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Bogshot: The (Somewhat) Forgotten Swamp

by jubub33


Today, I realized a very curious thing. As I sat there, reading the Neopian Times, I chanced upon an article in the archives that was about world domination, which made me think about the Darkest Faerie, which made me think about how Altador, Maraqua, Faerieland, Brightvale, Meridell, and even some smaller-but-still-important lands like Market Town, Werelupe Woods, and Bogshot are related.

Are you still with me? Did I lose you? Well, I hope that all made sense, but it’s not too important, because this article is about Bogshot.

I feel like I’m getting stares that are oozing “HUH???” aimed at me.

Bogshot is a swamp, located on the border between Meridell and Brightvale. Its most memorable appearance was in the Darkest Faerie, as the heroes Roberta and Tormund had to free it by killing the horrid serpent Kastraliss.

Back to Bogshot. I feel so off-topic, because I keep on referring back to the Darkest Faerie... Anyways, if you search for Bogshot, you’ll only find two items related to this location- a Bogshot Background, which you can find in the NC Mall for your pet, and a TGC card titled simply “Bogshot Village”.

I’m getting those stares again, aren’t I? Bogshot IS a swamp, but it also has a village by the same name. It’s a nice place, I swear! The locals are quite friendly.

The TGC card’s description reads ”As if the plague wasn’t bad enough, they now had a giant swamp snake to deal with, too.” This leads us to two other things about Bogshot- the healing Bogberries, and the swamp serpent, Kastraliss.

Bogberries are (sadly) represented only by another TGC card on the site, this one titled “Bogberries”. They are, according to the card, the only cure for the Bogshot plague. No! Don’t run away, they’ve cured the plague, it’s perfectly safe there, I swear!

There are three types of Bogberries, despite the image on the card, which only shows black Bogberries- the rarest type. There are also red and white Bogberries.

The black Bogberries, when Roberta and Tor helped Bogshot cure itself of the plague so that the bridge-builder there could rebuild the bridge to Meridell for them, were guarded by Kastraliss, that swamp serpent I mentioned earlier. He is slightly more represented, having a TGC card AND an action figure. And those action figures are quite a find, let me tell you, going for 99,999 Neopoints on the Shop Wizard. According to the search page, you can find one for much, much less in the actual shop.

To add to the odd lack of representation there is of Bogshot, we’ll go to the Neopian Times- the place to find information.

If you search for “Bogshot” in the Neopian Times search engine, you come up with absolutely nothing, not even in the ancient issues before 157. Even if you search for “swamp”, the only things that pop up are pertaining to the Swamp Ghoul in some way. In fact, the only story I have ever read (and it actually didn’t pop up, so if you wrote something about it and are annoyed with me, please forgive me!) was a very good series, although some of the things in it were not completely correct.

Ah, yes, myths about Bogshot- for instance, that it is a dangerous place. Well, it can be- just stay out of the water to avoid tentacles and bring lots of Slorg repellent, to keep away the wild Slorgs that roam the land, and a few Baggusses to calm the Sludgies. Wait! No! Don’t scoff at me! It isn’t dangerous, I swear!

Another common misconception is that Sophie the Swamp Witch lives there. Actually, I’m not sure where she lives. She appeared to live in Werelupe Woods during the time the Darkest Faerie plagued Meridell with her dark magic, but in the Tale of Woe, it was established that she lived in the Haunted Woods, and had come from Neovia. Perhaps she has a summer home?

A third is that the swamp is home to dangerous people. They’re very nice people, I swear! I’ve met them, and they’re like any other community- a mix of good, charming people with many kinds of personalities. And if you don’t believe me, go to Bogshot yourself!

Let’s see, what have we covered? An unusual lack of representation and myths. What was I going to talk about next...? Oh yes, that’s right, I was going to tell everyone about why Bogshot is an amazing place.

See, it may be a swamp, but it’s quite a lovely place. The locals are friendly, as I have mentioned at least twice, they run the nicest shops, and the only bridge-builder in the entire land lives there. Yes, the only bridge-builder in “a land of many rivers”, according to something I read once.

Oh, and before I forget- if Bogshot didn’t exist, then the Darkest Faerie would still be terrorizing Meridell today, because the bridge to Meridell never would have been fixed, and Tor and Roberta never would have been able to reach them.

Well, actually, not quite. They’d have found a way; they’re smart people. Supposing that they are now in Meridell, they go to Meridell City, and, as anyone familiar with the plot remembers, find the way blocked by dark faerie magic.

At this point, they go to see Illusen to see if she can help them, but a nasty Gelert blocks their way, causing them to have to go to Meri Acres farm to get a rope gun from Tor’s father, a farmer-slash-inventor.

Now, Bogshot also played an important role in discovery- Roberta and Tormund found out that the dark magic was tied to monsters, which, if slain, freed the land. By slaying Kastraliss to get the Bogberries, they found out this fact.

Now, since Meri Acres farm had been taken over, if Bogshot didn’t exist, they wouldn’t have known that to get Tor’s father to listen to them instead of ranting about things breaking, they had to slay the corresponding monster, this time a Juppie Monster that lived within Shadowglen Woods.

Do you see now how important this small, seemingly forgotten land is? Do you understand? Please tell me that you do, oh please do. If you don’t, I will have to weep for hours, miserable at my apparent lack of skill at explaining.

Bogshot is a glorious, wondrous land, to be appreciated by all, and to be loved by all. It is perhaps cooler than Meridell, because it has cooler Mortog-related games that Meridell- instead of Kiss the Mortog, they play Mortog Races. How cool is that? Really cool, let me tell you!

Well, then. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this semi-rant, semi-informative article about an amazing place- Bogshot.

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