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Eat Dirt!

by misshamsterlover


I'm sure that when we were little, every one of us has made a dirt pie, or fell in mud, or maybe even eaten some.

Dirt may be labelled as a gross food, but have you ever tried it? Do you have the right to criticize it if you have not tried it? Is Dirt the ugly-duckling of food everywhere? Will it soon blossom into the most delicious and most happily eaten food all over Neopia? Well, we'll never know unless you give it a try and just eat some Dirt!

Now, you may be thinking, "Eat DIRT? Eww! Not me! It's full of germs and gross things like bugs! You'll never catch me eating Dirt!"

I cannot tell you how wrong you are! Dirt has been proven to be quite healthy, and not to mention delicious! (Plus if I am not mistaken, the bugs are quite nice and crunchy...)

Still refuse to try some Dirt? Well, then you don't know what you're missing out on!

To many Neopians, Dirt is considered a great delicacy! There are 8 Dirt food items you'll need to know about before going on some fine Dirt dining! First of all, you need to know all about the history of dirt! I suggest you read the amazing novel by Sir I. R. Soil, named 'History of Dirt'. Incredibly informative and a fast read, History of Dirt teaches you all about the amazing things dirt can be made into, what it is used for, as well as how it can help plants and animals, and how Dirt actually came to be too!

To start off our Dirt delicacies, we have the magnificent Starberry Covered Dirt.

Yum! Imagine the amazing juicy sweetness of a beautiful ripened Starberry taken from only the best berry yard in Meridell, puréed and drizzled appetizingly over a chewy chunk of fresh Dirt dug out from the snowy wilderness of Terror Mountain, making it as fresh as it could get! This scrummy pudding is quite the delicacy on Mystery Island. Deeeelicious!

Next up is a must-have for all you greedy Skeiths out there, the delightful Four Dirt Pizza Block!

Imagine four layers of mouthwatering Soil, and even some for the Neopian that can't get enough grass. Here we have four different types of dirt topped with a large chunk of fresh turf.

This dirt delicacy includes Dark Soil from deep down in the ground of Krawk Island, fresh dried Dirt from the very top of the soil from Brightvale, and some wonderful thirst quenching waterlogged Dirt from the Meridellian farmer's most fertile land. Last but not at all least, this Dirt Delight is topped with some fresh grass still wet with the morning dew, giving it a sweeter flavour.

Why not have a Gorgeously Grass-filled Dirt Dessert?

Dirt Ice Cream is lovely and fresh Dirt mixed with scrumptious chocolate ice cream to make a refreshing treat!

The grass gives it an extra kick; this is a lovely vegetarian treat, and is great for those Neopians who are watching their weight!

Be sure to buy some Dirt Ice Cream from your local market today! So what if it's not fancy enough for Kelp to serve; it's tasty, it's muddy, and it's made with two of our favourite things: chocolate ice cream, and Dirt!

Thirsty? Why not have some Dirt Achyfi?

Achyfi is the biggest competitor to NeoCola! This lovely Dirt Fizzy-Pop is the great and outrageous new sparkling drink with root extracts to give your Neopet energy! Fantastically Fizzy, and filled with delicious Dirt, this is a definite yes for all you Achyfi lovers! Forget NeoCola with their dull ordinary flavours; be outgoing! Try some Dirt Achyfi!

If you're looking for something new and cool to have on your sandwich, or on your toast, have a slice of Dirt Cheese!

This scrumptious cheese made in Meridell has been buried in only the richest of soils, which were found in Shenkuu, and then watered thoroughly with mineral water imported all the way from Kiko Lake, and then left in the hot Desert sun to ripen and grow. With a beautiful aroma, and a lip-smacking taste to tickle your taste buds, and topped with a golden flower from Mystery Island, it's fancy, it's tasty, its cheesy, and it's covered in lovely Soil and Dirt! Yum!

Want something fatty, dying to break your diet? Don't you dare! Our lovely new Dirt Burgers won't break that diet, and are, yes, you guessed it! Full of the ground's goodness! Want some meat with your dirt? Don't fret! We have mixed the dirt with some mashed worms, perfect for you carnivores out there! Try something a bit different, take a walk on the wild side and have a Dirt Burger today!

With those two lovely buns baked by only the best Bread master in Neopia Central, with a delicious mud patty in between!

The mixture of dirt and frozen yoghurt with a couple of worms is quite unique! Yes, it's the Worms and Dirt Sundae! The lovely and sweet Vanilla Yoghurt makes this Dirt Dessert even sweeter! The thick and creamy pudding contains delectably juicy worms that taste chewy and sweet, lovely for the sweet-toothed Grarrl.

Cheap, tasty, muddy and cheap, this is a great desert that all Neopians should love!

And, last but not least, the original squidgy slab of dirt complete with roots and all! Yes, it's the DIRT PIE!

Who doesn't love a delightful Dirt Pie? All baby Neopians love learning to make them; it's an easy, simple recipe, quick to make, and it doesn't taste too bad either!

Remember to buy (or make!) some of this lovely dessert! It's great for dinner parties and popular for lunch boxes! You can even give a slice of home-made Dirt Pie to your Neopets whilst on their way to NeoSchool!

Well, I'm afraid that's all of the mouth-watering Dirt delicacies that we have time for today, but be sure to try them all out! After all, you never know, you just might like one of them! Remember, give Dirt a chance and try something new!

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