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A Comprehensive Guide to Kikos

by turtles_rule32



Pronunciation: Kee-koh.

Home: Kiko Lake

Kikos are one of Neopia’s most lively and fun species, but how much do you really know about these adorable and effervescent limited edition pets? Sure, Kiko Day is over, but it’s never too late to learn more about a wonderful species of pets that generally and undeservedly receives very little Neopian attention!

It is in my opinion that these understated and mischievous pets are some of the best and most rewarding to own. I myself own two Kikos and while they are exhausting pets in their lively natures (every minute not spent swimming at Kiko Lake or playing Kiko Match II is a minute wasted to these playful pets!), they also care very greatly for their respective owners and will always stay loyal as long as they are properly cared for. So just how many Neopians are lucky enough to own a Kiko? 1,075,270 to be exact! By the numbers this makes them the 44th most popular pet in Neopia (and the most popular of all the limited edition pets!). Not bad for the charming little inhabitants of the relaxing yet small fishing destination, Kiko Lake, eh? Now let us take a look at some Kiko fun facts:

Kiko Day is in the Month of Swimming, July 17th. Celebrate with your Kiko by taking a Glass Bottom Boat Tour or indulging in a delicious Kiko Lake Cookie! Maybe TNT will even be kind enough to release some Kikos for adoption on this day... *cough* Just maybe...

Including basics like red or blue, Kikos can be painted a total of 43 different colors, so grab a paint brush and run down to the Rainbow Pool to give your Kiko a spiffy new paint job today!

-Kiko Lake attractions include Kiko Lake Carpentry (pick up some exquisite furniture crafted by Kikos for your Neohome), Kiko Lake Treats (a tasty respite from a long day of fishing), and the world famous Glass Bottom Boat Tours (a relaxing way to close out your visit- and learn more about the history of Kiko Lake!).

In Altador Cup II, the Kiko Lake team placed 14th. In Altador Cup III they did not compete due to being held up by a *slight* landslide.

As of now, there are no famous or historically significant Kikos listed in the Neopedia... Something is terribly wrong with this!

Now that you have been educated in Kiko Facts, let’s learn about the different Kiko avatars that will be sure to spice up all of your Neoboard posts! There are six:

  • Kiko (Default)
  • Kiko – Snack Time!
  • Clay – Ouch!
  • Goggles (Does not count in Avatar Collection)
  • Kiko Ninja
  • Kiko – Rock! (My favorite!)

If you are unsure of how to obtain all of these wonderful Kiko avatars, I suggest a good avatar guide crafted by one of those many helpful, fellow Neopians!

So you have all the Kiko avatars there are to have. Now what? Why, play some Kiko games of course!

Kiko Match I: Though this game is available only in the game graveyard and cannot be played for Neopoints, you can still take your Kiko there to play and get nostalgic about old times in Neopia!

Kiko Match II: This is the second version of one of Neopia’s most beloved games. To play, simply match up the pairs of Kikos in the allotted amount of time!

Tubular Kiko Racing: This is one of my Kiko’s favorite games to play. Inner tube racing is one of the most popular Kiko pastimes, and this game is no exception as you guide the young Kiko named Kavi through the unpredictable and fast paced rapids of Kiko Lake!

Now that you’ve spent some time playing these Kiko-centered games, you have some extra NP to spend! So what do you spend it on? How about some fabulous Kiko themed items?

Kiko Treats: The tastiest include all the Kiko Fudge flavors... Both of my Kikos prefer the Vanilla Kiko Fudge! Candy Kiko Apple proves to be a hit as well, especially among the younger Kikos!

Kiko Books: Thrill your Kiko with the tales encompassed in books such as Kiko Treasure Island and Kikos Darkside. Also, pick up a Game Guide: Tubular Kiko Racing to improve your skills while you’re at it!

Kiko Plush: Your pet will love playing with any of the Kiko plushies available! Favorites among my Kikos include the Valentines Kiko Plushie and Swirly Kiko Plushie. For a scarier toy, pick up a Mutant Kiko Plushie! Eek...

Kiko Wearables: Round out your Kiko collection with some of the newest fashions provided for Kikos! Try one of the latest fashion crazes of the different colored Kiko Plasters! You can also dress up your Kiko to be the coolest Kiko around with Kiko Drummer Headband and Kiko Drummer Sunglasses.

To conclude this comprehensive guide of Kiko, let's cover the thing that many of you may be wondering now that you’ve read this guide: “How do I get myself one of these great pets to care for?!” Well, since Kikos are limited edition pets, they are extremely rare and cannot be created at any time. Don’t let this discourage you, though! Try one of the following and you can soon be the owner of a bouncy Kiko of your own!

Adopt from the Pound: Now, there may not be many Kikos in there, but keep your eyes peeled and you may just get lucky! Also, check the Pound boards frequently as someone may be looking for a user to adopt their Kiko that they can no longer care for.

Create on Kiko Day: If you are lucky and perhaps if TNT is in a good mood, Kikos may be available for creation for an hour or so on this day!

Use a potion: Transmogrification potions and morphing potions work just fine for getting your own Kiko to love! Why not check out the Trading Post to see if there are any deals?

Lab Ray: To date I have not heard of this happening often, but it is always possible to zap a Kiko! Keep zapping ... You never know what may happen!

This concludes my Comprehensive Kiko Guide. I hope you learned a thing or two and are maybe even interested in owning your own Kiko now! All pets deserve attention and love, and the Kiko is no exception! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get on your way to being the best Kiko owner you can be! All the time and care you put in to it will be returned tenfold by your energetic and loyal Kiko.

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