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The Money Tree's Monitor: The Yellow Acara

by aisha_gurl_forever


This is only a beginning of a series of random Notable Neopians!

The Money Tree Acara: The Job, The Patience, The Sympathetic Looks

THE MONEY TREE - A place for the poor and needy as well as the rich and caring. A worthless item, not discarded, is donated to continue the cycle. Neopoints, unneeded, donated to the poor and greedy. Neopia’s center of attention, which is conveniently located right next to the Rainbow Pool.

Aisha_Gurl_Forever: Hello, hello again! This week, we are very fortunate to be with the Money Tree Acara, the yellow friend that is always offering an understanding look when you miss an item, or grin happily for you when you receive one! So, Money Tree Acara, how did you get your job?

Money Tree Acara: Um... well, one day, I went to the uh, Employment Office in Faerieland, and Fyora came, and she--

AGF: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Fyora?

MTA: Er, yes, I ran away from the Pound, and I ended up in Faerieland, and, uh, I went to the Employment Office, you know, because, uh, I didn’t want to go to the Meridell Dump or anything, and Fyora said I could be the Money Tree Guardian.

AGF: I see. So, what is the most extraordinary thing you’ve seen donated to the Money Tree?

MTA: Well, I’ve seen the um, Balthazar Bottled Faerie Bonanza, and when the Health Food Shop donates all that healthy stuff, but I’ve seen one really, uh, kind person donate a Faerie Paint Brush.

AGF: Wow! A Faerie Paint Brush! So, why aren’t you painted?

MTA: Because I don’t want to be; if I was, a Neopian might want to take me away.

AGF: How old is the Money Tree?

MTA: Well, I don’t, uh, really know, but Fyora put me there just as it started, people would, uh, take things, and sometimes they wouldn’t, um, know if they got the item or not. So Fyora, uh, put me here, because people need to look.

AGF: This is just recently that you look sad? I remember you used to look angry, with red eyes and everything.

MTA: Yeah, well, uh, Fyora thought that wasn’t really good, because I kept scaring away people, and, uh, it’s not that nice to go around giving people mean looks and sneering.

AGF: You’re usually disregarded by greedy Neopians, and hardly noticed in general. How does this make you feel?

MTA: I don’t really mind; if it wasn’t for the Money Tree, I wouldn’t be anywhere. And besides, the Money Tree is really very nice. He gives me the leftover omelettes so I don’t get too hungry.

AGF: Do you get along with the ghosts at the Money Tree?

MTA: Well... they, uh, sort of scare, me, and um, they usually just take a lot of the stuff...

AGF: Have you ever had a conversation with one?

MTA: Well, they just, um, tell me to move over so they can take the, uh, donations...

AGF: Anyway, the Money Tree is always a healthy green, even in the winter! What do you do to take care of this magnificent plant?

MTA: Um, in the beginning, I fed it lots of Neocola...

AGF: You fed a tree Neocola?

MTA: Uh, yeah, and then I put packets of gravel all around it, and it seems to be fine, and then people kept on putting dung next to it, and I guess the dung helped, because it grew pretty big...

AGF: Oh, my. No wonder it has grown so much! It almost seemed impossible, everyone thought it was certainly just grown with lots of fertilizer, I guess someone added special ingredients to those Neopoint seeds and fertilized it with a great amount of dung! Do you use Rainbow Dung as well?

MTA: Disgustingly, yes. Since the, uh, new addition of Shenkuu and the moon chart, er, or whatever you call it, uh, Neopians have been leaving it all around the Money Tree.

AGF: Have you ever donated to the Money Tree?

MTA: Er, I don’t really own enough stuff to go around donating...

AGF: Erm, alright, have YOU ever taken from the Money Tree?

MTA: Only my necessities, like food, but when no one takes the stuff, sometimes I do. I’ve got quite a collection of mossy rocks and bottles of sand.

AGF: Wouldn’t that mean that you have a rather large amount of leftover Neopoints?

MTA: It’s, ah, amounted over the years; interest does give me a lot...

AGF: So how much would you have total?

MTA: Well, er, I dunno, I just donate it all when I have a lot, I know a lot more Neopets aren’t as fortunate as, um, me...

AGF: So, give or take, would you have had more than one million?

MTA: Er, yeah, I guess, probably lower, uh, though.

AGF: Did you have a name before? Can you remember it?

MTA: Um, I think my name was gfwilrf_gjdfirelkaneo.

AGF: Erm, okay then. How exactly would you pronounce that?

MTA: I uh, think it’s, uh, pronounced “gif-wil-rif-gid-fir-el-ka-neo”.

AGF: So what do you think your job really is?

GWRGFEKN/MTA: I, uh, think it’s to, um, help Neopians find out if they, uh, got their item or not, because, uh, sometimes they get confused when they’re empty-handed, after, ah, diving for the item, or vice versa, when they, uh, are so surprised they’ve, um, actually gotten something, and they can’t believe it.

AGF: You recently acquired a package to show Neopians that they’ve actually received something. It’s basically just a brown paper package tied up with string. What is in your package?

GWRGFEKN/MTA: Erm, do you really want to know that... ?

AGF: Oh yes I do! My readers and I would love to know!

GWRGFEKN/MTA: Well, if you, uh, must know, that’s where I keep, uh, my petpet...

AGF: You have a petpet?

GWRGFEKN/MTA: Fyora thought I needed, ah, a friend, so she gave me, uh, my pet rock, Sedentary.

AGF: I see. So where do you live?

GWRGFEKN/MTA: I live, uh, in a treehouse...

AGF: In a treehouse?

GWRGFEKN/MTA: Yes, er, in the Money Tree itself...

AGF: Oh my! Well, that’s all we have time for this week, thank you so much, gfwilrf_gjdfirelkaneo, and tune in next week for another familiar person: The Tombola Guy!

GWRGFEKN/MTA: Please come and visit and donate!

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