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Which Faerie Should You Fear?

by anamya


It's time to celebrate the Faeries Festival! We all love faeries. We love their quests, we love their beauty, their tales... Some prefer good faeries, some prefer the evil ones (yeah, there are lots of people that like Jhudora). But more important than loving, respecting and buying all stuff related to the faeries we love, people must be aware of which faerie they should be AFRAID of. Because all of these amazing magic creatures have a strong personality, and if it doesn't match with yours... It's better to be careful. Answer ten simple questions and find out who would be your faerie nemesis.

1) What do you like to do in your free time?

a) I like to look for new items in stores. It´s time to improve my gallery!

b) I love going to the beach.

c) Mmm... I sometimes try to dominate Neopia, I mean, I try to make friends with Grundos in Kreludor!

d) Anything but studying and working.

e) I like to gather my friends, go out and celebrate!

2) Do you usually like faerie quests and read faerie stories?

a) No, they spend too much time helping neopets to get better and stronger.

b) So-so... I hate when they ask for expensive items.

c) Yeah, I like to find out about their power... and weaknesses.

d) Yeah, they are fun, their quests are easier than solving plot puzzles or hard games.

e) Yeah, they are bright and beautiful and so kind! I love them!

3) Which place in Neopia do you spend more time in?

a) Neopian Bank and Trading Post.

b) The Lost Desert

c) Virtupets Space Station

d) Escaping from Neoschool.

e) I go everywhere; I love the whole of Neopia! But my favorite places are the Rainbow Fountain and the Merry-Go-Round in Roo Island; they are so colorful!

4) Which trophy do you think is the hardest to get?

a) Gourmet Food Club trophy. I have no patience to deal with food.

b) Snowball fight trophy. There are more interesting games than playing with snow.

c) Splat-a-Sloth trophy. Why would I disrespect Sloth?

d) Neopian Book Award or Booktastic Book Club. Books are boring and expensive, and you have to read soooo many!

e) Feed Florg trophy. I can´t play that, I can´t see any petpets, or pets, nor anyone crying!

5) Have you ever disappointed any of your pets? What have you done?

a) I forgot to give them food.

b) I didn't take them to the Advent Calendar or play on Terror Mountain during the Month of Celebrating.

c) I never disappointed them! I taught them how to serve Sloth because they asked me!

d) I didn't read them books.

e) My pets and I are perfectly happy together; this question does not proceed.

6) Which faerie is your favorite?

a) The Darkest Faerie! She's evil! And I also like Jhudora a bit...

b) Jhuidah, I admire that steaming cooking pot!

c) Happiness Faerie is perfect for me.

d) I like... Oh, it's a hard question, may I answer that after a quick nap?

e) The Fountain Faerie. I love all that is colorful in Neopia!

7) Which colour would you paint a pet of yours, after buying a paintbrush?

a) Ghost or Zombie. I like those 'not-so-lively' colours.

b) Desert or Mystery Island. They are festive, and remind me of sunny beautiful places!

c) Robot or mutant. When Sloth decides to attack Neopia, they´ll be prepared.

d) None. I´m too lazy to save money, so I wouldn't buy a paintbrush.

e) Rainbow! Starry! Speckled! Gold! Anything very, very colorful and great and shiny!

8) Which Neopian celebrity do you admire most?

a) Chef Bonju. No one cooks like him!

b) The Tombola Guy. He lives in a sunny paradise and gives us free stuff!

c) Sloth's my master.

d) Professor Hugo Fairweather. I have no idea how can anyone be so smart. He obviously studies a lot. I´m not able to do the same.

e) King Roo! King Roo! *rolls a dice* *goes to the Merry-Go-Round* Yaaaaayyy! Let's play all together!

9) What's your neopet's favorite book?

a) Almost Big Book of Slothy Recipes. It´s fun to see how weird can be food sometimes!

b) Sunny Faerie Days. Because it makes us feel warm and happy!

c) The Complete Guide to Dr. Sloth. Because Sloth is the best.

d) The Comics in Neopian Times... I don´t like books, actually.

e) Rainbow Faerie Tales. Because I like everything that's colourful! Have I already said that?

10) And what food do your pets NOT like?

a) Soup. They prefer food they can munch.

b) Hot Borovan. We are always seeking for sunny and beautiful places to go, so hot borovan doesn't fit with that.

c) Anything from the Grundo's Cafe, especially if it was prepared by a mutant Grundo.

d) Woo woo grubs. And other kinds of grubs too.

e) Starry food! Sparkling food! Yay, eating is such a wonderful activity!


Now, check your answers. See which letter you've marked most and read the list below. Finally, find out which faerie you should be afraid of (and maybe you are still in time to change your behavior and not let any faerie angry!):

More A: C'mon, you have never donated to the Money Tree? You should be afraid of the SOUP FAERIE! If you're not inclined to help other pets, she's the faerie you should fear! Or worse: have you ever forgotten to feed your pets properly? Oh, no, maybe she's already angry at you!

More B: Dislike the winter? You should be afraid of the SNOW FAERIE! Although Taelia respects all Neopian regions, she's amazed when people show their appreciation for winter and cold weather. So, better go for a walk around Terror Mountain and Ice Caves to show you also like the snow! What about giving a wintery petpet to your pet?

More C: Behold, minion of Sloth! You should be afraid of the SPACE FAERIE! And probably you know why. The Space Faerie has always protected Neopia from the evil action of Sloth! How could she be happy when she sees the kind of things you do?

More D: Grab your neoschool items! You should be afraid of the LIBRARY FAERIE! When was the last time you read a book to your pet? Do you remind them to study? If you don´t think getting knowledge is an effort worth doing, you should be careful, because the Library Faerie may be very disappointed with you!

More E: Bubbling happy personality, huh? You should be afraid of the GREY FAERIE! Baelia has that sad face, but inside she's a good faerie. You shouldn't keep reminding her of all sparkling and colourful things that there are in Neopia, should you? Respect her introspectiveness!

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