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Well-Rounded Neopets

by earthlingdreamz


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Also by noob

Has your Neopet ever been hungry? Has it ever looked at you with sad, droopy eyes? Of course, we all know how to attend to our pet’s most basic needs. We can make our neopet full enough by tossing him some burnt desert food. We can make him happy enough by playing with a broken evil fuzzle.

But is your neopet really healthy?

Many Neopians nowadays have lost the essence of caring for their pets. We, the authors of this guide, have seen neopets on a strict diet of omelettes and jellies. We have also spotted other neopets who spend all day at Roo Island, shopping until late in the night. This is no way to raise a neopet! It is important to keep your pets in a nice environment, with a balanced healthy diet.

But don't worry, we were once like many of you. Zia's Tonu, Ziasaur, loved neggs, and they were all he ate! Soon he got sick with Neggitus, and Zia realized there needed to be change. So, after thinking, and worrying, and researching, Zia and Kay finally found the best method for keeping their neopets happy. There are many components to being healthy, even beyond having a well-fed and happy neopet. True, feeding him healthy foods and playing with unique toys is helpful! But you may want to go one step further in ensuring his continued health. Here are some ways in which you can ensure he will be one very fit neopet.

1. Foods

The Neopia our pets live in today is very different from that of older neopets. Before, there was not such an abundance of junk food littered throughout Neopia. Now, however, a pet can walk to every corner store and have himself a half-dozen chia pops! Never fear, though. Even with the junk food temptations, there are plenty of ways to keep your pet well-fed, beginning, of course, with health foods! There are dozens of options at the health food store, and the Quiggle shopkeeper is always willing to help you find the right flavor of foods that your pet will love! Some of our favorites include Organic Pears, Peanut Raisin Trail Mix and Koi Kelp Wrap. But what if your pet can't find any health foods they like? Not a problem! The Health-food Quiggle also sells many vitamin supplements. These fruity, flavorful vitamins are delicious, and will keep your pets happy and healthy. We recommend the Vitamin B Tablets.

Remember, a little junk food now and then is OK! Just try to limit your pet's junk food intake by only offering sugary desserts and chia pops as special treats.

2. Outdoor Activities

In the world of Neopia, there are dozens of ways to get your neopets out and about. As you no longer need a totem to visit Mystery Island, you could plan a day trip there! You can explore the tomb (and hope to find the shiny treasure!), or train your pet at the Mystery Island Training School. Afterwards, you can cool off by taking him to Maraqua to go fishing. Don't forget to stop by Faerieland to spin the Wheel of Excitement! Squee! As the day nears a close, you can wander through the Hall of Heroes in Altador. Whew! After a long day out in the hot Neopian sun, your pet will probably need a little nap!

3. Fun and Leisure

"SpiritsBreath says: AH! BEHIND YOU! Just kidding!" When your neopets are happy, you will definitely know it. In this case, Spiritsbreath was in such a good mood, he decided to play a trick on Kay and (just like the meepits), he gave her a good scare. Of course, there are a lot of things which go into making a pet happy. Making sure he is well fed should be your first priority. After that, you can take him in a trip to the battledome! A little bit of exercise (and winning a few tough battles) will definitely get him in the right mood. Then, you can reward your neopet by taking him to play some daily games, such as visiting Coltzan's Shrine or scratching some Terror Mountain scratch cards!

Be sure your pet gets lots of rest, too! No pet likes to battle all the time, or spend their entire day stalking the Money Tree. Varying his activities will not only be fun for you, but also make your Neopet happy!

4. Brain Exercises

Now that we've got your pet active and healthy, its time to keep your pet on top of things. Though there is no Neoschool currently, there are still many ways for you to make your neopet intelligent and quick-witted:

1. Books

There are literally hundreds of books around Neopia. Read a few to your neopet and surely you will find that all neopets really enjoy reading a good book or two every few days!

2. Faerie Crossword Puzzles

If your pet is tired of reading, how about challenging them to a faerie crossword puzzle? Not only will this have a chance to increase your neopet's Intelligence stat, but it's also quite fun for the owner!

3. Card-Matching

Once you feel like your neopet has mastered both books and crossword puzzles, you should move on to the Card-Matching game. This game is the ultimate test of your neopet's intelligence. Not only will it show how smart your neopet is, it'll show how in sync you have become with your pet after all the fun times you have shared together!

5. Down-time

We understand it's not always practical to do all these fun, but tiring, activities with your neopet. After all, everyone needs a break! This is why Neopia has the Neolodge, a rather grand establishment in Neopia Central. The Neolodge is a place you can leave your neopets where they will be well looked after. There are many, many accommodations: you can sign them up for tennis, swimming, burger bars, and more! Just remember to keep this as a special treat; you don't want to spoil your neopet by letting them go to the Neolodge whenever they want, or for an extended period of time.

So now that you’ve taken care of your neopet’s stomach, residence, entertainment, physique and his mind, there’s just one part left: his heart. Be sure to give your neopet lots of hugs on a daily basis, just to remind him how much you care! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our guide and can use some of our tips to improve the health of your beloved pet.

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