wanted my own kitchen. Sometimes it’s hard to run back and forth from the store to get the food. I could always make my own food for the hungry.”

     Fyora waved her staff in the air and said a spell. “Your present can be found at the Market Place.”

     “What is it?” Sandria asked.

     “You will see,” Fyora answered. “Oh, and before I forget, there is one more thing I’d like to give you.” She waved her staff once again and a small seed appeared floating in the air. “This is for you both. You may decide what to do with it.”

     Sandria took it into her hand. “A seed?” she asked Fyora.

     The Queen nodded. “It will never die. No matter how tall it will grow, no matter how old it is, it will never die.”

     Sandria put the seed in her pocket. Jemley followed her out of the Faerie Castle.

     When they returned back to Neopia Central, they decided on a place to plant the tree. Sandria pointed to an open spot in the middle of Neopia Central. “How about right there?”

     The two friends dug a hole and planted the seed. After they finished, Jemley and Sandria went to the Market Place to find Sandria’s present.

     There was a new building shaped like a pot. They went up to the door. There was a sign that read, “FOR SANDRIA”. They entered the building. There was a cauldron in the middle of the room. There were empty shelves all around.

     Sandria gasped. “It’s a kitchen!”

     “Just like you asked for!” Jemley said.

     Jemley used his new power to search for ingredients. Together, Sandria and Jemley made a wonderful and delicious pot of soup. They brought bowls of it to the Hospital and to the Pound.

     Everyday, Sandria made a pot of soup to give to the poor. Jemley used his power to search the shops for food to give Sandria, and food to give the hungry.

     And let’s not forget about the tree.

     Sandria and Jemley made a habit to go to the tree every day. They watered it and made sure it got enough sunlight. Eventually, it grew into a strong, tall tree.

     And Reader, do you know who these people came to be?

     The Soup Faerie, The Shop Wizard, and The Money Tree.

The End

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