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Help Eliminate Dangerous Foods to Help Others

by masked_acorn


Think back to when you were a newbie. You probably learned about a few places where you could go every day to get free items, many of which were food items that made feeding your pet a lot easier. Did you ever get a poisonous jelly or a rotten omelette and feed it to your pet, making them sick?

It’s an unfortunate mistake that many Neopians, especially innocent newbies, make. They feed a dangerous food to their pet and get them sick. The cures for these types of diseases are usually rather expensive, and the pets suffer until the healing spring faerie heals them.

As experienced Neopians, I assume that you donate your unwanted junk to the Money Tree. (How else would there be so much rubbish?) You’ve all been told that donating any item you don’t want to the Money Tree so that a poor Neopian can get it for free is a good deed. But that is not always so.

They say that one pet’s trash is another pet’s treasure, but really, if an item makes the pet sick upon use, then it is no one’s treasure. So here’s what I’m saying: if you have a dangerous food item, then DO NOT donate it to the Money Tree. Donating items is meant to be in good nature, but you’re only causing suffering by donating a poisonous jelly.

What items make your pet sick and are commonly found?

This is just the list of items that a typical newbie could get from doing dailies. There are other items that can cause sickness (like the ferocious negg), but those items are not as cheap and are not found as commonly, thus there is no donation problem involved with them. Here are the ones that do have the donation problem:

Our first item is the poisonous jelly. This is probably the biggest one that you have to worry about, though I have no idea HOW in the world people get free jellies every day; it’s not like there’s a world made of jelly or anything. Nonetheless, jellies seem to sneak their way into Neopia by the thousands each day. If eaten, poisonous jellies cause Neomonia, which makes your pet feel sick, tired, and grumpy. The cure is to bathe the pet with Medicinal Soap, which currently costs around 11,000 neopoints. That may not seem like much to the more wealthy Neopians out there, but to someone new to Neopia this can be a hefty price to pay.

The next item is the rotten omelette. Though not quite as common as the poisonous jelly (at least in my opinion), the rotten omelette is still very easily obtainable and pours into the economy in mass amounts per day. Unlike the poisonous jelly, we actually have a logical explanation for that. Rotten omelettes come from the giant omelette located in Tyrannia. Feeding it to a pet results in the disease called ugga-ugga, which is cured by having the pet drink sporkle syrup. At the price of over 200,000 neopoints, it puts a dent in even a wealthy Neopian’s pocket. There are much better ways to spend that much money. What’s even worse is that this item serves three helpings. After feeding part of it to their pet, the sad Neopian may toss the rest of it back in the Money Tree. Someone else picks it up and gets their pet sick. And the process can be repeated once more, causing a total of three pets that can get sick from just one omelette.

And our final item is the poisonous lollypop. That wicked dark faerie, Jhudora, give these out as prizes for some of her quests! These cause the disease floppy tongue, which swells up your pet’s tongue. Some sources say that the pet may not be able to close its mouth and will start drooling a lot, and you don’t want drool all over your neohome, do you? Thankfully, this one can be cured by a tongue shrinker, which is only 3,000 neopoints... but really, why not just skip it all by not getting your pet sick in the first place?

Now that we’ve discussed the items, it’s time to talk about more things that you can do to prevent innocent pets from getting sick. First, you can discard all of the dangerous foods that you get from random events. The next thing I suggest you do is take a trip to visit the Money Tree – no, we’re not donating anything! Instead I’m telling you to take all of the poisonous jellies, rotten omelettes, and poisonous lollypops you see. Take as many as you can possibly get. Discard all of them. They are nearly worthless anyway, and you have now just prevented some pets from sickness.

What else does this do? Well, I’m glad you asked. Can you imagine how many items in the Money Tree are jellies? What if a good percentage of those suddenly stopped appearing? The Money Tree would be less cluttered, and it would be easier for Neopians to see the other items. Also, fewer pets getting sick means fewer pets will need those specific medicines, thus the prices will drop a bit (especially the sporkle syrup). There’s no reason that anyone should be making 200,000 neopoints off a one-use item that cures a disease caused by ignorance.

In conclusion, I hope you follow my advice and help discard dangerous foods around Neopia. Discarding items keeps the Money Tree clutter-free... so you might want to even stretch that towards other junk. Broken fishing rods, who needs those? Discard one of them once in a while; it’s good for the environment. We all seem to treat the Money Tree like it’s the rubbish dump! Instead try to donate items with a good use; even a breadfish or a green cybunny plushie (both are two very common items) would be better to donate than a dangerous food item. Don’t be afraid to hit that discard button. No one is going to try to wear that old rotten right boot, no one is going to store food in your rusty old tin can. And certainly no one will be happy when they’re sick from eating that poisonous jelly you threw into the pile.

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