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Mutants: Judged By Their Appearance?

by jackjack1234


What do you see?

What do we see in mutants? A hideous, twisted, cruel mastermind working for the nefarious Dr. Sloth? Or do we see a kind-hearted intelligent fellow who just wants a home? Many of us would think the first question asked. We don’t see kind souls in the eyes of mutants.

Most of the time we see an evil scheming devious pet just waiting for you to invite it into your home. DON’T think this. Mutants are often cast aside as one of the worst kind of pets in Neopia. Even though the potions to turn neopets into mutants were developed by Dr. Sloth, there is no link to mutant pets and Dr. Sloth in any other way. In fact, the ONLY mutant that works for Dr. Sloth is the mutant Grundo. But that is because they were the only species on Kreludor at the time.

Mutants’ assumed habitat

Most people would assume that a mutant’s habitat would be in a swamp or some deserted trash lot, scavenging for food. Truthfully though, mutants don’t live in such areas. They live in a normal neohome just like any other neopet. They prefer warm places to sleep than dirty damp areas. After all, just because they are mutant doesn’t mean they live in places where mortogs keep their skin moist. They think that is truly disgusting. And besides, no one likes to get dirty, except for maybe a few snorkles.


Have you ever heard your friends ever tell you, ‘Mutants are hideous! NEVER get one!’ or ‘Ew, a mutant? You’re considering one?’ Well, tell your friends they might want to take a look at these facts. If this is what they truly think, then they must definitely consider these facts before saying this.

What personality do mutants have?

Some owners might say: Evil! If they’re this ugly, they must be mean!

My opinion: Mutants are very loyal. They would not disobey their owners/caretakers, or turn against their siblings in any way (if any).

What do you find best in a mutant pet?

Some owners might say: Nothing, they are hideous, cruel beasts.

My opinion: Some of mutants’ features are quite interesting. A Korbat’s large ears, an Aisha’s mouth-like ears, a Hissi’s two heads... all these features have many mysteries to them.

There’s a mutant pet available in the pound, and you want a rare pet. Mutants are slightly-rare, so would you take it?

Some owners might say: Maybe, but it’s so ugly...

My opinion: Yes. Mutants may not have the BEST appearance, but they are very friendly and forgiving. You can trust in them, for they are kind souls who just want someplace to live.

Let’s say your friend got a mutant. Would you like one yourself?

Some owners might say: Sorry, I don’t do ugly.

My opinion: I actually had a mutant at one time, and he was a great pet. I still have him, just as a different color. He had a very awesome appearance. However, he couldn’t wear custom items like a scarf I spent 11 thousand neopoints on. I painted him on July 5th, and now he is an attractive glowing. He still has memory of when he was a mutant, and now he has a mutant friend. His friend is a Korbat as well as he is. They are the best of friends.

Let’s say YOU have a mutant. What would you do?

Some owners might say: I NEED to paint them! Now what’s the cheapest paint brush... ?

My opinion: Some mutants might need a good painting. Others have decent appearances, and need no paintbrushes. My favorite mutant pets are the Aisha, Draik, Gelert, Hissi, Ixi, Kacheek, Korbat, Kougra, Krawk, Ruki, Scorchio, Shoyru, Techo (my friend has one), Xweetok, and Zafara. Yes, even I favor and dislike mutants at times. Some of them are just not my type of look.

Friend Interview:

I personally interviewed my friend (username not mentioned) and asked her what she thinks of mutants. She owns my glowing Korbat’s friend, her mutant Korbat.

She and I took a small trip to my house (where it would be nice and *cough* quiet), and while she had a cup of lemon meringue tea, I myself got a cup hot blairnut tea. I held my notepad while I calmly sipped my tea.

Me: Now I’ll need to ask you a few questions.

Twilight: Okay.

Me: These will be short and sweet, and I want you to answer these sincerely and honestly.

Twilight: Fire away.

Me: Okay. Would you ever consider a mutant to be evil, cruel, etc.?

Twilight: Well, if they actually WERE evil and cruel, then yes. However most mutants are NOT evil or cruel. I should know.

Me: Do others sometimes judge you by the fact that you have a mutant?

Twilight: No, no one really minds the fact that I have a mutant. They think it’s pretty cool, actually.

Me: How do your family pets take to your mutant?

Twilight: Truthfully, they think he’s a little messed up in the head. He can be a little eccentric at times, but he’s still very kind.

Me: How do other pets take to your mutant?

Twilight: They would stay very far away from him. I feel bad for him, but he knows that I’m not like that.

Me: Okay, last question. Do you love your mutant just as much as any other pet?

Twilight: Definitely yes! Sometimes, maybe more than my other pets! He’s just the coolest!

Me: Well, now that we got those questions out of the way, I think we’re just about done. Thanks for the interview.

Twilight: My pleasure.

Final words

Well, now that you know these facts, wouldn’t you like to get a mutant? I mean, take a look at the selection! There’s many to choose from, so take your time. Remember, just because your pet is a mutant or is becoming a mutant, doesn’t mean that their personality will be any different. Their personality will remain the same no matter what color you paint them. Now go on out and get one!

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