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A Tale of Two Faeries: Part Four

by kacheekgirl444


Illusen pointed her perfectly manicured painted green fingernail at Fin. “So, do you want me to read that letter to you or not?” she asked smoothly.

      Fin blinked. He had almost forgotten about the letter, in all that had happened in the past hour or so, which was saying a lot. Fin hadn’t always had the best memory, but considering that the letter was from Jhudora and he had spent the last day or so franticly worrying about it, Fin’s bad memory had gone to a whole new level of forgetful. But were had he put that stupid letter anyway? Fin stared woefully down at his empty mug, wishing there was some left to trigger his memory.

      Illusen sighed impatiently. Her foot tapped against the wooden floor of her hut. “You’re holding it,” she said flatly. Fin flinched and felt himself blushing. Sometimes it was unnerving that Illusen somehow had the uncanny ability to almost read his mind, but this was just plain embarrassing she knew the letter was in his hand when he himself didn’t.

      Fin pulled the purple letter out from under the table. The green seal had a large picture of Jhudora on it that almost served as a warning: do not let anyone besides yourself read this letter, or else. In fact, it almost looked like Jhudora was twirling a fireball menacingly. Fin blinked, confused. When you looked again, the picture was unmoving, like how any normal picture should look. Fin decided it must have been his imagination.

      “Well,” muttered Fin, looking at his grubby thumb nails. “It might not be the best idea for you to look at it. The Drake who delivered it to me said very clearly that no one, besides me of course, should read the letter. He said Jhudora had ordered it that way. And, um, I’m pretty sure that Jhudora likes her orders to be carried through on. Because she would be really mad if anyone else read this, especially you. You know, because you’re kind of mortal enemies and all.”

      Illusen looked at Fin quizzically. “I thought you just said that Jhudora was actually sorry she had done mean things to me. Didn’t you?”

      “No,” exclaimed Fin quickly. Illusen cocked her head and knitted her brows together. “Well, yes,” he explained. “Yes and no. She’s sorry, I think, but if she finds out that you read this, it won’t help her apologize. Try to think of it from her point of view. You really want to apologize, but you’re too afraid too and you don’t know if you, you being Illusen, will accept it or not. You reading her letter will make her think that you won’t accept her apology, so she won’t even bother trying. Get it?” Fin looked up hopefully.

      “Kind of,” replied Illusen after a pause. “Well, a little bit. I get it as much as I need to.” Illusen took a breath. “But,” she announced. “What Jhudora doesn’t know... won’t hurt her. Give me the letter.”

      Fin reluctantly held out the letter. Illusen snatched it from him before he had a chance to change his mind and withdraw it. With vigor, Illusen grabbed the seal, ripped it off, and dumped out the contents of the envelope on the table.

      Fin almost smiled, but caught himself before Illusen noticed. In the envelope there had been two letters written on light violet paper in pink glitter pen. They were both folded up, and one had the words ‘To Fin’ written on it in spidery handwriting (‘To Fin’ was about to the extent of Fin’s reading skills). The other letter was blank. And there was also a framed picture of Angie, Jhudora’s coveted (and top secret) Angelpuss.

      “Read the one that says ‘To Fin’ on it first,” commented Fin. Illusen reached for the piece of parchment. She unfolded it and began reading.

      Dear Fin,

      I hope you get this soon. It’s me, Jhudora. Yes, I know it may seem a little weird that I’m writing to you. And it kind of is, now that I think about it. But I’m glad I am. By the way, I got your address from one of Fyora’s servants. I was in her palace because she wanted to see me, something about my quests and legal manners about who the money all goes to (you wouldn’t understand) and one a Lupe who looked just like you was the one showing me to her throne room. I asked him if he had a relation named Fin, and so I got your address from him! I think it actually kind of freaked him out that I knew you well enough to want to write to you.

      “That’s Uncle Fredrick!” exclaimed Fin. “He’s my favorite Uncle! Every December when I was little he would visit and give me a toy!” Illusen stared at Fin uncomfortably. “You can continue now,” he muttered meekly.

      You’re probably wondering how Angie is. You remember her, right? She’s my absolutely adorable little sweetie-pie Angelpuss. She’s doing great now, but a few months ago she caught a nasty case of Sneezles. I think she got it from a Chia who got a quest from me. He had mucus dripping out of his nose and flying everywhere, including poor Angie, even though she was under my chair. It was disgusting. But Angie’s fine now.

      Also, I want to apologize for last time we met. I know I was a little... aggressive, and for that, I’m incredibly sorry. You and Angie are the only people I can talk to and be myself at the same time. It’s really hard to think I almost scared you away. And besides, Angie’s great, but she can’t answer questions or really talk at all.

      You do remember when we met, right? I know it was a really long time ago in Neopet years, but it was only a while ago for me. Are you really old now? No offense of anything, I’m just horrible about converting faerie years to Neopet years. I’m pretty sure it’s something like... actually I have no clue. I don’t really talk to Neopets that much, so before now, I’ve never really had any use for it, believe it or not. The only faerie I know who can convert accurately is Illusen, and we haven’t exactly been on great terms lately, you know what I mean?

      On the subject of Illusen, I’ve been meaning to tell her something for a while now, actually.

      “Yes!” Fin punched the air ecstatically. “I was right! She wants to apologize to you! I can feel it! I knew it all along!”

      Illusen tried to look disbelieving, but a broad smile was slowly creeping over her perfect features. “I don’t know,” she lied. “I’ll keep reading so we can find out.”

      On the subject of Illusen, I’ve been meaning to tell her something for a while now, actually. When I was young I said things to her I didn’t mean, and I’ve been waiting all these years for a chance to apologize, because the things I said really were bad. The only problem is, I’ve been way too proud. So could you please give the attached letter to her? Thanks so much, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten a chance to finally write to you. Write back to me at:


     Jhudora’s Cloud, Darkly Avenue

     Faerieland, Neopia


     Please write back,


      “See?” shouted Fin eagerly. “She wants to apologize really badly. I knew it, but you wouldn’t believe me! But I was right! In your face!”

      Illusen smiled. “You were right. Now do you want me to read the other letter to you or not?” Fin nodded, and once again, Illusen began to read.

     Dear Illusen


     Wow, that’s a lame way to start a letter. I just can’t think of anything else to say except this: please don’t rip this letter to shreds right way. Keep reading. Please.

     First of all, I want to say that I’m really, really sorry. I was young. We all were. And most of all, I was hurt that Fyora would ignore me like that. I went into a kind of temper tantrum and said things I would normally never even dream of saying. We’ve all done that at least once in our life, right?

      Well, maybe you haven’t. But that’s because your perfect. Your kind, beautiful, caring, and sweet. Everyone loves you. You don’t know how many times a day I wish I were you. So I decided that I’m going to try to do that next best thing: be your friend. It’s better than sulking the rest of my life, isn’t it?

      I won’t be mad if you don’t accept my apology, because I can never take back the things I said. No, I won’t be mad, just disappointed. We were such great friends. Don’t you think we should give our friendship a second chance?

      If you want to stay in touch, you know my address. It will be great to talk to you again, if you want. I miss you.

     Your (Hopefully) Friend,


     P. S. Be nice to the Lupe I sent to deliver this message. He’s really shy.

      Illusen looked up. “She was sorry,” she mused. “She was sorry all along.”

      “I knew it!” Fin reminded her. “So, do you accept her apology?”

      Illusen smiled. “What have I got to lose?”

To be continued...

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